Monday, July 28, 2014

Adrien: Stuff I Like, Sporty Edition.

I did a Summer Edition "Stuff I Like" post back in June but so now that we're in the depths of summer I thought I'd do a sporty version for those of you who like to do active-type things. The rest of you should read it anyway because some of this stuff definitely translates to sitting around the house in comfort, I promise.

Oakley Sunglasses
A friend of mine with a good connection just gave me a pair of Oakley Half Jackets and oh my God, you guys. They are so, so good. They are very sporty and I'll probably only be wearing them out on the bike, but had I known how good they were I'd have bought a pair by now. They are feather-light, don't budge, and the polarized lenses make even the low-light sections of trail crisp and clear.

nerd selfie
Of course, now I want a pair of the aviators for every day wear. I went to the Oakley store and really liked this pair a lot... until I saw these:

Ooooh. They have snakeskin on the arms! And they fit my small face perfectly. Ugh. So much want.

Zella Leggings
I've been trying to undo myself from the clutches of Lululemon (which hasn't been that hard, considering) by trying out other brands. I really liked the Breeze shorts I got from Athleta and I'm hoping they'll come out with a couple of good spin-class-worthy tanks this fall. In the meantime, I took advantage of the Nordstrom sale to try the wildly popular Zella Live In Leggings:

They arrived and I have to say, if you're in the need for a pair of good leggings or capris, you could do a lot worse. And, they come in plus sizes which is very nice to see. I don't know how much gym use these will get but they are SO comfortable and the material feels good and substantial. Definitely will get a lot of everyday use.

Osprey Hydration Pack
I used to use a fairly minimal Camelbak but the lack of storage and difficulty getting the bladder in and out made me start exploring other options. On a group ride last summer someone recommended Osprey to me and I ended up with this one:

Verve, y'all
It's not too heavy and has a million great little features, as well as storage enough to stuff in a lunch and light jacket. The bladder is super easy to deal with and clean. The drawbacks - the waist strap doesn't have loops to hold the extra bits of strap (does that make sense?) and they flap around. I've come up with a hack, but I shouldn't have to, you know? The other issue is the the back panel is pretty stiff and sometimes irritates me. But, everything irritates me, so that's no bigs.

This is no big secret and I'm sure there are better cycling socks out there, but I've been really happy with all my SockGuy socks. They come in a million ridiculous patterns and wear like iron. They don't have padding or anything but I just keep buying them.

stripes and unicorns! 
Also! I should mention that the shorter version of these socks are actually perfect with ankle boots because they are invisible and don't slip down under your heel. See? I can make sport things work for everyday things with zero effort. You are welcome.

Now, please tell me what sporty crap you like in the comments so I feel less alone.


  1. I've been loving Old Navy's compression capris. They come in a bunch of cute prints/colors and regularly go on sale, as ON items often do. I only wear them to yoga, but they've held up after a few washes. Also bought some cute stuff from Athleta recently - I think they will be my Lulu replacement. The hidden agenda tank is my favorite purchase so far.

    1. I second the ON compression capris. Mine have held up pretty well but they only go to yoga and back.

  2. If you want to spend $$$ like you can on Lulu, but don't want the dirty feeling of supporting a misogynist jerk, I highly recommend Lorna Jane. The few items I have from them are practically perfect in every way. I hate spending too much $$$ on workout gear, but honestly, their pieces are just so good that I never feel sorry I made the splurge.

    I am also curious - you mentioned Everlane a while back, and it looked good? How have the pieces held up? Do you still recommend?

    1. Thanks for the rec! I've never heard of this brand but I'll definitely check it out.

    2. Sorry, missed your question about Everlane. I'm still happy with my t-shirts, though I think the medium is a little big on me. Both have held up well and get a lot of wear because they're really comfortable.

  3. Do sewat pants count as sporty becasue I like to wear sweats around the house? (kidding)

    I know a couple friends that had Oakley's with plain lenses put in (or maybe bought that way, I'm not sure) to wear at night while they rode bikes. They loved them. My husband also had a pair that lasted longer than 10 years and still looked brand new.

    Anyone tried Fabletics yet? I looked at it but everything I was interested in was sold out in my sizes.

    ANY sock that doens't slip down is a good sock to me! Though when I am working out I really enjoy this old pair that have coushioned soles but are also a bit tighter around the arch. I have no idea what brand or where I got them.

    1. I've haven't tried Fabletics but I'm curious about it. Reports, anyone?

  4. Fabletics: I'm wearing their short shorts (don't know the name, but they are black with a wide colorful waistband) under my dress, ready for the gym after work. I like the shorts a lot, I'd buy another pair. Got a shirt too, it's fine. Haven't seen anything else that draws me -- what's with all the open backs on their shirts? And flimsy bras?

    Question re Osprey bag: does the side compartment fit a water bottle? I have an Osprey I use for run-commuting, and for basically everything else, and I think it's time for a replacement. I'd buy the same one but I'd like an exterior water pocket too, which I don't have.

    Want those last Oakleys!

    1. No, there isn't a water bottle-specific pocket, but you could put one in the outer storage compartment and it would probably be fine.

      The Oakleys are good, right? I want them so much!

  5. I'm digging Athleta Relay Capris and Skirt Sport Redemption Capris because I need a drawstring waist (otherwise it's too much futzing with the pants). Goodhew are my favorite socks, and made in the USA. WHHHYY did you show me those Oakleys?!

  6. What kind of bike shorts do you wear when riding? Are you a tights or baggies type of gal?

    I like fox mtn bike baggies but they don't make them any more. Could use some recommendations.

  7. Nike G87 tanks. They are the best- I have 4 that I rotated, washing and wearing them for teaching (dance) (zumba and barre) or dancing-not-teaching 5-7 times a week. And I didn't miss a week in 1.5 years. They are utterly comfortable- total range of motion, they feel like nothing BUT they flatter incredibly, wear like iron, wick sweat away, dry superfast (I was teaching in the south u.s HOT) don't rub, can be layered- and they're long, so they don't ride up even when doing arm-stretching leaps and turns and whatnot. Weigh and take up as much room as a handkerchief in a bag... I could go on and on :)


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