Wednesday, April 4, 2018

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): I Guess The Madewell Sale Is Okay

I was all set to be furiously mad at Madewell for offering 30% off a $200 purchase right after I bought a leather jacket, but it's excluded so I can calm the hell down. JUST CALM DOWN, ADRIEN.

I'm fine. It's fine. So here's the deal: 30% off purchases of $200+ or 20% off your purchase with code FOLLOWURCART. I basically hate all my summer clothes and want to burn everything and start over. Madewell seems to know this because they have a lot of cute new things in for spring with my name on them so lets take a look, shall we?

I love a denim shirt as a casual cardigan replacement and this one is so cool with it's western flair.

This pretty layered necklace is just the right amount of minimal. 

Here is your easy spring/summer party dress that will never not get you a million compliments. 

These well-priced natural leather sandals will just get better with age. 

I love a casual striped dress. Hell, I love this whole outfit. Mine, please. 

These amazing retro sunglasses come in two colors but I love the pearl shade best. 

I love a pretty, floaty top and I even like it in pink (though it comes in black too.) 

Marianne would call these cropped jeans advanced. They are, but you're ready.

These earrings are a sweet, lightweight statement and come in a bunch of colors. 

I'm a backpack person now and this one gives me the grabby hands. 


  1. I want literally almost everything.

    1. Can y'all please get everything and then report back? For SCIENCE

  2. I love the Western denim shirt but keep thinking that's too much money for a denim shirt. I need more enabling, apparently.


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