Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Adrien: Summer Budget, June.

My May budget post is here, and because of a slight overage in May, I set my June budget at $146.68. Or, since I'm bad at math, $147.00 because who cares about the change. NOT ME. (For the sake of my sanity, I'm going to round my prices up or down to whole amounts from here on out. Money is boring.)

So, what did I buy in June? You know most of it. (For the sake of transparency I feel I should mention that I returned the Anthro stuff I bought last week. I decided I didn't love either item enough to break my budget over.) Here you go:

Old Navy dress: $23.00.

my review here.

Birchbox: $10.00:

Yep, I signed back up with Birchbox because I missed the fleeting joy of getting a cute box full of odd beauty samples. Small pleasures! My first box was a pretty decent one too. (If you're tempted, my referral link is thus.)

Pedicure: $28.00

Pretty standard stuff. I go to the cheap place in a strip mall because they do a great job and I love the invasively painful massage chairs.

NYX Butter Lipgloss x 2: $7.00:

My review here.

Essie polish in Style Hunter: $9.00:

Physicians Formula eyeliner $10.00:

My review here.

Athleta breeze shorts $15.00:

I bought these to have a comfortable, sporty pair of shorts to wear after a bike ride or over a swimsuit. Or hiking or whatever. I love the fit but the color leaves a little something to be desired. Suitably army-greenish or reminiscent of baby poop? Help me, people.

Budget spent: $102
Budget remaining: $45

Normally I'd be all self-congratulatory and back-patting over this INCREDIBLE show of shopping restraint but I think we can all agree that June was a completely awful month and I just wasn't in the mood for shopping. Now we're into July and I have a budget of $195 and that feels kind of decadent. Like, Cle de Peau level decadent. We'll see what happens.


  1. That color does not look like baby poop to me! I love it. Keep the shorts, you have me tempted to buy them now. The PF Eye booster liner is my HG liner, on my 3rd one atm.

  2. I love the army green and just bought a pair of NYDJ jeans in that shade because I've decided that I'm a redhead.

  3. That style hunter essie is my color of the summer! (Trying to get my money's worth out of the bottle I bought in May). I think you are showing admirable restraint here, and I approve of all your purchases, which seem eminently practical!

  4. Yes! Cle de Peu for July!!! You are doing such a good job- I'm glad I'm not the only one on a budget. Re: shorts- could we see a pic of you in them? I rarely trust product images.

  5. I try like crazy to make my pedicures last by getting a polish change every other month and pedicure in between. Love the color of the shorts. Def not baby poop color in my opinion (but hey, I have no kids so who knows).


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