Wednesday, April 18, 2018

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Madewell Extra 30% Off Sale.

Nooooooooo. That's the noise my brain made when I got the email. Madewell is giving an extra 30% off all sale items with code YAY30. There is a LOT of good stuff in this sale. Like, remember yesterday when I said you didn't want to buy boots right now? GOD DO NOT LISTEN TO ME. BUY THESE IMMEDIATELY. OR THESE. And here are some other things that I'm all grabby hands about:




  1. They have several wrap tops on sale and I keep looking at them. I think they'll be too low cut for me, but I'm going to try one on this weekend.

  2. I snagged a pair of the tulip hem skinnies I've been eyeing for forever. I watched them sell out on Nordstrom and Shopbop while the pair was literally sitting in my cart waiting for me to pull the trigger each time. Glad now that I waited!

    1. Awesome! That is such a good feeling.

  3. So, I thought I loved that embroidered top one similar last summer that I wore to DEATH. But, this one is no bueno. Cut like a maternity shirt. Made me look preggers.

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