Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cougars Love Rowing.

NOTE: This is really NSFW. You have been warned.

A: I thought you should know about this.

L: OH. My goodness. Somehow I think they've made some sort of clothing error! The clothes for the shoot didn't show up. And then....

L: Also to note: I rowed crew for exactly one year of college and NONE OF THE MEN look like this glorious team.

A: I secretly suspect they're a bunch of models. "Please take your clothes off...and, here. Hold this oar."

L: Yeah. Since when do Brits get to be that hot anyway? I'm suspicious.

A: I really, really, really, really, really, really, REALLY like that they're all, "Hey, lets throw buckets of water at each other whilst naked! HAHAHAHA!"

L: If I have to pick favorites (twist my arm!) I'm going with the one doing hard labor carrying that heavy, moss-covered log. Tied with that is all the butts in this one:

A: DAT ASS. (please repeat 13 times. Yes, I counted.)

L: I hope you touched your screen with each number.....just to be sure you were getting it right.

A: Are you spying on me?

A: I would like a zoom feature for this one:

L: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaait a second. I just followed their links. So much more naked here.

A: WHEEEEEE.  I don't know that I've ever clicked a "follow" button that fast.

L: I'm signing up for Instagram just to stalk them, so...

L: Oh my god, I just imagined their accents accompanying those bodies. I fainted.


L: Can't respond. Still laying on the floor from my swoon.

A: Blimey.

L: How far of a flight is it to England, and how do the British feel about "cougars"?

A: Seven hours and let's find out.

L: Cheerio!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

BUY THIS: Banana Republic Gemma Wrap Dress

I've posted this one before but I think it bears repeating. There's a good sale right now on the BR Gemma wrap dress which I reviewed here*. The deal is this: Automatic 50% off certain items and 40% off the rest of your purchase with BRMORE (plus 2.0% back with eBates.) If you're buying an item with your BR/Gap card, try SILVERDAY for 15% off. I don't think they'll stack, but it'll work for the items that are 50% off.

I am solid.
This sale is a little confusing because some colors of the Gemma are 50% off, some are on sale (but not 50% off) so you can apply the 40% off code, and some are full price (so the 40% still applies.) Either way, it’s still a good deal for a really decent wrap dress in pretty colors and patterns.

* I am 5'5" with narrow shoulders and I take a petite in my normal dress size, just FYI.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Review: StriVectin Starter Kit.

I've been using StriVectin SD on my face for a while (I talked about it here and here) and have really liked it. Overall, my skin looks better than it has in a while - smoother, less clogged pores, more all- around glow. 

The problem - I'd been using stupidly tiny little tubes of it from Nordstrom and haven't been willing to pay for the full size tube. Then, my friend Carly tweeted at me about a starter kit she found at TJ Maxx:

Lara had also mentioned finding it there so who am I to argue? I went to TJ Maxx and lo! They had the kits and the price is pretty great for what you get:

SD Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Marks and Wrinkles (2 oz.)This super-charged, comprehensive skin-repair cream improves the appearance of wrinkles and stretchmarks, improves visible discoloration, hydrates, and improves texture and tone of the skin.
Instant Retexturizing Scrub (2 oz.)Is a scrub that cleanses, smooths and prepares the skin to respond optimally to the entire skincare regimen. 
Power Serum for Wrinkles (.25 oz.)Superb age-fighting serum is super charged with NIA-114™ molecule, plus potent elastin stimulating peptides and detoxifying plant cells that give your skin a youthful look and feel.
Tightening Neck Cream (.5 oz.)A rich, restorative cream that restores firmness, shape and dimension.  
360° Tightening Eye Serum (.25 oz.)Highly specialized eye serum visibly tightens and lifts thin, lax and droopy skin around the eye area for a full 360° tightening eye lift.
$39! Not bad at all, considering a 2oz tube of the SD Concentrate will run you $79 by itself, which is ridiculous. (For those of you playing along at home, are you wondering how this is affecting my budget? If so, you are smart. This month have been...well, you'll see soon enough.)

