Thursday, April 19, 2018

Stuff I Like: Wearing, Listening, Reading, Washing

This Lipgloss That's Quite Cheering.
I stopped by Sephora recently to pick up a sample of the new Sunday Riley foundation with no intention of buying anything. Not one thing was I going to buy. Except this damn adorable Marimekko x Clinique Pop Splash Lip Gloss because holy shit is it cute. The whole line is so cute! I got Fruity Pop (sheer red with just a little bit of shimmer) but most of the colors look wearable and I like it's chunky stature which makes it easy to root out of the bottom of my bag.

This Podcast Interview That's Worth A Listen.
I've grown a little weary of Pod Save America, partially because it's Just Too Much and partially because they get a little bro-y for my taste. But every now and then they have a really interesting guest and earlier this week they interviewed Adam Davidson who wrote, "Michael Cohen and the End Stage of the Trump Presidency" for the New Yorker. This article has been making the rounds and it's a fascinating read so I was really into hearing what he had to say. Check it out!

This Body Wash That's Tingly.
I bought Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle body wash on a whim because it smells like peppermint and it was inexpensive. I'm easy that way. You guys, I have found A GEM. This stuff is so refreshing! It has good ingredients and it's amazing after a hard workout because it really does have a cooling, tingly effect. And, it's really inexpensive (if you get it at Trader Joe's.) It's also available for more on Amazon and I would honestly pay that.

That's all I've got this week! I almost included my awesome new striped whale shirt but I think I'll save that for an outfit next week. (Spoiler: I freaking love it.)

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Madewell Extra 30% Off Sale.

Nooooooooo. That's the noise my brain made when I got the email. Madewell is giving an extra 30% off all sale items with code YAY30. There is a LOT of good stuff in this sale. Like, remember yesterday when I said you didn't want to buy boots right now? GOD DO NOT LISTEN TO ME. BUY THESE IMMEDIATELY. OR THESE. And here are some other things that I'm all grabby hands about:



Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Outfit of the Day: It's a Departure.

Ah yes, my satin cargo pants. I bought these online at Loft a few months ago on a sale-goggles whim and was so surprised when I didn't hate them. They're definitely a departure but they're also basically pajama pants I can wear to work: 

Right? Not terrible at all! They still exist at Loft in a few petite sizes and they also have non-satin cargo pants that look pretty cute. They also have skinny satin cargo pants but they don't even look good on the model which is...not a good sign. A safer choice might be these Lou & Grey Fluid Cargo Pants that look like the most comfortable thing ever. 

My ponte top is very old Ann Taylor and it has zippers on the side which is a nice detail. This Rachel Roy top has a similar zippy flair and this shell top from Ann Taylor has side zips! I'm also partial to this drawstring ponte top.

I am pretty much wearing my Madewell leather jacket every chance I get since the weather has been so fickle. I mean, what kind of dummy buys a leather jacket in March? Just me, but the weather has certainly allowed me to wear it a ton and I'll have it to look forward to this fall. Also, there is such a thing as a spring leather jacket! Don't think I'm not tempted by this stone color moto jacket and this blush Cole Haan jacket, which isn't my style but I still think it's really cute. And! This ocean blue leather jacket is killing me. Stop it. Details:

Not much jewelry today, just my awesome Soko Paddle Pendant that Marianne gave me. I wear this alllll the time. It's just so striking and satisfying as an object. 

I'm back to carrying my big old Marc Jacobs Paradise Rio satchel. It's a good one. There's a nice grey one on the RealReal but I also really like this similar leather Hobo satchel and this inexpensive Max Studio option. My boots are Madewell Lucien from last year. They can definitely still be found on eBay and the like but you don't want to buy boots right now anyway - get these cute flats instead. (I know, I'm the worst enabler.)

Monday, April 16, 2018

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Oribe at TJ Maxx!

Whenever something that's both nice and expensive hits TJ Maxx I feel like it's my duty to inform the blog masses. So, if you've given in to the wonder that is Oribe hair products I thought you should know there's a bunch of it on the TJ Maxx site (page down below the Mason Pearson brushes) right now. I am guessing it'll go fast, so snap it up!

We Discuss: Braws and Pannies.

