Thursday, April 5, 2018

Stuff I Like: Reading, Wearing, Slapping, Carrying, Listening.

Stuff I like is back! Ideally I'd love to do this post once a week but sometimes I just don't have enough new stuff. It's been a little while so here's what I'm liking lately:

This book that is a great vacation read.
When I went to visit Marianne I brought Paris for One and Other Stories by Jojo Moyes with me.  I enjoy Jojo Moyes books  in the same way I enjoy Rosamunde Pilcher. They're just comforting, nice reads about decent people. It not a book that'll blow your mind or anything (try Kate Atkinson or Tana French for that) but just dependable and fun. I don't generally go for short stories but the main story, Paris for One, is more of a novella and the rest are easy to dip in and out of. Basically, your perfect vacation read. Also! It's $1.99 right now for the Kindle version which is a great deal.

This underwear I won't shut up about.
We talked last week about my recent Aerie order and I just wanted to report that the seamless cutout boybrief is now my solid #1 favorite. They ain't sexy but they are SO comfortable and sporty-cute and stay put and I just bought five more pairs (5 for $25!) because Aerie seems to discontinue styles so fast. I currently have two pairs and I'm legit mad when both are in the laundry bin. 

This serum that is actually pretty damn good. 
Okay, listen. I got this Sunday Riley CEO Rapid Flash Serum in an Allure box* (full sized!) and started using it every single morning and...I think it's actually doing something. My skin just seems smoother and brighter lately. I can't swear to it but I really think it might be good and I'm definitely a fan of most of the Sunday Riley products I've tried. NOW, I know you're grumbling because it's stupid expensive but here's the thing - everyone else got it in their box too and now there are a million full-sized bottle for sale on eBay. Get it half off while you can! Go go go! 

This lunchbox Marianne is going to tell you about.
I mean, okay. A lunchbox is not the most exciting thing, but when I'm in the office I bring my lunch (and breakfast!) EVERY. DAY. I was rotating between two lunchboxes and neither was very good--one was falling apart at the seams and didn't close all the way at the top, but it was bigger. The other didn't insulate very well and was too small, but it was cute and zipped all the way closed. My new Jo & Jo Australia lunchbox has everything--it's sturdy, the print is adorable, it's big enough for all of my meals and snacks and La Croix, it's well insulated, and it zips totally closed. Sure, it's like bringing a small suitcase to work every day, but I don't really care.  (Note: We can't find it online which is breaking our brains. We both bought them at TJ Maxx, so go look there! -A) 

Oh and I also want to tell everyone that Thirst Aid Kit is back and it's so good! The happiest podcast in my subscriptions. 

*And one thing I don't like. 
Okay, fuck Allure and their beauty box. I recently cancelled in a blaze of glory when they double-charged me and refused to refund the second charge. I sent them proof! More than once! So I cancelled and even though their box was consistently good, I can no longer recommend it and I can't support such terrible customer service. Boo. 


  1. I actually think the Aerie cutout boybriefs are very cute and sexy! I'm tempted to get a pair but I've been trying to stay away from synthetics, so I'll have to check out the cotton styles. Also, WTF Allure! I hope you filed a dispute with your credit card company. That is ridiculous. You'd think a company like Allure would have better customer service, but I guess not. What a shame. At least you got a full size of the Sunday Riley product before cancelling!

    1. I did dispute with my card and they refunded me. :)

  2. Many years ago I ordered shoes and was sent the wrong color. Customer service said no problem, send them back and we’ll replace. I got charged a second time. All these years later I don’t buy their shoes or handbags or anything else whether directly from them or another retailer.
    There is no reason in the competitive retail industry for such bad service.

  3. Aerie just had a 10 pair for $35 sale that I missed. Dang! I wanted to try your Recs out!

  4. Thank you for introducing me to Thirst Aid Kit!


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