For the love of the blog and for slapping crap on my face, I have tried all these products. Here's my really non-expert opinion:

SD Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Marks and Wrinkles - I use this on my face so I can't say what it might or might not do for stretch marks, but I've been happy with it. My face definitely looks better than before I started using it.

Instant Retexturizing Scrub - I don't like to use physical scrubs on my face because I think they're too rough and tear the skin. Instead I use chemical exfoliants (like the Unwrinkle Peel Pads) which give me much nicer results. This scrub is also is full of polyethylene bits which have been getting bad press lately. Still, it's similar enough to the poison ivy scrub I'd been using, so I am just using this instead. Yes, seriously. I am using fancy face scrub as a poison ivy remover. 'Merica!

Power Serum for Wrinkles - This stuff. This stuff right here is what every serum should be. My skin LOVES it and I've only been using it a few weeks. The tube is stupidly tiny but it's concentrated and I will use every last wrinkle-killing bit of it.

Tightening Neck Cream - The neck cream is fine, I guess. I've been slathering it on my neck (*I listen to Nora!) like a motherfucker and I guess it works? I don't know. It sure can't hurt.

360° Tightening Eye Serum - This one is the only real disappointment in the lot. It doesn't do anything at all but burn slightly, which is not really what I'm looking for in a serum I'm putting near my eyeballs.

So, there you have it. If you can find this kit at TJ Maxx for $39 I don't think you'll be disappointed. If you hate bargains, by all means buy it on Zappos full price (which is still not a terrible deal.)

*This has made me nostalgic for Nora. Please to read.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Adrien: Stuff I Like, Sporty Edition.

I did a Summer Edition "Stuff I Like" post back in June but so now that we're in the depths of summer I thought I'd do a sporty version for those of you who like to do active-type things. The rest of you should read it anyway because some of this stuff definitely translates to sitting around the house in comfort, I promise.

Oakley Sunglasses
A friend of mine with a good connection just gave me a pair of Oakley Half Jackets and oh my God, you guys. They are so, so good. They are very sporty and I'll probably only be wearing them out on the bike, but had I known how good they were I'd have bought a pair by now. They are feather-light, don't budge, and the polarized lenses make even the low-light sections of trail crisp and clear.

nerd selfie
Of course, now I want a pair of the aviators for every day wear. I went to the Oakley store and really liked this pair a lot... until I saw these:

Ooooh. They have snakeskin on the arms! And they fit my small face perfectly. Ugh. So much want.

Zella Leggings
I've been trying to undo myself from the clutches of Lululemon (which hasn't been that hard, considering) by trying out other brands. I really liked the Breeze shorts I got from Athleta and I'm hoping they'll come out with a couple of good spin-class-worthy tanks this fall. In the meantime, I took advantage of the Nordstrom sale to try the wildly popular Zella Live In Leggings:

They arrived and I have to say, if you're in the need for a pair of good leggings or capris, you could do a lot worse. And, they come in plus sizes which is very nice to see. I don't know how much gym use these will get but they are SO comfortable and the material feels good and substantial. Definitely will get a lot of everyday use.

Osprey Hydration Pack
I used to use a fairly minimal Camelbak but the lack of storage and difficulty getting the bladder in and out made me start exploring other options. On a group ride last summer someone recommended Osprey to me and I ended up with this one:

Verve, y'all
It's not too heavy and has a million great little features, as well as storage enough to stuff in a lunch and light jacket. The bladder is super easy to deal with and clean. The drawbacks - the waist strap doesn't have loops to hold the extra bits of strap (does that make sense?) and they flap around. I've come up with a hack, but I shouldn't have to, you know? The other issue is the the back panel is pretty stiff and sometimes irritates me. But, everything irritates me, so that's no bigs.

This is no big secret and I'm sure there are better cycling socks out there, but I've been really happy with all my SockGuy socks. They come in a million ridiculous patterns and wear like iron. They don't have padding or anything but I just keep buying them.

stripes and unicorns! 
Also! I should mention that the shorter version of these socks are actually perfect with ankle boots because they are invisible and don't slip down under your heel. See? I can make sport things work for everyday things with zero effort. You are welcome.

