Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Outfit of the Day: Dress Code Violation

I am allowed to wear jeans to work on Friday and at some point I realized I probably wouldn't get fired if I wore plain black jeans which has devolved into me just wearing whatever I want (within reason.) Please do not go back through the archives to see how I used to dress for work because it will show you just how lazy I have become. (SO LAZY. Also, god, I was so skinny back then.) ANYWAY, I talked about the straight leg cropped jeans I bought at Madewell and they're kinda black so off to work I go:

So I am obviously wearing my Madewell Perfect Vintage jeans which are a more grey than black and I think I like them a lot. Naturally they're not on sale right now but this pair of Perfect Vintage jeans with a metallic stripe is definitely on sale (and really damn cute.) This pair also looks cute, also on sale. It's hard to truly describe how high rise these are but it's kind of like a gentle denim corset. I am adjusting. 

My sweater is a Marshall's purchase from last winter - it's C&C California cashmere and I have it in two colors because of course I do. It's available in a multicolored version here (XS only) or for something not-really similar I like this striped BR sweater. (But, really, just get Marianne's AllSaints sweater.) 

On to details! Here's a terrifying giant shiny face pic to show you my jewelry (but also my rad new cut and color): 

My necklace was a birthday present from my boyfriend - it's by Pyrrha Jewelry and reads, "travellers club" for safe travels! I love it. My earrings are by Panacea (these are similar) and my lipstick is MAC Party Line

Carrying my usual Miu Miu bag (under $100 Cole Haan dupe!) and wearing my Everlane Day Glove flats which are still kinda weird but I like them. They aren't the MOST comfortable flats ever (does that even exist?) but I'd probably buy another pair. Finally:

It was really cold this morning so I ruined it all with my The North Face jacket and a nice Foxford scarf I bought in Ireland. The end. 


  1. Any company that cares a lot about the fabric of your pants should have a discussion about their priorities and the impact of old fashioned rules when it comes to retaining talent :) You look great and capable of business lady results!

  2. I keep almost pulling the trigger on those flats! I have a trip coming up and need a new pair of good walking flats, but I don't know if I love the shape. Weird question--would you be able to wear a pair of socklets in those without them showing? (I'm going to Japan and will have to take shoes off in public at some point, I'm guessing)

    1. You probably can, but they're really meant to be worn without socks - they kind of meld to the shape of your feet.


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