Friday, July 30, 2021

Weekend Window Shopping: Once More, With Feeling.

 I'm going to stop bagging so hard on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale because I keep finding stuff I want and ugh. Now I feel like a hypocrite. Eh, It'll pass. Here are a few more things I've been eyeing:

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Stuff I Like: Catching Up Edition.

Hello! I've gotten behind so I have lots of Stuff I Like to catch up on. Here we go:

This Air Fryer Sandwich We Both Love
If you love C-F-A but not the associated guilt, and you have an air fryer, this sandwich is what you want. Marianne introduced me and I've made it twice and it is DELICIOUS. Now, it's a delicate beast to make and air fryer parchment paper is definitely helpful, but Marianne said she just flipped them super carefully with a thin spatula and it was fine. My first time (sans parchment) I had a full-out tantrum but they still turned out pretty freaking delicious. Just make them. They're so good. 

This Weird Travel Thing I Had To Try
There are these little travel containers that keep following me around the internet. They're magnetic and made from recycled ocean bound plastic and they honeycomb together and I WANT THEM SO BAD but they're expensive and probably I don't need them. I definitely don't need them. Anyway, because I'm about to go on a trip and have an obsession with travel containers, I bought this travel case thing on Amazon and it's so fun! It holds your toothbrush and toothpaste and has three different containers for shampoo and whatnot. Also, the lid is a cup and the bottom is magnetic. Sold. (I'll let you know how it performs.) And yeah, I'll probably buy the other ones eventually. You know me. 

This Book of Poetry That I Highly Recommend
Maybe you already follow poet Maggie Smith on Instagram but if not, you should. Last year was such a hard year for me (and for everyone, really) and her daily "Keep Moving" posts were, well, moving. She published a book of those posts but also has a new book of poetry that I preordered, so when it showed up it was a happy surprise. It's called Goldenrod and it's so good. I've been reading a poem every night before bed and it's been a nice meditation. Also, pretty much everyone is gonna get this for the holidays, so there's that. 

This Cleansing Oil From The Past.
Remember DHC and all their free samples? I used the cleansing oil back in the day and then promptly moved on to fancier things and forgot all about it. Well, my face freaked out recently which means I have to get REAL basic with my skincare. I'd run out of my balm cleanser and found the smaller size of DHC cleansing oil at Target. Y'all, it's so good. How did I forget about it? It's unscented, it gets all my makeup and sunscreen off and it doesn't upset my face. Plus, it's pretty affordable and a little goes a long way.

PS. These Unders I Really Love.
Real quick, I bought two pairs of the Evelyn & Bobbie mid-rise Girlshort and they are SO GOOD for wearing under dresses. I was worried the shorter inseam would ride up but they don't! And right now they're 65% off with code: LASTCALL. If you've never tried Evelyn & Bobbie you can get $10 off your first order through my link. (I also get $10 credit.)

That's it for now! I'll be back next week with a book/podcast/TV-specific entry because I have a lot to tell y'all and it's too much for one post. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Yay.

 Okay, do you feel a lack of enthusiasm on my part when it comes to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? It's not that I don't love a good sale, it's that this particular sale is frustrating on a few levels. I discussed one of my issues last year and I also don't like the exclusive nature of the roll-out, because by the time it's open to the general public, a lot of the hot items are sold out. Rude. But, see my rant from last year on the hot items, which may not be that hot. Anyway, there are still plenty of great deals to be had and here's what I really love:

Maybe its that I live in the pacific north west now but I am REALLY into these lumberjack-esque boots. Is it just me? They're by Timberland and I just think the color combo is so sharp.

I always want fancy candles and this set of minis is a great way to figure out your favorite or, squirrel them away for amazing stocking stuffers if you're that person. (I am not but I wish I was.) 

There's just something about a giant, cozy sweater, right? Maybe not right now, but one day soon you will want this to wear with leggings and those boots up there.

Ugh, this Clare V. tote is hurting my feelings. It's so understated and cool. 
I want to be understated and cool! Maybe this bag will do that? (It might, shut up.) 

Oooh face gadgets. Does anyone have this dermaplane thingy? 
Because I kind want this dermaplane thingy. A lot.

These are Frame jeans and I think they are CUTE AS HELL. That is all. 

Sweaty Betty is one of those fitness brands I haven't tried (yet) but I would definitely like to start with these amazing leopard print leggings. And they have pockets! 

Hey, guess what? Lipstick is (maybe) back? Throw away all your expired crap and try some fun new colors from MAC with this set of minis. 

If you're looking for a tiny adorable crossbody bag, this Madewell number is what you need. 

I am never not going to recommend a classic pair of Ray-Bans because I love mine a lot. 

These are weird, right? But also really cool with that giant chunky chain? 
Loafers aren't usually my thing but these are something else. 

