Monday, April 16, 2018

We Discuss: Braws and Pannies.

M: I’m at Soma getting fitted for a bra because I’m about to burn everything I have.

A: I hit a bra wall recently but can't afford to do anything about it yet.

M: I need just one goddamn bra that fits and does what it’s supposed to do.


M: I wish we had a Nordstrom but we don’t and I think Soma is better than Victoria’s Secret.

A: Soma is decent. I have some of the vanishing edge pannies and they are still going strong.


A: I would like one goddamn bra that will stay on my sad sloped shoulders.

M: I’m in a big ole granny braw at the moment.

M: I will say it’s comfortable but god it’s ugly.


M: She’s bringing me more.

A: The last bra I bought was a 32DDD.

A: What even the fuck.

M: Mine was a 34DD.

A: They are Natori bras and pretty much all I wear. I loved them when I bought them and now I hate them.

M: She has me in a 36D, if you go down a letter you go up a number basically.

A: Right

M: Got two new bras that aren’t too granny.

M: This one was by far the winner, I was surprised:

M: Superflattering and makes me look thinner.

M: And they don’t make my already big boobs look bigger or pointy or anything.

A: Oh, that's pretty!

M: I am pleased! Enough to plop down $$ for two.

M: I will say the salesgirl was super helpful.

A: So nice that the straps can be crossed.

M: Yes

A: Helps keep the thing on my dumb shoulders.

M: Going home to destroy my bra drawer like I did my underwear drawer.

A: Sweet. I might have to check that one out. It's cheaper than my Natori bra.

M: I was very pleased with the whole experience and $58 is not bad at all.

M: And now I know my size so I can watch for sales and coupons online.


M: Apparently I am going through some stuff regarding my drawers

A: Ooh, i just remembered there's a Soma really close to work

M: Do it!

A: I have 4-5 bras that don't fit anymore but I just keep them?

A: Like, why? For a rainy/skinny day?


M: Guess what I realized? If I get skinny I can buy new bras!

A: Yesssssssss

A: I am totally loving my Aerie underwear and having a drawer full of underwear that fits is really nice.

M: Me too!

A: And even though there were complaints that they don't hold up, I am happy. I mean, they're $3-4 each with the promotion.

M: Right!


M: Nor should they be!

A: Anyway, in non-unders news I got a 4 pack of that Trader Joe's sparkling wine in a can and it's as delightful as I remember.

M: Aw yay


  1. I have had many issues with bra fitting and finding anything that fits in a 200 mile radius. Internet shopping is my only option. But, I feel compelled to introduce you to the Reddit forum ABraThatFits Its involves a lot of measuring and acronyms and some serious bra fitting science! I was really impressed with what it told me to order and how much better it fit! Don’t be afraid to get a larger cup and smaller band- I promise it helps!

  2. Dittoing the ABrathatFits Reddit! Life changer. Who the hell knew my itty bitty titties would actually need a 32C to fit properly due to a combo of factors that your basic "Band plus whatever inches" methods don't address.

  3. Bra shopping is the worst. I have the shoulder issue too. I have 3 bras that I bought 1000 years ago at Winners (that's Canadian TJ Maxx) and still have them in heavy rotation. I have a drawer full of nice fancy new bras that fit but basically only wear the gross ones that I can't replace.

  4. Was just coming to suggest the brathatfits subreddit - consider it thirded now! A friend told me about it and it changed my life! Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

  5. I have some bras from Thirdlove that I like a lot - my main problem is that each one is a different size, so there was a lot of trial and error involved! Also they're on the pricy side. But they've very pretty and comfortable!

  6. Thanks for the subreddit suggestion, I will definitely check it out! Though my problem isn't that I'm wearing the wrong size (I've been fitted multiple times) just that I'm wearing the wrong style.

  7. I thought I was wearing the right size after being fitted at VS, Nordstrom, and Dillard's. Nope. A bigger cup size than their measurements has made all the difference.

    I also had good luck with thirdlove a few years ago. I don't remember the process but

    1. *but I do remember they all fit very well but were all different sizes.