Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Girl Power.

A: Lili. Please help me understand what's happening here:

source: The Sartorialist

L: I'm fairly certain that she forgot she was in her pajamas and put on her "goes with everything" platform gladiator...sandals?

A: Those sandals are giving me the Sads. They need their own SAD lamp.

L: They look vaguely like those orthopedic foot cozies you get when you break something.

A: I don't think you meant to use the word "vaguely" right?

L: Good point. I'm using "vaguely" in this case to mean, "sweet mother of god you can't be serious." Though, I sort of like her pajamas clothes a smidgen.

A: I don't know about the plaid jumpsuit thingy. I guess she's making it work? But...the lady bag.

L: Oh I hadn't even noticed her bag! Camouflaged by her plaid. If I were her I would've totally gone "cool" fanny pack instead.

A: I just convulsed. In a bad way.


A: Actually, you're trying to get in her Italian head. SO REALLY, THOSE SHOES.

L: Yeah, that sole is part of the nineties that should've stayed long dead. What is that, foam core?

A: I remember proudly buying a pair of black foam platform flip flops in the nineties.

L: I still miss thinking I am really three inches taller than I actually was because of all. the. platforms.

A: It was a good time, wasn't it?

L: I really do miss that part. Oh, and the empire waist dresses. I was all boob and faux long legs!

A: Oooh, those were the best. Zigazig ah, etc.

L: I think if our girl had a sunflower print on that grown-up onesie of hers, she would be the Sartorialist-est. Maybe throw in a jaunty Singles hat.

A: *faints*

L: Don't worry, the SHobbit will catch you!


  1. What's up with the hairdo? I refuse to leave the house until I've redone my messy bun at least 3 (or 20) times, to avoid it looking like a turd. Turd hair is never cute, no matter what decade it is!

  2. I can't believe we neglected to discuss that hair poo! So right to point it out!