Thursday, January 23, 2020

Stuff I Like: Packing My Lunch.

I am an avid packer of weekday lunches because I like to use my lunch break for other purposes: yoga, shopping, thrifting, whatever. (And I always take my lunch break. TAKE YOUR LUNCH BREAK, PEOPLE.) I'm very extra about how I pack my lunch because why wouldn't you want real flatware and a cloth napkin? Try it - it will make your sad leftovers feel much more civilized. I also pack in Pyrex glass containers so my lunch bag weighs a ton. For the longest time I have been using a lunch bag I got from Marshalls that I like, but it's always been slightly too small.

But behold, I finally bought that fancy SoYoung Lunch Poche from Anthro and it's SO GOOD:

It fits all my heavy containers and extra bits and it zips up at the top and has a shoulder strap! And it's SO PRETTY. That bottom stripe is slightly metallic and makes me feel like a fancy lady when I carry it...right up until I put it apologetically into the gross workplace fridge. Sorry about daycare, kid. Mommy has to work.

 too pretty for that refrigerator

Is it expensive for a lunch bag? Yeah, it is. But it's something I use every day and why shouldn't my lunch bag spark joy? ALSO, SoYoung has a bunch of different variations on Amazon that aren't quite as much money. This one is cute:

They also offer a discount for your first purchase on the SoYoung site and they have CUTE kid's lunch boxes as well. If these aren't your thing but you still want a lunch bag that sparks joy, I found a bunch on Nordstrom Rack that are fashion-y but not expensive. Like, check out this quartz pattern:

and this one is LeSportsac and it's got a croc pattern! Love:

And this one is perfect if you just want something small for your desk snacks: 

If you don't normally pack your lunch and this has inspired you, please also read Marianne's old post about some great sustainable choices that will make your lunch packing even easier. (She links to the Pyrex containers we both have and love!) Pack your lunch and enjoy! 

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  1. YES!!! I have been an office lunch packer for nearly 2 decades. It has evolved from Lean Cuisines to leftovers and all across the spectrum. But I am almost always a packer. In 18 years I have had 3 lunch boxes/bags. Get a good one that you can clean and it will serve you well. I love yours!