And finally, like last year, I am going to say that AllSaints leather jackets are worth every penny and it doesn't get more rock 'n roll classic than the Balfern. Dew eeeet.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Outfit of the Day: Brought to you by Madewell.

The title might leave you to believe Madewell is sponsoring this blog entry. They are not but I WISH THEY WOULD. (Madewell! Call me!) I just seem to spend most of my money there and it shows:


This was just something I threw on to go run errands but I thought it was cute so I took some pics. The jeans are the Perfect Vintage cut and they are your gateway jean if you're trying to get away from skinny styles. They're slim and just the right amount of cropped with a suck-it-in high rise. Mine are the Sumner wash but they also come in a grey wash (on sale!) and in black. There's also a black wash pair included in the Nordstrom sale. I love these jeans so much that when my pair were too tight in the waist (thanks, pandemic) I bought a secondhand pair in the next size up. (Thanks, Poshmark!) Yay for jeans that fit. 

Stripes on stripes! Look how happy I am with my Think Royln bag! More about that in a minute. My tee shirt is, duh, a Madewell tee from last year and it's basically this exact style (extended sizing here.) It also comes in a cute blue stripe. I had issues with the long sleeved ringer tees stretching out at the neck, but this t-shirt has been great and I wear it a lot. Now, back to the Royln bag. It's tiny but is the perfect light, hands-free option for running errands, especially if "running errands" means losing time in a thrift store. I can fit my phone, card case, sunglasses, keys, mask and Chapstick. That's about it, but it's all I need for short outings. 

I mean, this outfit just needed a jacket, right? I've been so happy with this Level 99 denim jacket, which is a pretty classic shape but has fun pockets that make it a bit different. I also like that it's not aggressively cropped like some denim jackets which makes it easy to throw on with basically anything. (I recently wore it here with a dress.) I'm also wearing my sweet new Madewell Maggie sandals that are nearly sold out but did you know that Teva makes leopard print sandals? They do! I kinda dig the gray leopard pair and don't even know who I am anymore. Moving on to details: 

Wow, that is an awkward close-up, sorry! I was trying to get everything in. My necklace is by Three Flames Silverworks and it's such a special piece. I just love her work so much and I hope y'all will check out the website because I basically want everything on it. The end. 

Friday, July 23, 2021

Weekend Window Shopping: Athleta Sale!

This is the big one - every summer Athleta takes an extra 20% off sale items and usually I am ready to go. This year I'm sitting it out (I literally need NOT ONE THING) but there is some really tempting stuff on sale:

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Stuff I Like: Hair Edition (Plus: sunscreen bonus!)

My makeup game has been pretty lame lately but I have been using some new hair products because I a) got a new stylist and b) ran out of everything all at the same time. Love it when that happens. Boo. Now, my hair is at an in-between point (am I growing it out? Who knows? Not me.) but my new stylist introduced me to the following:

I historically love Davines products (that link will get you $20 off your first order! Full disclosure: I also get $20 credit) but she told me the Oi shampoo/conditioner are too heavy for fine hair and gave me samples of the Replumping shampoo and conditioner. I loved it so much I bought a set - FULL SIZED EVEN. I never do that but this set doesn't come in travel size so I just went for it. I love that it gives my hair a some lift and oomph and, like all Davines products, it smells fantastic in a non-floral way. My friend Kate said it smells a little like cola bottle gummi candy and I think she's right, which makes sense because I love cola bottle gummies. (Trolli if you can find them but Haribo is also nice.) 

Just a note: I still use Hairstory New Wash Deep when my color is fresh because reds fade so fast. Once it's past the point of mattering, I use my Davines shampoo/conditioner once or twice a week. I also use my beloved scalp massager thing with all of it because there's no going back! 

When I got my first haircut from my new stylist she used Cult + King Jelly for styling and though I was a bit dubious about a salt product, y'all. I was IMPRESSED. I've got a small bottle of the Cult + King Set Spray and like it but I LOVE the Jelly. It's kind of a gel, not a spray, and it does magical things to my fine hair. I try not to use it every single day because I know salt can be drying but so far I've only had good experiences with this product. It just somehow gives me just the right amount of volume and hold without being sticky. Plus, their packaging is beautiful, it smells good, you can get refills, and they have mini sizes! I love everything about this company.

Finally, I got a travel size of this Oribe Flash Form Finishing Wax Spray and I love it for a bit of piecey separation. I do not love how fragrant it is but it dissipates pretty quickly. You just spray it on and then get in there with your fingers to create a bit of separation. It's way less heavy than a traditional wax pomade and I am enjoying it. 

