Monday, July 14, 2014

Adventures in J.Crew. (And a really good sale.)

When J.Crew started in on the really good sales a few weeks back my friend Kate bought the schoolboy blazer online, hoping it would be perfect. It was not perfect (in fact, I thought it felt downright cheap) so when she decided to return it to the store, I tagged along. For science.

The sale they have going right now is really pretty good: HOTOUT gives you an extra 40% off select hot-weather styles and an extra 40% off final sale styles. (And, randomly, 50% off certain sale stuff? I don't know why.) Plus, 6.0% back with eBates

In-store they were giving an extra 50% off of sale stuff so I decided to try on a couple of shirts. One was a cotton print button down that doesn't appear to be online and the other was the arrow print Popover:

arrow print Popover

Cute, right? I was wearing a dress so I grabbed a pair of pants to try on with the shirts. The first pair I saw was the Skinny Wash Twill Utility Pant:

my name is too long.

I got the pants in my usual size and they fit just fine, which means they are true to size and we are just going to ignore that JCrew is known for vanity sizing. These pants are NOT vanity sized because I say so. Ahem. Anyway, I was surprised that I liked them because JCrew pants never fit me ever ever ever. The front pockets are really huge but oddly not unflattering. 

The print button down was really cute (a print of hearts and bugs) but very much not me. The Popover top fit funny in the shoulders, so it was a fail too. The twill pants? Came home with me and were a surprise final sale (hate you, JCrew) so they are MINE FOREVER. I'll wear them in an outfit soon. When we were walking out my magpie eye spied something sparkly in the jewelry case and I tried on this necklace:

tassel goodness

I cannot resist a tassel necklace and I'm pretty sure this will be mine at some point soon. It was SO GOOD and very much different from my other two tassel necklaces shut up.

Did any of you hit up the JCrew sale? Whatdidja get?


  1. What about the Schoolboy made it feel cheap to you? I ended up getting it in 2 colors and love it. Been waiting for a deep discount that wasn't Final Sale and jumped all over it for less than $60 each! Somehow both the tall and regular look good (I'm 5'11), though fit differently. I also snagged another Tippi merino pullover. Since I know they look great, I usually snag a new color when they go oon super sale in my size.

    1. I'm glad it worked for you! I just though the material felt a little thin and the buttons were insubstantial. Things like that. But hey, for less than $60 each? Awesome! Kate's issue is that it didn't fit her very well.

  2. I got the navy starburst (ie pleats) skirt last week and I love love love it and will wear it all the time. Other than that I've been buying tons of their plain tee shirts because I'm boring.
    I am sure they vanity size, but I do not experience that at all, maybe because I have huge hips. Often in my size (10) the pants will be fine in the legs and hips but huge in the waist AND strange in the crotch. There are some styles of pants I can't even fit over my legs in the biggest size. It's so frustrating. But, other styles are so good and fit me perfectly so I still shop there. Sigh.

  3. I got the schoolboy blazer too, and a pair of chino shorts.

    Ok, don't hate me but I tried that same tassel necklace (because I, um, need one after I saw a cute one on a certain blog, ahem) and was liking it ... Until my husband said it looked like a baby octopus. That kinda killed it for me. But it's a cute baby octopus!

  4. these twill pants are good. did you start with your j crew (vanity not.vanity) size and use their conversion to euro? i.e. 2=26, 4=27, etc. are they true to size in that way? j crew is so hard and final sale is so hard.

    1. Ashley, I don't have a J.Crew size because I don't wear a lot of J.Crew, but I generally wear a 6/28 in pants and that's what size fit me.