Monday, July 7, 2014

Adrien: Summer Matchy

Happy post-vacation weekend y'all. Waahahaaaahhh. That is the noise my brain keeps making. Awesome. This outfit is from last week and I love the dress, especially since it's Target-via-thrift-store, which you have to love. It's probably a little small on me but no cares! I do not care. I love the BCBG-like print and the watery colors and I apparently decided to wear All The Blue/Green Things with it. Please to follow:

So cute! So matching! I'm wearing my beloved Miz Mooz green sandals which are sadly discontinued, but they still do the green in a couple of great styles

My bag is MBMJ Globetrotter Kirsten which seems to be sold out, though the crossbody version is on sale. Nobody does blues the way Marc Jacobs does. Le sigh. My bracelet is Giles and Brother. Mine is the version with tiny (um) blue stones which also appears to be gone from the world (but the crystal pave is a close second.)

Shoes! Bag! Bracelet! All The Things! Also, my damn earrings are blue. I am SORRY. SORT OF.

These pointy little bits are the House of Harlow Lapis Rock Out Stud Earrings.

Finally, yes, a turquoise stone necklace from J.Crew. I don't think this was ever on the website but there is a similar version on the Factory site. That's it! I promise to not be a Garanimal nightmare with the next outfit. I don't even know what happened. 


  1. I LOVE that dress. So cute and feminine and totally appropriate for both work and play! For what it's worth, I don't think it looks small on you

  2. So fab. Love the aqua jewel tones & the spiky jewelry against the watercolor print. Great contrast.

  3. That dress looks amazing, and I love those colors on you, perfection!

  4. Loving these colors on you, if they all look good on you why not wear 'em all, I say. And you have sent me down a blue jewelry rabbit hole on Amazon, my wallet may not thank you later but my jewelry box will!