M: I’m at Soma getting fitted for a bra because I’m about to burn everything I have.

A: I hit a bra wall recently but can't afford to do anything about it yet.

M: I need just one goddamn bra that fits and does what it’s supposed to do.


M: I wish we had a Nordstrom but we don’t and I think Soma is better than Victoria’s Secret.

A: Soma is decent. I have some of the vanishing edge pannies and they are still going strong.


A: I would like one goddamn bra that will stay on my sad sloped shoulders.

M: I’m in a big ole granny braw at the moment.

M: I will say it’s comfortable but god it’s ugly.


M: She’s bringing me more.

A: The last bra I bought was a 32DDD.

A: What even the fuck.

M: Mine was a 34DD.

A: They are Natori bras and pretty much all I wear. I loved them when I bought them and now I hate them.

M: She has me in a 36D, if you go down a letter you go up a number basically.

A: Right

M: Got two new bras that aren’t too granny.

M: This one was by far the winner, I was surprised:

M: Superflattering and makes me look thinner.

M: And they don’t make my already big boobs look bigger or pointy or anything.

A: Oh, that's pretty!

M: I am pleased! Enough to plop down $$ for two.

M: I will say the salesgirl was super helpful.

A: So nice that the straps can be crossed.

M: Yes

A: Helps keep the thing on my dumb shoulders.

M: Going home to destroy my bra drawer like I did my underwear drawer.

A: Sweet. I might have to check that one out. It's cheaper than my Natori bra.

M: I was very pleased with the whole experience and $58 is not bad at all.

M: And now I know my size so I can watch for sales and coupons online.


M: Apparently I am going through some stuff regarding my drawers

A: Ooh, i just remembered there's a Soma really close to work

M: Do it!

A: I have 4-5 bras that don't fit anymore but I just keep them?

A: Like, why? For a rainy/skinny day?


M: Guess what I realized? If I get skinny I can buy new bras!

A: Yesssssssss

A: I am totally loving my Aerie underwear and having a drawer full of underwear that fits is really nice.

M: Me too!

A: And even though there were complaints that they don't hold up, I am happy. I mean, they're $3-4 each with the promotion.

M: Right!


M: Nor should they be!

A: Anyway, in non-unders news I got a 4 pack of that Trader Joe's sparkling wine in a can and it's as delightful as I remember.

M: Aw yay

Friday, April 13, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: The J.Crew Sale Is Good Stuff.

Oh, J.Crew. When you get it right you really get it right. Here's the deal: And extra 40% off sale items with code TAKE2030 plus free shipping today only! (I also went through eBates for an extra 1.5% cash back and ooh, today they're giving 13% cash back at these stores.)

Anyway! I did not get out of the J.Crew sale unscathed and I doubt you will either. Here's what I really dig:



Thursday, April 12, 2018

Stuff I Like: Wearing, Eating, Watching, Listening

Hello! I am back with more recommendations on stuff I like. If you have recommendations for stuff you like (or stuff you think we'd like) please feel free to leave a comment or shoot us an email! Now, on to the stuff:

This Brow Kit Which is Legit.
Marianne bought this Benefit Cosmetics Bigger & Bolder Brows Kit when she decided to get back on the ka-BROW train and because I'm basically just a follower, I trotted over to Sephora and bought it too. You guys, this kit is such a deal! It's $34 for two full size products and a mini. (It also comes with stencils that are basically useless.) Ka-BROW is $24 and High Brow is $22 and you get both in the kit - full size! Plus you get a mini brow setting gel. When I DO my brows I want it to last all day and it really, really does. Applying ka-BROW takes me a bit more time than an eyebrow pencil but it's totally worth the effort. However, if you really prefer a pencil they also have the same sweet kit with their Goof Proof pencil in place of ka-BROW. Sweet.

This Seasoning You Probably Already Know About.
Here's another Trader Joe's recommendation: Everything but the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend. I feel like people already know about this but I figured I'd tell you about it anyway. It's so GOOD. I sprinkle it on avocado toast, on veggies, on eggs, etc. It pretty much works on anything that needs an everything-savory flavor. And it's $1.99! Such a deal. If you don't have a TJs near you it is available on Amazon but at a hefty mark-up. Sorry about that.

