Wednesday, April 25, 2018

We Discuss: New Beauty Product Recs.

M: Oh I have a new product rec!

A: Yay!

M: Wait but first is Goop involved with Supergoop?

M: Because if so, dammit.

A: Nope!

M: Whew

M: This stuff:

A: Oooh

M: I think this is even better than IT Cosmetics

A: Oh, awesome

M: It’s more matte which is nice when it gets hot

M: Not too thick

M: It’s spf 35 not 50 which is the only downside

M: But I think it holds up better

A: Oh, this sounds really promising

M: And THEN I heard about this:

A: Oh damn

M: Which you can spray right over your makeup later in the day

M: And it re-ups your sunscreen!

M: Without fucking up your makeup! What?!

A: This is the answer to my prayers because I ride after work and don’t have a way to reapply easily

M: I know!!

A: Genius

M: Their sunscreen oil is nice too

A: It’s allll about the sunscreen

M: Summerrrrrrrrr ILU

A: Yaaaasssss

M: Anyway I have only used the CC cream for three days but so far so good

M: I think it would be drying in winter possibly

A: I will definitely have to get a sample of this stuff

M: Not shiny, good coverage, A+

M: I use a Beauty Blender to apply

A: I have given up on the BB

M: I am suddenly into it

M: I use it for concealer and that cream blush too

A: I’m just old Fingers McGee over here

M: It makes the coverage so smooth and even

M: I smear it on with fingers and then blend

A: I’ve just never had much luck with it but maybe I’m doing it wrong

M: I use the Real Techniques one

M: And the coolness of the damp sponge feels nice? I don’t know. After years of using brushes suddenly I’m into it.

A: I’ll probably give it another try at some point


M: 4 days in and this CC cream hasn’t made me break out so it’s a winner

M: And someone complimented my skin and said it was annoying that I don’t even need foundation so win win win


A: I need to buy this stuff stat

M: I mean that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me

A: Awwww

M: Hahaha

A: I still remember the nicest compliment I ever got and it was 15 years ago

M: Not really but it’s basically my makeup goal

A: I mean, that IS the goal

A: I wish I’d known about this before I made my last Sephora order

M: I’m sorry

M: I bought it from Amazon because that was easiest

A: Oops, It’s sold out on Sephora anyway

M: Aha

M: I’m going to wait and get the setting spray for my birthday but that’s next for sure

A: Did you get the light/medium?

M: Yes and it’s a touch dark but I was accounting for one day getting enough sunlight to alter the tone of my skin which is a foolish notion.

A: Hmm. I don’t know which color to get

A: If the light/medium is a little dark on you, it’ll be too dark for me

M: Well I will say I thought it was a touch dark in the tube but on me it really matches.

M: So idk

A: I might try to get a couple of samples first. The internet is super conflicted about the colors.

A: Also, did I tell you I bought that dumb foot file thing that Kim France posted about?

M: No!


A: It takes some time but my sad lizard feet look way better. It’s good stuff.

M: Ooh nice.

A: How sad is my rec? So sad.


  1. CC creams make me so nervous for some reason, but I want to try this! (Wonder if Sephora has it in store to sample?)

    Absolutely buying that SPF rosemary mist. I'm refreshed just thinking about using it.

  2. Try the sunscreen oil by supergoop. It is amazing!


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