Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I'm Always Right.

*Guest blogger Lili is back!*

L: I am starting to believe that despite my best (read: not best) efforts, my skin is starting to age. Pretty sure I just saw a liver spot on my leg.

A: Are you sure it wasn't just a really big freckle?

L: The one other freckle I have on my leg doesn't even want to associate with it. Pretty sure I'm going to start using this expensive face wash I just bought on my WHOLE DAMN BODY!

Don't get old.

A: Oooh, I have a mini bottle of that face wash that I haven't even tried yet. It came with my beloved Unwrinkle Peel Pads.

L: I'm generally scared of anything washing my face (I probably shouldn't admit to not actually using cleanser on my face until I was in my 30s, right? I mean, this is public, this internet.). My skins dries out REALLY fast. But this cleanser? It's like they made it for baby faces.

A: I have been using a deluxe sample of this Caudalie serum on my face and it's good stuff but isn't doing anything for the brown spots on my face. (ON MY FACE.)

I kind of rule.

L: Caudalie is my dream cream. One time I tried this Premier Cru and then I died because it costs exactly 1 week's worth of groceries.

So fancy.

A: I had a sample of the Premier Cru and it feels amazing but I didn't like the smell. I'm a sensitive baby about scented things. ALSO, I have to insist that you try the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil for your face. It's truly magic.

I'm the best.

L: OK, wait a second. Marianne has tried to tell me about these cleansing oils I think. They sound like an oxymoron. How is it POSSIBLE?

A: If you have dry skin you may be making the issue worse with a sulfate-based cleanser. The oil cleanser breaks down all the makeup and stuff on your face and doesn't strip your skin. It won't break you out, I promise!

L: You're not trying to sucker me into a triple face washing routine, are you? I barely can get my contacts out at night before I fall asleep. And dare I admit, that if it's not that sweaty a day I often fall asleep with my makeup on?

A: LILI. You do not have to wash your face three times but GIRL.

L: So far so good? [ducking] I fear changing my level of care will let my skin know I care and then it will TURN ON ME!

A: *frowning*

L: I swear to you I do not look like this. And everyone says I shouldn't use face wipes! I thought they were the answer to this lazy gal's problems. I seriously think there's a hoard of us secret non-face washers out there and I'm the only one who will say it.

A: Yeah, I've read that face wipes aren't great. I just can't stand the feeling of having makeup on my face at the end of the day. Trrryyyy the oil cleanser! It takes seconds.

L: Fine. I'll try. But can I be bratty about it and then when it works pretend I was behind it all along?

A: Well, of course! Is there another way?

L: No. No there is not.


  1. Ok. I am a huge lurker but I have to say something. Just get prescription stuff. Seriously retin a does all the stuff you want those fancy creams to do. You start low and build to more tines a week/higher strength cream. Just tell your doc you need it for zits and then your insurance will cover it. Best $5 I spend for months worth if awesome skin care evah!

    1. This is so tempting but don't you have to stay out of the sun with Retin A? I spend a ton of time outside on my bike, I'm not sure it's a good choice for me. But yeah, maybe dermatologist.

  2. More on the oil cleanser in a second: First I wanted to say I haven't been coming to visit or post as much because I just moved, and I don't do all the twitter etc stuff so I wanted to send my GOHUGO! thoughts.

    So I just moved to Japan, and I've been oil cleansing for a while before I did, about a year I'd say. I was using the Body Shop Chamomile oil cleanser- and online TBS also has a Shiso Oil Cleanser and honestly I think they're both great.

    I was super-excited when I came to Japan (for a lot of reasons) but also because I LOVE skin care/makeup and this is mecca. I got one of the DHC oils (the Alice in Wonderland bottle) and it broke me out!! I didn't like the smell either- too much olive oil, it reminds me of cooking. So it sits on the shelf looking adorable. I've gone back to my Body Shop chamomile oil, and my skin is happy.

    Oil cleansing is a must for getting off sunscreen.

    Speaking of and also, if you're out in the sun on your bike all the time, I can totally recommend the two Biore sunscreens- the pink one or the blue one "Perfect Face Bright Milk" 50++++ (they all have these long, strange names) but it's made for very hot, humid weather/sweating (the pink one) and the blue one for actual sports. But these sunscreens are amazing. They make your skin look good just on their own. I mean, those are just for the face, but US sunscreens are nothing like them. I can see the difference in my face just after a month of using them. Not sure if you can get them on amazon etc, I'll take a look.

  3. ok I checked just in case you're interested....I don't see the blue sports Biore, but they do have the pink one on Amazon- (about $10, which is only a few dollars more than it costs here)

    Biore SARASARA UV Bright Face Milk BIHADA Sunscreen 30ml SPF50+ PA+++ for Face

    1. Thank you! I am intrigued. Do you find it drying at all?

    2. well, I have combo-oily-breakout prone skin...and it's hot as b@!!$ here, I don't find it drying, or I appreciate any drying that it does do? But the Japanese are very into moisturizing (even if they have oily skin) they just do it differently (with "lotions" ie "toners" (but not really toners-more of a balancing act for the skin) so any product that counter-acts sebum/sweat/humidity won't dry out your skin but will deal with it and the elements. A lot of things dry to a powder, for example.

    3. Ooh, I just looked up the ingredients and the third one is alcohol, so this version is probably not for me. I'll investigate some of the others! Thank you for tipping me off.

    4. ah :(, too bad. (a little alcohol doesn't bother me because of my skin type and because of the weather here) but yeah, do check them out, because they really are great- and not even expensive or anything. And it makes the rest of the skin care routine so much more efficient, because the base protection is in place. (I wear sunscreen even when it's cloudy now).

      Maybe the Biore "waterly essence" (haha, the names :)) or one of the Shiseido Annessas would suit you. ( I also have the Annessa Perfect Gel and it's lovely- but I love the Biore hot weather one at the moment.) Just make sure you get the 50++++ of whatever you choose- that's the most recent "generation" and the best protection.

      Sorry, I go on and on, but I do love them- anything that makes my skin look better is like gold to me now ! :)

  4. thank you for this blog rec Floss ! So cool- I'm going down the rabbit hole now Anon :)