This British Reality Show Which Could Be Longer. 
Mary Portas: Secret Shopper on Netflix, y'all! It’s the Kitchen Nightmares of the retail world. There is one season available on Netflix (more on YouTube) and even though they call it season 1 it’s actully season 3 in the UK. I don’t get why they do this? Anyway, each season is only three GD episodes and I WANT MORE. I AM AN AMERICAN AND I DEMAND 13-22 EPISODES. If you watch The Good Place (and OMG if you aren’t, get on it) this exchange made me laugh so hard I had to pause the DVR:
Eleanor: What's this show called again?
Tahani: Deirdre and Margaret. It ran for sixteen years on the BBC. They did nearly thirty episodes.
Heh. ANYWAY. Mary Portas: Secret Shopper is super fun to watch and she’s also my Hair Goalz goddess. This is just exactly the kind of thing you can watch on a Sunday afternoon when you also want to play Candy Crush or laser pointer with your cat. I would imagine.

This Podcast That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Lack of Savings. 
Bad With Money with Gaby Dunn is back! I talked about it in this entry and even though I prefer the first season, where she talks to real people about how they manage their money (or don’t), I am still really enjoying her exploration of the financial world and the ways it's stacked against us.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Adrien: Floaty AF.

Despite my new-found love for boyfriend jeans I am still a big fan of the floaty top/skinny jeans combo. It's easy, it's comfortable, it hides the fact that I do not have abs of steel. I'm still working out how to change this up for boyfriend jeans but in the meantime:

Hey! That's new. It's actually only new to me via Poshmark. Years ago Marianne had this top and I wanted it too but decided I couldn't afford it or whatever and then it was gone. Poof. Then I stumbled across it on Poshmark and was like, I KNOW YOU. And it's so cute! It's the the Kaveri Henley from Anthropologie and there are several on Posh and eBay. If you're not into that, this Maeve blouse is pretty cute 'n floaty and how beautiful is this embroidered top from Madewell? I also love this blue patterned Mossimo blouse from Target and this floral split-neck top from Loft. 

I've talked about these jeans before but here's a better look. They're Banana Republic skinny jeans in the dark grey wash. They're on clearance right now, but nearly sold out. I adore them - so comfortable and they keep their shape. They're part of the Zero Gravity line and I'm a fan. 

I threw my awesome Universal Thread denim jacket over everything and it's just so gooooood. They have several styles in denim jackets but the one Marianne and I both have is a classic. I mean, Madewell has a great looking denim jacket and Everlane just launched one too. I'm sure they're fantastic and both are solid options. However, I am truly amazed at the quality and fit of this damn Target jacket. It's so good. It's so $30. Details: 

Oh for pete's sake. Do I ever wear anything but these Norte Luna earrings? Go find some at TJ Maxx! They get so many compliments. I can't find anything like them but I love this pair of raw labradorite earrings by Argento Vivo and these hoops!  These quartz crystal earrings by Free People also have good vibe. My little necklace is also Argento Vivo and it's sold out, but look at this one! Eep. I want all the labradorite, pls. 

Down to the wire with my MBMJ Cement Too Hot To Handle Hobo and a very, very old pair of Chie Mihara mary janes. I'm a bit fan of red shoes but they're so hard to find. This pair of red Chies is glorious if you can handle the heel. (I can't.) Also, this pump isn't technically a mary jane but aren't they beautiful? I'll just leave you there.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

We Discuss: That feeling you have in your body right now? That’s sugar!

A: I am breathless.

M: I'm impressed you could read that whole thing.

M: Not that you can't read, but it's just insufferable.

A: I was virtually eating popcorn waiting for the next incredibly ridiculous thing.

M: "That's sugar!"

A: Shhhh, I'm meditating on my $2,600 amethyst-infused BioMat.

"If I’m teaching an early Class—I am a big fan of morning workouts before eating—I take 100 milligrams of L-carnitine, a type of amino acid. I take it on an empty stomach before working out. It transports fatty acids into the mitochondria so they can be used as fuel."

A: Oh. Of course it does.

M: I missed the part where she is a chemist.

A: I mean, she's busybusybusy. She just forgot to mention it.


