Tuesday, January 7, 2020

We Discuss: Rebranding and Resolutions

A: I am going to try not to drink during the week for a while and if you are doing a January no-buy I might join you on that as well.

A: Because why not be miserable together?


A: It sounds great

M: No fun in 2020

A: Is that our blog resolution for 2020?

M: It’s a real winner

A: Really brings in the new readers

A: Even though apparently blogs are dead

M: Looks No Fun In The Back

A: Let’s All Wear Sacks In 2020

M: Which is actually more accurate description of my backside tbh


A: There’s a word for all of this and my brain has forgotten it.

M: Something German probably

A: Something... measures

M: austerity


A: It does not roll off the tongue

A: Not like wine and cookies

M: Those roll ONTO the tongue

A: With such love

A: Anyway, should we rebrand as Looks No Fun In The Back?

M: hahahah

A: I did pretty well with last year’s resolution right up until the Uniqlo Sweatpants incident of December

M: I avoided buying clothes at Target, but not H&M, but I’m not even sorry. I’ll continue to avoid Target though

A: I successfully did not buy clothing from Target, H&M, Forever 21 and Old Navy in 2019

A: Uniqlo got me in the end but I feel like we were both more mindful overall

M: I don’t even think of Uniqlo as one of the major fast fashion offenders

M: Zara is apparently the worst worldwide

A: Oh Uniqlo is on the list

M: rats

A: We don't even have a Zara here!

M: I never really look at Zara

M: Though they do have cute kids clothes, but kind of pricey

A: Getting back to doing a no-buy this month, the only thing I was considering buying is tinted moisturizer but I don’t need any clothes and I hate shopping in January

M: I’m with you

A: Am I allowed to buy tinted moisturizer?

M: As usual, I don’t consider replacing products an issue

A: The one i have is too dark for winter so I look stupid

M: That is a valid purchase

A: Thank you

M: Related, I bought a sample size of shape tape concealer and surprisingly love it

A: Oh, I bought that too! The color I picked is slightly too light but it’s really nice.

M: It’s less dewy than Bye Bye Undereye so I feel like it holds up longer, but is maybe a tinge dry

A: It reminds me of the good Nars concealer

M: I did replace my mascara but that was on the 31st. And I bought three of them because I worry that it’s going to be discontinued

A: Ha! Which mascara?

A: Oh, right

M: I really like it

A: I am still buying weird Japanese mascara

M: ha


A: 4 days in and I have failed the January no-buy. I’m sorry.

M: Ha!

M: You AND my friend Elizabeth today

M: What did you get?

A: I was walking through Saks with Kate...

M: Well there you go

A: And they had a sale rack so

M: Soooooo

A: I got this leopard cardigan which I might end up returning:

M: Cute!

A: And a dumb cute tee that I just grabbed as a neutral thing to try on under the cardigan and then was like, goddamn this is a nice t-shirt:

M: Ha

A: It’s Wilt, which is never tried and now I’m mad because I don’t believe in expensive tees but this one is cut so perfectly.

M: Oops

A: Ugh, it's really good. But I'm back on the wagon! FOR REAL.

M: Lalallaacanthearyou


  1. As a pretty typical drinker, I did dry January last year (during which I read a few books about quitting like The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober), felt amazing, decided to continue it, and I was basically sober (every time I tried to go back I didn't like it) for 2019 and I ended up having the BEST YEAR EVER, and now I'm totally alcohol-free. It's been life-changing!

  2. I also bought the sample of the shape tape concealer and I also love it! I also find it's a tinge dry, but I cannot find a holy grail concealer and so this is it for now.

  3. I'm cutting back on coffee!!! Do you know how hard it is getting back to work after two weeks off and not having coffee?!?!?!

    I'm also trying to be better about shopping and getting rid of stuff I don't wear. It's so hard tho. I like pretty things!