Thursday, April 17, 2014

Marianne: Experimenting.

Yes, yes, I bought it. I bought the Zambi Popover. Pinterest emailed me to tell me it was 40% off (sneaky bastards) and I snapped it up so fast I don't even know what happened. It was a blur. Sadly, everyone else did too, so it's sold out, but it's still on the site so you can watch for pop-backs (Roxy explains what a popback is here, fyi).
I love this top, especially since, like the Shibori Popover, the front is silky but the arms and back are super soft cotton jersey. So it looks like a dressy top but feels like a t-shirt. I got a size large and wish I had bought the medium, but it's gone now so whatever.
I tried to find a similar top for you but after falling into a hideously expensive black and white tunic wormhole I gave up. This one is okay? That Shibori Top is at least the exact same top in another color?
Lastly, because the top is a little big, I tried tucking it in to my jeans and...I don't think I can pull this off y'all. Even though these are THE BEST JEANS IN THE WORLD (seriously, I have them in a darker wash, but these are shorter so I can wear them with flats and they are perfect. PERFECT JEANS!), I don't like the top tucked in. Eh, what can you do. What do you guys think?


  1. I *think* I still like the Lacona popover better (because I'm a sucker for florals) but this one is very, very, very pretty as well. And I still have neither. Sigh.

    I would like your entire outfit ... and your hair ... please. Is there an app for that?

  2. No to the tuck.

    I tried to buy that stupid top after you blogged about it last time … and it was sold out in S and M.


  3. I am all about the half-tuck. Half tuck on one side, or just in front. Anyhow, because you are tall and lean, I think the top suits you, both untucked and tucked. Beautiful!

  4. This top is adorable. You look great!