A: Hahahhaaa

A: I wanted to see what this CLASS business was all about. Apparently it's just jumping up and down in a studio.

"This Class invites students to witness their resistance to discomfort."

M: Oh my god this is like The Emperor's New Clothes of exercise.

A: First rule of the Class, do not question the Class.

A: I am cracking up reading the class descriptions. One of them sounds like you just stretch and sit quietly for 20 minutes? That will be $35, please.

M: I swear if you're skinny and rich people will pay you money for anything.

A: It is certainly very GOOP


Monday, April 9, 2018

BUY THIS: (So We Don't Have To): A Few Things I Can't Have.

It's been an expensive month so far and we're only a week in. It's not great. Also not great: my habit of heart-ing the stuff I like on the TJ Maxx website so I can track the excruciating markdown process. Things I like but cannot have. Things like this:

Will someone please buy this damn leather jacket and put me out of my misery? So great for spring and a total steal. UGH. 

Look at these beautiful labradorite ear jackets! I just love them but cannot justify buying them. (This pair isn't bad either.)

This glorious little blue nugget is by Aimee Kestenberg, maker of my awesome new leather backpack. (They also have a large backpack but for mine you'll have to check in-store.)

LE SIGH. There's also these Celine sunglasses that would look stupid on me and a bunch of good makeup that I need like a hole in the head. Oh, and this crazy-ass Free People bralette that is awful but maybe in a good way? STOP. I DO NOT NEED THAT.

Marianne: A Challenge For You.

M: So, a few weeks ago I was in Dallas and I saw a lady basically wearing my clothes. Not my actual clothes, but an outfit that was so me I was like what's happening.

Her jeans were very similar to my favorite H&M jeans--raw hem, straight cut, cropped. A basic white button down. Silver slides like my faves from Target. And an olive jacket, of which I have...four. But hers was DIFFERENT and I WANT IT.

The thing is, I know I've seen it in the past couple of years. It had a slightly swingy or boxy shape. Cotton, possibly waxed. I don't think it had a hood. And the clincher--it had a wide (like 8-10 inches) band of black at the bottom. So only the top 2/3 was olive green. It wasn't a super saturated black, kind of a washed black.

I know I've seen this jacket. Madewell? Everlane? Old Navy?? Help me find it please. Because it's totally different from my other olive green jackets shutup.

A: Oh, I like a challenge! I am going to see if I can find it for you. It doesn't sound familiar though.

M: Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope.

A: Utility or trench?

M: It really looked a lot like my Everlane trench though I think slightly lighter weight fabric and with the color blocking.

M: I don't think it had a lot of pockets or details other than the color blocking. Just a jacket really.

A: Not the right color, but? Or this one?

M: This one was definitely shorter. No belt. Cut more like my Everlane short trench that I wore when we went shopping.

M: Also while searching I just bought a different olive green jacket help.

A: What! What did you buy?

M: This Madewell jacket on Posh for $36. I am ashamed.

A: Hahhaa. It's really cute though and you don't have one with short sleeves.

M: Totally a hole in my olive green jacket wardrobe, plus I thought maybe cute with my challenging jeans.

A: It will be, for sure. I'm making no headway into your jacket challenge.

M: Probably a sign from the universe that I do not in fact need another jacket. But I would like to open up the challenge to our readers.

A: Have at it, blog reader friends!

Friday, April 6, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: LOFT Sale!

Ughhhh, you guys. LOFT is giving an extra 50% off sale stuff this weekend only! There's so much cute stuff that's SO SO SO cheap. I mean, who wouldn't want to live in this Lou & Grey pocket sweatshirt dress? Nobody, that's who. Here's what else I really like:



Thursday, April 5, 2018

Stuff I Like: Reading, Wearing, Slapping, Carrying, Listening.

Stuff I like is back! Ideally I'd love to do this post once a week but sometimes I just don't have enough new stuff. It's been a little while so here's what I'm liking lately:

This book that is a great vacation read.
When I went to visit Marianne I brought Paris for One and Other Stories by Jojo Moyes with me.  I enjoy Jojo Moyes books  in the same way I enjoy Rosamunde Pilcher. They're just comforting, nice reads about decent people. It not a book that'll blow your mind or anything (try Kate Atkinson or Tana French for that) but just dependable and fun. I don't generally go for short stories but the main story, Paris for One, is more of a novella and the rest are easy to dip in and out of. Basically, your perfect vacation read. Also! It's $1.99 right now for the Kindle version which is a great deal.

