Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Buy This Outfit (Because I'm Not Allowed To).

I wasn't kidding about that uniform. I'd wear this in a heartbeat and it's all on saaaaale.

The gorgeous Isla Buttondown.

A very fun tassel necklace.

Excellent flares from my very favorite brand.

And the cutest little D'Orsay flats you ever did see.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Marianne: Spring Uniform.

And just like that, I have settled into a spring uniform. Typically I rely on dresses and sandals (maybe with a cardigan on top) in spring, but the weather has been so unpredictable that I find myself in the following at least a couple times a week:
Patterned blouse? Check. Easy lipstick? Check. Perfect bootcut jeans? Check. Fun bag? Check. Super fun flat sandals? Checkety check.
First, let's talk about the top. This is a Kenar blouse, and I found it at TJMaxx for under $20. Kenar is one of those random department store brands I think, because I can't really find it online. Anyway, I loved the hummingbird pattern like whoa, it reminds me a bit of this Rachel Roy shirt but with a MUCH more doable pricetag (this Joe Fresh shirt is a bit brighter but it's got a similar cut and more hummingbirds!). Even though "put a bird on it" has become a joke, I love hummingbirds and am digging all of the cute clothes that feature them right now (I mean come ON!). Someone both younger and shorter than me needs to go buy this $24 dress, okay?
On my feets are the very same See by Chloe sandals that I linked to a couple weeks back on a Weekend Window Shopping post. I couldn't stop thinking about them and what a great deal they were, so I bought them for myself as a little "hooray I got a promotion" present. They are perfect, so chic and super comfortable and I just LOVE how shiny they are. They are hard to come by in a lot of sizes, but these are actually pretty similar don't you think? $35!
The bag is a Rebecca Minkoff MAB Mini on loan from Adrien, and it's just perfect for long as it doesn't rain because it gets water spots if you even look at it wrong. It's worth babying that beautiful teal though.

So there you go, my early spring uniform. I'm looking forward to dresses but I have to say this is a pretty comfortable and cute combo for the time being.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Birk Talk.

M: I want to talk about Birkenstocks but FIRST I want to talk about this because NO. TOO FAR NO.

what in the hell. 

A: I saw that and made an angry animal growing noise. TOO FAR.

M: I just REFUSE. Okay now I want to talk about Birks.

A: I think they're just fucking with us. Anyway, Birks. Go.

M: First I need to say that as someone with long, narrow, bony feet, Birkenstocks don't fit me and it makes me a little sad.

A: Um, not to cause problems, but they do come in narrow.

M: Oh I've tried! Not narrow enough. They are just Not For Me.

A: I actually own a pair of silver Gizehs that I like okay. The part between the toes is overly thick, though. That sounds dirty.

M: Gross.

A: I would wear these:

Birkenstock Catania

A: But the Arizona style everyone is cawing about? Nope.

M: Oh see, I disagree. I think that ONLY the Arizona or Gizeh is acceptable. Any other iterations look

A: I will never love the Arizona. It's the official shoe of dirty fake-hippie hacky-sack playing students.

M: Well I mean that's what they ARE. Fashion or no. I think the fashiony people are secretly terrified that they have to wear them.

A: Terrified? Or hopeful? I think they get cautiously excited any time something comfortable is briefly in fashion.

M: Hopeful, perhaps, but they are not exactly flattering.

A: Well... but we are talking about these people:

source: Trendy Crew

M: *blink blink*

A: They seem like they'd wear shower shoes with mink trimmed Hermes knee socks and be all, "...What?"



Thursday, April 24, 2014

Adrien: I Review Beauty Stuffs.

I bought some new makeup this month and haven't even told you guys about it. Who am I?? I don't even know anymore. Firstly! In my ongoing quest for under eye concealer that actually does it's GD job, I got a generous sample of Benefit Erase Paste. My review: eh.

Benefit Erase Paste

Seriously, eh. This stuff is fine, I guess. Very pigmented and does brighten a bit, but it also creases like craaaaazy. And mostly I can't tell a big enough different to shell out $26 for a tiny little tub of this stuff. Next.

Because I can't quit Benefit (and because I'm an easy mark for Sephora sales associates) I was convinced to buy the Hello Flawless Foundation Powder.

Hello Flawless Foundation Powder
As compacts go, it's not that fantastic - too small and square to be really useful in a mirror capacity - but the powder! So nice, you guys. Very silky and creamy and applies like a dream without looking too powdery. I also love that it comes with a brush and a sponge that both live in their own little compartment under the powder. Apparently this is meant to be a powder foundation, but I just use it for touch-ups.

Finally, I bought a Stila Color Balm Lipstick in Ali, which is a great raisin-berry color that I can't recommend enough. It's not terribly balm-like (really more of a stain) but it's minty and I like minty.

Stila Color Balm Lipstick in Ali
I love this stuff quite a bit but I have a problem with the packaging. Why is this thing so chunky? If it were a true balm it wouldn't matter, but it's super pigmented, so trying to apply from the tube is nearly impossible unless I want to get lipstick all over my face, which I DO NOT. Basically, you need a lip brush and I hate lip brushes! Why is this so haaaarrrrrdddd. Wah. But the color is great, so.

How about you? Bought anything good lately? Do tell.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

In Search Of: Pretty Slips.

I recently picked up a couple of lovely silk Tucker wrap dresses on eBay, and while I love them and think they will be perfect for hot weather, they are flimsy little things. So, I need some new full slips. Thanks to the way they are cut, there's a very good chance the slip will peek out occasionally, so Adrien's go-to slip is out. I need pretty, y'all. And NOT TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS, WTF. Here's what I'm eying.

