Thursday, April 3, 2014

Adrien: Everlane Tee Review.

I have a mental list of basic things from which I'd like holy grail perfection and the t-shirt is definitely on the top of that list. T-shirts are an important staple and I don't think it's too much to ask to have a t-shirt that is 100% cotton, fits perfectly, and is affordable. If it's made in the USA? EVEN BETTER.

So when Everlane started up I was really curious. $15 is not a bad price point for a t-shirt, though it's certainly a bit more than my current favorite. I ordered three t-shirts (which I paid for myself, just so we're clear) and now I'm gonna tell you about them. 

First, I ordered a small and a medium of the The Women’s V in Huckleberry and Muted Black.

I ordered two different sizes because I generally wear a small, but Everlane's chart was putting me in a medium. I like having tees that fit-fit to wear with skirts, but I also like having a little more room if I'm wearing one with skinny jeans. I figured I'd be good either way, and I wasn't wrong! The small t-shirt fit perfectly out of the package, and after I washed it was still a good fit, but it definitely fits

The huckleberry color is quite interesting, but definitely skews to the brown end of things. Not quite as purple-y as it looks on the website. The muted black was just black. It's fine. 

The medium tee fit looser and longer but isn't overwhelming or boxy and I love that the v-neck isn't too deep, just right. Both t-shirts were made of really nice lightweight cotton and seem well-constructed. I'm definitely going to be wearing these a lot this summer.

The Women's U-neck was a different story. I ordered this in a medium and it was definitely too big. The cut is much boxier and the dolman sleeves didn't work on my frame at all. 

I think even if I'd gotten this one in a small it would've been a bad fit.  It would probably look better on someone with broader shoulders and narrow hips but it's just not a good cut on me. The color I ordered (stone) was pretty unusual, a warm, pale grey. I do like the minimalist Everlane color scheme quite a bit.

Also, I checked out the Coming Soon section and it looks like they've got some heather t-shirts in the works, which makes me happy. Have you tried Everlane? What was your experience?


  1. Thank you so much for this review! I'm waiting for the heather grey v-necks, but I was curious about the cut and fit. I'm sized out of a few of their items, according to their chart (I'm a size 12, which isn't ginormous, so I was a little peeved that the biggest size they recommend their button up shirts fitting is a 10). I think the tshirts, with the stretch, might be a good fit, though. Thanks again!

    1. I think you'll be fine in a large, no problem. Their chart is a bit off and ugh, why the heck would a 10 be the largest size they offer?

    2. Agreed- ugh. Thank you! It was like when J Crew stopped selling a size 14 bootcut jean without having to call and beg for them...I am neither matchstick nor toothpick shaped. Sigh.