Now, please tell me what sporty crap you like in the comments so I feel less alone.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday #GoHugo

Hey, look what I got:

If you want one of your very own, get clicky here. All funds raised will be paid directly to Hugo’s medical expense fund.

so fashiony!

But hurry! Tomorrow is the last day. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

BUY THIS: All The Dresses. All The Sales.

I’ve become obsessed with dresses lately because I hate everything in my closet and I want new things badly.  I want ALL THE DRESSES and it seems like they're all on sale and taunting me. IT IS MEAN.  For instance:

Madewell - 40% off sale styles with code ENDLESS (3.0% back with eBates)

Asos - 10% Off $75 + Free Shipping with code RMNJULY (4.0% back with eBates)

Nordstrom - Anniversary sale, always free shipping (10.0% back with eBates!)

Boden - 15% off + Free shipping and returns on $50+ with code 3J5S (2.5% back with eBates)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Girl Power.

A: Lili. Please help me understand what's happening here:

source: The Sartorialist

L: I'm fairly certain that she forgot she was in her pajamas and put on her "goes with everything" platform gladiator...sandals?

A: Those sandals are giving me the Sads. They need their own SAD lamp.

L: They look vaguely like those orthopedic foot cozies you get when you break something.

A: I don't think you meant to use the word "vaguely" right?

L: Good point. I'm using "vaguely" in this case to mean, "sweet mother of god you can't be serious." Though, I sort of like her pajamas clothes a smidgen.

A: I don't know about the plaid jumpsuit thingy. I guess she's making it work? But...the lady bag.

L: Oh I hadn't even noticed her bag! Camouflaged by her plaid. If I were her I would've totally gone "cool" fanny pack instead.

A: I just convulsed. In a bad way.


A: Actually, you're trying to get in her Italian head. SO REALLY, THOSE SHOES.

L: Yeah, that sole is part of the nineties that should've stayed long dead. What is that, foam core?

A: I remember proudly buying a pair of black foam platform flip flops in the nineties.

L: I still miss thinking I am really three inches taller than I actually was because of all. the. platforms.

A: It was a good time, wasn't it?

L: I really do miss that part. Oh, and the empire waist dresses. I was all boob and faux long legs!

A: Oooh, those were the best. Zigazig ah, etc.

L: I think if our girl had a sunflower print on that grown-up onesie of hers, she would be the Sartorialist-est. Maybe throw in a jaunty Singles hat.

A: *faints*

L: Don't worry, the SHobbit will catch you!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Review: Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer

Oh yeah, that's right. I did it. I totally up and ordered that crazy expensive concealer and I did it FOR YOU. FOR SCIENCE. FOR HUMANITY.  Or, because I will basically do anything to hide my epic under eye sadness. I ordered it online because I'm lazy and I hate not using eBates. At the time, Saks was offering 8% which translates into $5.60 back in my pocket, so I ordered from Saks. (I know I'm a pain in the ass about eBates but it's so good, you guys.)

ANYWAY, so I ordered this painfully expensive concealer and it arrived and oooooh:

I am so fancy!

The packaging is super-nice, as it should be. It's a sleek black metal tube with a blue gem-like thing on the cap and when you put the cap on it closes with a satisfying click. Also, you get a ton of product so I have no doubt this will last me a couple of years. I tried a few methods and decided it works best if you apply a good base of eye cream and then gently pat the concealer on - pat pat pat pat like a crazy person. You don't have to use much and it covers really well. Here are some (INCREDIBLY HORRIFYING) close-up pictures of my face before and after applying Clé de Peau:

Before. Yikes.

After. Slightly less yikes.
I think we can all agree that things are much improved in the second photo. Nothing on earth is going to completely cover my dark circles but I can certainly improve the situation and Clé de Peau concealer does a really good job. It does crease a tiny bit, but I just pat it down and it stays put all day. It's a straight up concealer with no illuminating properties, so I've been using a brightening eye cream under it. In this case, Origins GinZing.  I've also tried layering it over the Magic Lumi pen with good results.