More than I want to spend, but by far my favorite.

Again, too expensive (what is happening), but this is what I had in mind as well.

Anthropologie has a bunch of pretty slips. I like that this one is a floral. And the second is under $30.

Perfect color and price, I just wish there was some lace at the bottom.

Maybe I could wear a slip dress as a slip?

Why are all of Victoria's Secret slips so SHORT? I like these but they would barely cover my rear end.


Help me, you guys. I'd like a pretty slip with colorful lace that would look cute if it peeked out of a wrap dress. HELP.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

We Amuse Ourselves.

A: I'm still cracking up about our last SHobbit email post.

M: Me TOO. The panda!


M: Laughing all over again.

A: I missed picking on that little jerk.

M: Me too.




M: Camilla! Seriously, dying.

A: I think we need to explore Camilla.

M: Yes, Camilla. The SHobbit's woebegone Amazonian assistant should go viral.

A: POOR CAMILLA. Remember when he advertised for her?


A: How much does Camilla hate him?

M: So much. She lets the hem out on his pants so he thinks he is shrinking.

A: In laughing too hard to tyyype

M: Every week she hangs all the mirrors an inch higher.

A: I fucking love that girl.

M: She's devious but downtrodden. He makes her wear all the really dumpy Marni.

A: He doesn't want her to feel too good about herself!


A: The next day she replaced all his "pants" with actual pants.


*photo source:

Monday, April 21, 2014

Adrien: Banana Republic Gemma Wrap Dress Review.

I posted a "buy this" post about the Banana Republic Gemma wrap dress recently but wasn't expecting to wear it until fall. However, the weather went wonky the way it does and I wore it on an annoyingly cold day:

You guys? This is a good one. I got black because I wanted a super-basic black dress that could be work-appropriate or dressed up for a date, but it comes in a bunch of cute prints. Upsides: The material is substantial, it's washable and, best of all, doesn't have stupid hip-enhancing pockets that I would have to get removed. 

Downside: it runs big and it bothers me a little bit that the raised trim shows through once you wrap it. (Not a big deal for dark colors, but aggravating in lighter colors.) I ended up getting my normal size in the petite fit because I thought the regular was too long and too big through the upper arm and shoulders. If you're tempted, today would be a good day to buy this dress. BR is currently offering 40% off with code BRFORTY (plus 2% back on eBates.)

I generally find that wrap dresses are flattering (though I don't think any dress is "universally" flattering. This one proves my point.) but I should stress how much a difference a good slip can make. If you're not wearing a slip under a wrap dress, you're doing it wrong. I love love love this one from Gap so much I can't even tell you. it just makes every dress hang a bit better, smooths everything out and prevents the world from seeing your pannies when a strong wind blows. Do it! Make your grandmother proud. 

I added a scarf because I was freezing my ass off. It's from Ann Taylor, land of surprisingly good scarves.

Have I told you lately how much I love my new MBMJ bag? I looooove it. So great. This one is similar but with a smaller price tag.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Weekend Window Shopping: The Magic Dress.

My search has begun! I've started looking for this year's version the magical casual dress I can wear all summer long. It has to be washable, comfortable, adorable, and can't require a strapless bra. Also, it shouldn't be too expensive. Here's what I've found so far:

Captain Awesome.

M: Do you watch Hart of Dixie?

A: No ma'am.

M: Goddammit. Okay did you watch Chuck?

A: Yes!

M: Okay! Remember the funny but freakishly Ken Doll looking brother-in-law?

A: Captain Awesome!

M: YES! Who I adore but never found super attractive. He's now on Hart of Dixie and more Ken-like than ever but...



A: (^*^%#%$#%$@#^@$#@^%$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!1

M: What is happening here? Oh wait don't care.

A: My goodness. That's is all so good.

M: That's is.

A: Exactly.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Marianne: Experimenting.

Yes, yes, I bought it. I bought the Zambi Popover. Pinterest emailed me to tell me it was 40% off (sneaky bastards) and I snapped it up so fast I don't even know what happened. It was a blur. Sadly, everyone else did too, so it's sold out, but it's still on the site so you can watch for pop-backs (Roxy explains what a popback is here, fyi).
I love this top, especially since, like the Shibori Popover, the front is silky but the arms and back are super soft cotton jersey. So it looks like a dressy top but feels like a t-shirt. I got a size large and wish I had bought the medium, but it's gone now so whatever.
I tried to find a similar top for you but after falling into a hideously expensive black and white tunic wormhole I gave up. This one is okay? That Shibori Top is at least the exact same top in another color?
Lastly, because the top is a little big, I tried tucking it in to my jeans and...I don't think I can pull this off y'all. Even though these are THE BEST JEANS IN THE WORLD (seriously, I have them in a darker wash, but these are shorter so I can wear them with flats and they are perfect. PERFECT JEANS!), I don't like the top tucked in. Eh, what can you do. What do you guys think?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Shopbop Friends and Family sale!

Shopbop is having their Friends and Family sale right now which is hurting our soul. Please score some deals for us! Code INTHEFAMILY14 gets you 25% off plus 3% cash back with eBates. (referral link.)

Adrien's picks:

Summer is coming and I'm obsessing about great accessories I'd like to pair with shorts and t-shirts.

(I know I'm a total railroad spike bracelet pusher but I can't say enough about how much I love these cuffs. I also think this one is beautiful.)

Marianne's picks:

Okay, I do not have any shorts or t-shirts that fit me and this caused embarrassment last weekend at the park. So I'm not allowed to buy anything unless it fills the casual hole in my wardrobe. My picks:

Note: We do not recommend you buy this because what in the HELL.