Thursday, April 26, 2018

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Nordstrom Rack Finds.

Listen, this post was supposed to be about TJ Maxx since they have free shipping today (there's still some Oribe left!) but the site kept crashing on me and I do not have time for that. Instead, I'm going to show you a few good under-$100 accessories from Nordstrom Rack and try not to be mad about my awesome silver shoes selling out before I could buy them. (Stolen right out of my shopping cart! What even.)

Here's what I like that's under $100:

This French Connection camera bag comes in three colors but I love this lavender version.

How could I not include a camera bag that looks like a camera? It's so cute! 

A saffiano leather bucket bag under $100? Yes pls. (There's also one in lilac.)

I can't stop checking out this under-$20 leather Lodis wallet. Such a good red. 

Camper is not for everyone but this sandal looks comfy and comes in a bunch interesting colors.

This is your grown lady sandal to wear for parties and weddings this summer. 

I'm including one bathing suit because it's pretty and flattering and well-priced. 

These amazing MCM sunglasses are under $60. I KNOW. 

This Urban Decay Smoky Eye Naked Palette is more than half off!

I love this Argento Vivo labradorite necklace a lot. Like, a lot lot. 

Oooh, SOKO is such a favorite. I adore this choker version of my pendant. 

These earrings are also SOKO and you will wear them with everything. 


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