Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Outfit of the Day: The Boyfriend Jean Trial.

At last, my nightmare is over - I have found a pair of boyfriend jeans I actually really love. Aren't we all, like, super relieved? To back up a bit, I bought this pair and truly loved everything about them except the high rise, which was fine until I sat down for any length of time. Then I bought this BR pair which is...fine I guess, but do they spark joy? Meh. Finally, I tracked down this pair of Madewell Slim Boyjeans on Poshmark and lo, they are GOOD:

Aren't they good? I promise I'm happy about it. I wore them immediately and continued to wear them all weekend long which is a really good sign that I have a winner. Madewell currently has the Slim Boyjean in a few different versions right now including this raw hem edition that I love and this knee rip edition which is more similar to my "rip and repair" pair. Just a note on these: Go down a size or two! They run really big. 

They make me so happppppyyyy. But, if you aren't down with Madewell prices and don't do Poshmark, I'd consider this deconstructed pair from the Gap which are awfully cute. Also, H&M has a pair of girlfriend jeans that are adorable and $20! I'm wearing my new jeans with my favorite basic Everlane Cotton V which have in a bunch of colors. Nothing fancy just a good, well-fitting classic cotton t-shirt. I really wish they'd made some of the more interesting tees in cuts that aren't boxy or square because, ugh. Stop it, Everlane. 

I gave my leather jacket the afternoon off and pulled out an old favorite - my Madewell et S├ęzane jacket from a few years back. The Surplus jacket is similar and so is the Fleet jacket and both are on sale! Also, there is one of mine on Posh in an XS. Details:

I'm still digging my Luna Norte earrings and am also wearing my old Giles and Brother fish hook pendant. It's long gone but I do like their anchor pendant and I love this more delicate Miansai hook necklace

I'm still very into my Aimee Kestenberg backpack (anyone find one at TJ Maxx?) and I'm also wearing my Ugg leopard loafers which are hard to find but how cute is this pair

That's it! And, thanks for all the help yesterday with my "Is it rosacea?" mystery! I really appreciate it. 

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  1. I almost bought a pair of these on poshmark and didn't, and then kinda regretted it. But knowing they run big makes me feel better because thy would have been too big! This outfit looks great. If I come across these again in a smaller size, I might have to pull the trigger!


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