Here is my entire "after" face with alllll the makeups:

The lighting in my apartment is... not great, but you get the idea. I also use this concealer to cover my dark spots and that monster zit on my forehead. It's good stuff! (I would post my entire pre-makeup face pictures for contrast but I don't want to make anyone cry. That is not what this blog is about.)

SO, pros and cons of the Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer.


- long wearing
- covers like whoa
- a little goes a long way, so will last forever
- you get a substantial amount of product
- nice packaging


- crazy expensive
- very limited color selection (I'm wearing "beige")
- not illuminating or full of super-special ingredients
- does not come with a free tiny unicorn

That's my review! I hope you guys appreciate the mental anguish I suffered in posting my pre-makeup undereye horror. Please, do now discuss these matters in the comments. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Adrien: Ermahgerd. Pernts.

I'm not really sure why I grabbed this particular pair of pants to try on at J.Crew. I do like the olive drab color, but the giant utility pockets are generally not a good look on me and J.Crew pants in generally don't fit me at all. But hey, sometimes things happen:

They are the Skinny Washed Twill Utility Pant (so many words!) and they're really on sale right now (SALEFUN for 40% off, eBates yadda yadda) and I love my pair a lot. They're casual but not boring and I can just get away with wearing them to work. 

My blouse, which I've worn a few times already on the blog, is Olive & Oak. I can't find it online, but they make lots of cute tops. (I found mine at Marshalls.) My bag is a MBMJ Hillier Hobo and my shoes are Chie Mihara. I've been wearing them a lot lately! My pair is old, but I'm always looking at Chie for ridiculous-cute shoes

Here's an unnecessary close-up of my House of Harlow necklace. My exact color isn't online anymore but it does come in orange and blue

Here are the pants some more in case you just can't get enough:

Whee. Pants.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Weekend Window Shopping: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Hey, it's Nordstrom Anniversary Sale time! This is a great sale because it's not all the sad rejects from summer, instead it's tempting, shiny new fall stuff that's marked down temporarily. Here are my picks:

This right here is a very good deal. Mackage coats are really, really nice. 

This one is going to go fast. Great price!

Don't these look perfect?

These are SO worth spending some money on if you need boots. Dewit.

Pretty! So pretty!

I generally stock up during this sale. The HP thong has no equal.

This is a decent price considering the Touche Eclat by itself is $41.

 I love Jo Malone. This one hurts me a little.

Have a great weekend! 

Friday #GoHugo

Hey, look! David Gandy managed to stay clothed long enough to pose for a GoHugo moment.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Review: MBMJ Classic Q Wingman Wallet (And some Coupon Code Magic)

I mentioned recently that while out shopping with Kate she showed me this little MBMJ tech wallet and we talked about how useful it would be when you’re running errands or whatever and don’t want to take your whole purse. The only downside is that there’s no place for lipgloss. I immediately became obsessed and decided my life wouldn’t be complete without a phone-holding wallet.

I explored a few different options and finally decided that the one that made  the most sense was the most basic MBMJ style, the Classic Q Wingman in black:

I will be your wingman.

It already goes with a few of my bags and, hey, black is forever. (FYI, the brown version is on sale here.) The only real sticking point was the retail price, because no way am I spending $148 on a wallet. NOPE.

But, there’s always coupon code magic, right? RIGHT. Never pay retail, ladies. Just never. Please to observe:

  • Right now you can get 40% off one item at Piperlime if you sign up for their email list. There are a few exclusions, but it worked for the wallet. (If you’re already signed up, use another email address.)
  • If you have a store card (in my case a Banana Republic card) you get rewards. I had $20 in rewards burning a hole in my pocket.
  • I was able to stack another 15% off code specifically for card holders. (Tip: if you use Chrome, download the Honey extension. It finds codes for you! It’s kind of amazing.)
  • Don't forget to use eBates (my referral link) for 2.0% cash back because why not? 

So: $148 -40% -15% -$20 = $56 wallet. Much, much better.

