Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Review: Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer

Oh yeah, that's right. I did it. I totally up and ordered that crazy expensive concealer and I did it FOR YOU. FOR SCIENCE. FOR HUMANITY.  Or, because I will basically do anything to hide my epic under eye sadness. I ordered it online because I'm lazy and I hate not using eBates. At the time, Saks was offering 8% which translates into $5.60 back in my pocket, so I ordered from Saks. (I know I'm a pain in the ass about eBates but it's so good, you guys.)

ANYWAY, so I ordered this painfully expensive concealer and it arrived and oooooh:

I am so fancy!

The packaging is super-nice, as it should be. It's a sleek black metal tube with a blue gem-like thing on the cap and when you put the cap on it closes with a satisfying click. Also, you get a ton of product so I have no doubt this will last me a couple of years. I tried a few methods and decided it works best if you apply a good base of eye cream and then gently pat the concealer on - pat pat pat pat like a crazy person. You don't have to use much and it covers really well. Here are some (INCREDIBLY HORRIFYING) close-up pictures of my face before and after applying Clé de Peau:

Before. Yikes.

After. Slightly less yikes.
I think we can all agree that things are much improved in the second photo. Nothing on earth is going to completely cover my dark circles but I can certainly improve the situation and Clé de Peau concealer does a really good job. It does crease a tiny bit, but I just pat it down and it stays put all day. It's a straight up concealer with no illuminating properties, so I've been using a brightening eye cream under it. In this case, Origins GinZing.  I've also tried layering it over the Magic Lumi pen with good results.

Here is my entire "after" face with alllll the makeups:

The lighting in my apartment is... not great, but you get the idea. I also use this concealer to cover my dark spots and that monster zit on my forehead. It's good stuff! (I would post my entire pre-makeup face pictures for contrast but I don't want to make anyone cry. That is not what this blog is about.)

SO, pros and cons of the Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer.


- long wearing
- covers like whoa
- a little goes a long way, so will last forever
- you get a substantial amount of product
- nice packaging


- crazy expensive
- very limited color selection (I'm wearing "beige")
- not illuminating or full of super-special ingredients
- does not come with a free tiny unicorn

That's my review! I hope you guys appreciate the mental anguish I suffered in posting my pre-makeup undereye horror. Please, do now discuss these matters in the comments. 


  1. I must say I'm intrigued. I have such bad dark circles that I have had more than one person ask me (sans makeup) if I had been in a fight. I am currently using the Bobby Brown under eye concealer. The coverage is good-ish and the shade is perfect.

  2. I have some freckles right under my eye that makes me LOOK like I've smudged my mascara. It's so frustrating and so far I've found nothing that will cover them. So, I too, am intrigued.

  3. looks good! Glad it works.
    A really really good illuminating pen is the Body Shop one- I stocked up and bought 6 of them when they were on sale. You can paint any part of your face with it, pat it in (plus it's easy to blend) and voila- you can't see the product, but everything is evened out and brightened. Great stuff (it works better for me than Touche Eclat). Then put your concealer over it. You'll need even less so it will last you even longer!!

  4. You are so good to us:).

    And I love CdeP, have used it for years.

  5. I know its been a while since this was purchsed but I also have very dark under eye circles, and would pay just about anything to get them to go away. I even got injections which helped a ton (but mine are reverse problem of yours - sunken like a skeleton).
    Anyways, in certian areas of my undereye I still have dark discolorations and only this month did I ever find the perfect exact cure! The pinkish/orangy (top right) color from Anastasia Cream Contour Palette. I use it only on the dark, discolored part (and then blend in the lines with concealer or foundation over the entire area). It really makes a considerable difference.
    Have you tried the Anastasia CCP yet? yet?

    1. I haven't tried it. I will definitely check it out, thanks!


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