This underwear I won't shut up about.
We talked last week about my recent Aerie order and I just wanted to report that the seamless cutout boybrief is now my solid #1 favorite. They ain't sexy but they are SO comfortable and sporty-cute and stay put and I just bought five more pairs (5 for $25!) because Aerie seems to discontinue styles so fast. I currently have two pairs and I'm legit mad when both are in the laundry bin. 

This serum that is actually pretty damn good. 
Okay, listen. I got this Sunday Riley CEO Rapid Flash Serum in an Allure box* (full sized!) and started using it every single morning and...I think it's actually doing something. My skin just seems smoother and brighter lately. I can't swear to it but I really think it might be good and I'm definitely a fan of most of the Sunday Riley products I've tried. NOW, I know you're grumbling because it's stupid expensive but here's the thing - everyone else got it in their box too and now there are a million full-sized bottle for sale on eBay. Get it half off while you can! Go go go! 

This lunchbox Marianne is going to tell you about.
I mean, okay. A lunchbox is not the most exciting thing, but when I'm in the office I bring my lunch (and breakfast!) EVERY. DAY. I was rotating between two lunchboxes and neither was very good--one was falling apart at the seams and didn't close all the way at the top, but it was bigger. The other didn't insulate very well and was too small, but it was cute and zipped all the way closed. My new Jo & Jo Australia lunchbox has everything--it's sturdy, the print is adorable, it's big enough for all of my meals and snacks and La Croix, it's well insulated, and it zips totally closed. Sure, it's like bringing a small suitcase to work every day, but I don't really care.  (Note: We can't find it online which is breaking our brains. We both bought them at TJ Maxx, so go look there! -A) 

Oh and I also want to tell everyone that Thirst Aid Kit is back and it's so good! The happiest podcast in my subscriptions. 

*And one thing I don't like. 
Okay, fuck Allure and their beauty box. I recently cancelled in a blaze of glory when they double-charged me and refused to refund the second charge. I sent them proof! More than once! So I cancelled and even though their box was consistently good, I can no longer recommend it and I can't support such terrible customer service. Boo. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): I Guess The Madewell Sale Is Okay

I was all set to be furiously mad at Madewell for offering 30% off a $200 purchase right after I bought a leather jacket, but it's excluded so I can calm the hell down. JUST CALM DOWN, ADRIEN.

I'm fine. It's fine. So here's the deal: 30% off purchases of $200+ or 20% off your purchase with code FOLLOWURCART. I basically hate all my summer clothes and want to burn everything and start over. Madewell seems to know this because they have a lot of cute new things in for spring with my name on them so lets take a look, shall we?

I love a denim shirt as a casual cardigan replacement and this one is so cool with it's western flair.

This pretty layered necklace is just the right amount of minimal. 

Here is your easy spring/summer party dress that will never not get you a million compliments. 

These well-priced natural leather sandals will just get better with age. 

I love a casual striped dress. Hell, I love this whole outfit. Mine, please. 

These amazing retro sunglasses come in two colors but I love the pearl shade best. 

I love a pretty, floaty top and I even like it in pink (though it comes in black too.) 

Marianne would call these cropped jeans advanced. They are, but you're ready.

These earrings are a sweet, lightweight statement and come in a bunch of colors. 

I'm a backpack person now and this one gives me the grabby hands. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Adrien: The Boyfriend Jean Trial.

At last, my nightmare is over - I have found a pair of boyfriend jeans I actually really love. Aren't we all, like, super relieved? To back up a bit, I bought this pair and truly loved everything about them except the high rise, which was fine until I sat down for any length of time. Then I bought this BR pair which is...fine I guess, but do they spark joy? Meh. Finally, I tracked down this pair of Madewell Slim Boyjeans on Poshmark and lo, they are GOOD:

Aren't they good? I promise I'm happy about it. I wore them immediately and continued to wear them all weekend long which is a really good sign that I have a winner. Madewell currently has the Slim Boyjean in a few different versions right now including this raw hem edition that I love and this knee rip edition which is more similar to my "rip and repair" pair. Just a note on these: Go down a size or two! They run really big. 