I guess I should get around to reviewing it, eh? It arrived the other day and I was immediately pleased - it has the same thick pebbled leather as my Hillier Hobo and the hardware is satisfyingly sturdy. It zips around securely, which I love - nothing is more annoying than a flimsy zipper. This is a much smaller wallet than the one I'd been carrying (also MBMJ) but I carry around too much crap anyway, so this will force me to run a tighter wallet ship.


The phone pocket is great - fits my iPhone 5s even with the case on (though my case is a Speck Candy Shell, which is fairly minimal.)  I don't plan on leaving my phone in the wallet, but I like that I have the option of shoving it in if I need to. When my phone isn't in the wallet I use the phone sleeve section for my coffee shop punch cards and other non-essential bits.

Whee! I'm really happy with my boring new wallet and REALLY happy with the price I paid.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I'm Always Right.

*Guest blogger Lili is back!*

L: I am starting to believe that despite my best (read: not best) efforts, my skin is starting to age. Pretty sure I just saw a liver spot on my leg.

A: Are you sure it wasn't just a really big freckle?

L: The one other freckle I have on my leg doesn't even want to associate with it. Pretty sure I'm going to start using this expensive face wash I just bought on my WHOLE DAMN BODY!

Don't get old.

A: Oooh, I have a mini bottle of that face wash that I haven't even tried yet. It came with my beloved Unwrinkle Peel Pads.

L: I'm generally scared of anything washing my face (I probably shouldn't admit to not actually using cleanser on my face until I was in my 30s, right? I mean, this is public, this internet.). My skins dries out REALLY fast. But this cleanser? It's like they made it for baby faces.

A: I have been using a deluxe sample of this Caudalie serum on my face and it's good stuff but isn't doing anything for the brown spots on my face. (ON MY FACE.)

I kind of rule.

L: Caudalie is my dream cream. One time I tried this Premier Cru and then I died because it costs exactly 1 week's worth of groceries.

So fancy.

A: I had a sample of the Premier Cru and it feels amazing but I didn't like the smell. I'm a sensitive baby about scented things. ALSO, I have to insist that you try the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil for your face. It's truly magic.

I'm the best.

L: OK, wait a second. Marianne has tried to tell me about these cleansing oils I think. They sound like an oxymoron. How is it POSSIBLE?

A: If you have dry skin you may be making the issue worse with a sulfate-based cleanser. The oil cleanser breaks down all the makeup and stuff on your face and doesn't strip your skin. It won't break you out, I promise!

L: You're not trying to sucker me into a triple face washing routine, are you? I barely can get my contacts out at night before I fall asleep. And dare I admit, that if it's not that sweaty a day I often fall asleep with my makeup on?

A: LILI. You do not have to wash your face three times but GIRL.

L: So far so good? [ducking] I fear changing my level of care will let my skin know I care and then it will TURN ON ME!

A: *frowning*

L: I swear to you I do not look like this. And everyone says I shouldn't use face wipes! I thought they were the answer to this lazy gal's problems. I seriously think there's a hoard of us secret non-face washers out there and I'm the only one who will say it.

A: Yeah, I've read that face wipes aren't great. I just can't stand the feeling of having makeup on my face at the end of the day. Trrryyyy the oil cleanser! It takes seconds.

L: Fine. I'll try. But can I be bratty about it and then when it works pretend I was behind it all along?

A: Well, of course! Is there another way?

L: No. No there is not.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Adrien: Stripes and Stuff.

I got this dress from the Gap last summer, they're always good for a striped dress or two.  It's pretty heavy-weight material which is nice and short, which I also like, though it's probably just on the edge of being too short for work. That never stopped me. 

I'm wearing my awesome Chie Mihara Dura sandals, which I wish they still made. This pair is similar, but I'm not sure I love the direction Chie has been taking. Still, these are the best and I will wear them until they're dead. 

Details, details. My bag is MBMJ Kirsten Globetrotter which I have been too lazy to switch out. It's out of stock, but this blue Marc bag is the next best thing. Or this little number!

I'm wearing the most serious of my tassel necklaces, this one from Ann Taylor. Don't you think it is different enough from the J.Crew version that I should have both? ME TOO.

They are completely different! Just like this striped dress is different than all my other striped dresses. Nothing to see here, move it along.