They make me so happppppyyyy. But, if you aren't down with Madewell prices and don't do Poshmark, I'd consider this deconstructed pair from the Gap which are awfully cute. Also, H&M has a pair of girlfriend jeans that are adorable and $20! I'm wearing my new jeans with my favorite basic Everlane Cotton V which have in a bunch of colors. Nothing fancy just a good, well-fitting classic cotton t-shirt. I really wish they'd made some of the more interesting tees in cuts that aren't boxy or square because, ugh. Stop it, Everlane. 

I gave my leather jacket the afternoon off and pulled out an old favorite - my Madewell et S├ęzane jacket from a few years back. The Surplus jacket is similar and so is the Fleet jacket and both are on sale! Also, there is one of mine on Posh in an XS. Details:

I'm still digging my Luna Norte earrings and am also wearing my old Giles and Brother fish hook pendant. It's long gone but I do like their anchor pendant and I love this more delicate Miansai hook necklace

I'm still very into my Aimee Kestenberg backpack (anyone find one at TJ Maxx?) and I'm also wearing my Ugg leopard loafers which are hard to find but how cute is this pair

That's it! And, thanks for all the help yesterday with my "Is it rosacea?" mystery! I really appreciate it. 

Monday, April 2, 2018

Stuff We Like: Products and Whatnot

I'll be doing a regular "stuff I like" post soon but thought it would be fun to do a beauty product version with a few new products I've been enjoying. Also, a question/horrifying photo at the end. Yay.

I know I've been mentioning RMS Beauty Living Luminizer a lot lately but I really just love it a ton. It's not a long-wearing product but applied correctly and with a light touch it will give you a very natural lit-from-within look. It's lovely! (Just fair warning - it's made with coconut oil so if you're reactive to that ingredient it might break you out.) I have heard good things about the RMS Eye Polish too but my lids are already so oily that I don't know if it's for me. Has anyone tried it?

Heres a surprise: Sephora Collection Cheek Ink Gel is really damn good! I bought it as a filler item to get free shipping on my last order and I'm delighted to report that it's a very good cheek gel color. It's on sale right now for $7 so it's dirt cheap to boot. I got the color Lotus to try and replicate Benetint and I think I got it right. I will warn you - a little goes a long way. Don't layer it on too aggressively or you'll get to work and realize you look like a crazy blush clown under the florescent lighting. Um.

One to watch: dpHUE ACV Rinse. I first heard about this product on an episode of Fat Mascara and was immediately excited because this is EXACTLY WHAT I NEED. I get my color done in intense deep reds and then watch it go down the drain because my hair is not the kind of hair you can shampoo only once a week. I bought some ACV Rinse immediately and have used it once and liked it, but the true test will come after my next color appointment.  (Also, Justin Anderson, who created this product, looks like this. IT DOESN'T HURT, IS ALL I'M SAYING.)

Marianne pick:
I have a thing I like this week! I have been wearing Schmidt's Rose and Vanilla natural deodorant for a few weeks now and I feel confident in declaring that it is great. It's slightly sticky at first and the texture is kind of weirdly gritty, but it smells lovely and has yet to let me down. Will it stand up to a southern summer? Probably not, but even if I go back to regular antiperspirant for a few months I'm dramatically reducing my exposure. Also, it's cheap and readily available at Target and WalMart so yay.

Back to Adrien:
Here's the whatnot part of this entry with a question I've been meaning to ask for a while:

This is from last summer. Woe.

Remember last summer when I thought I had rosacea? I went to the dermatologist and she thought so too. I had crazy flushed (and sometimes hot, bumpy and swollen - see above) cheeks and once or twice my whole face was affected. This happened on and off for two months and I couldn't figure out a specific trigger, though heat/sun would make it worse. Then it went away completely. Poof. Gone. Soooo...for those of you with rosacea, does this happen or was I having a long-term allergic reaction to a product? I'm going back to my dermatologist next month but thought I'd see what your experiences have been. And sorry about the horrifying photo - that's not even the worst one.