Non-hair bonus: I've been searching for an easy way to touch up my sunscreen and I bought this little brush-on mineral sunscreen (with HSA money!) and also the Marianne-recommended Super Goop Defense Refresh mist (check out this kit which includes a mini!) Between the two, I always have a quick way to make sure my face, shoulders and scalp are protected. I don't know how cost effective the power brush will be but I love how compact it is and it's refillable! 

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Banana Republic Factory!

Like a stalker who just can't stay away, I keep creeping back over to Banana Republic Factory and being freshly surprised at how good it is and how inexpensive. I mean, I have a full list of things I want. An actual list! Here are some of the items on my list, starting with the dresses:

This pretty dress comes in several colors but this saturated magenta is SO GOOD. 

And this cute thing is actually a t-shirt dress! All the comfort of a tee but still fashion. 

This beautiful midi dress comes in two prints and has great sleeve appeal. 

I love this top for being such an easy-to-wear summer option that's still kind of dressy.

Ooh, I love a tencel jogger. This one comes in three colors but I like the off-white for summer.

This gauzy top also comes in three colors but I like a summer black top because that's just how I am.

Wouldn't that top look cute with these little bootcut crop jeans? Yes, yes it would. 

And because I always want another jacket, this little bomber looks like a perfect transitional layer 
and it gets great reviews. Plus, I'm a sucker for zippy pockets. 

Monday, July 19, 2021

Outfit of the Day: A Little Leopard.

Today I'm wearing an outfit that I wasn't super excited about when I pulled up the photos because my shirt appears to be basically the same color as my jeans. But then I remembered that tonal dressing is totally a thing (Jenna Lyons says so) and I was like, fine, sure, that's exactly what I'm doing:


The top I'm wearing is a J.Crew popover that I bought several years ago and, surprisingly, have never worn on the blog before. It's really cute but I don't wear it enough for some reason. It's cute, though! I kind of re-discovered it recently and have been wearing it weekly. Obviously it's sold out but this one probably the closet thing they have at J.Crew right now and this one at M&S is a dead ringer. I also like this chambray popover at Old Navy. And, for something a bit more beachy, I really love this striped version

I'm, as usual, wearing my much-loved Madewell Cali Demi-boot jeans. Just FYI, NR has them in a light wash! I added some accessories because that's the fun of tonal dressing, right? I'm wearing a very old pair of Oakley aviators that I believe I bought off of Marianne and still wear all the time. This current style is probably the most similar, but there are also some cute aviators at Madewell.

And boom, yes, a red bag. It's something you need, I'm telling you! I loved my rental Rebecca Minkoff bag so much I tracked one down on eBay and now it's mine. This red Minkoff bag is similar but I also really like this little red Nordstrom Rack bag and check out this red quilted Persaman bag! So cute. 

Okay, everything was leading up to this. Please excuse my toes and look at these cute-ass Madewell Maggie sandals. I hope some of you took advantage of the sale because they're nearly sold out! However, the black and white pair are still available in a lot of sizes and are now $21(!) with the discount. If you missed out and really need a little leopard, these Madewell x TKEES sandals are cute and there's also the fun Ilana slide

Here's a closeup for no real reason since you can't buy this top anymore, except maybe on Poshmark? (I just checked and you can! Search "Point Sur clip dot popover.") My necklace is by Twist Style and my vacant stare is brought to you by not enough coffee. Happy Monday! 

Friday, July 16, 2021

Weekend Window Dresses: Lean Into The Crazy

So, have y'all noticed how crazy fun the dresses are this summer? Bold patterns, ruffles, huge sleeves, it's a party. I definitely lift an eyebrow as some of the more prairie sister-wife offerings but otherwise there's a sense of fun and joy in clothing this season, and as we're released back into the world, let's lean in and celebrate the summer all wild-like, yes? Here's what I love:

This is a Maeve dress and it has zebras mixed into the print. I APPROVE. 

How pretty and floaty is this dress? This is one that'll get you noticed. 

Another fun (and on sale) offering from Farm Rio! They make the coolest crazy dresses.

This is a bit tamer but the color is so good. I just love an in-your-face poppy red. 

H&M is reliable for their Very Extra patterns! This is amazing, right? It'll sell out fast. 

Maybe bright colors aren't for you? This offering from Old Navy brings it in black and white.

This little number is from Target! Such a flattering color and sleeves that are big but not too big.

This gorgeous dress broke Marianne's heart (she's between sizes) but isn't it beautiful? 

One more from H&M because they are killing it right now. I love this print so much. 

Finally, nobody does caftans quite like Emerson Fry and this one is pure summer joy. 

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Outfit of the Day: It's a Rental, Part II

Hello! I have a few new items from Rent the Runway that I thought I'd show y'all, though keep in mind I took most of these pics just to show Marianne, so I'm even more disheveled than normal but also too lazy to retake them with makeup on. I suspect you guys are used to my, um, lackadaisical approach so here we go:

This top is Nanette Lepore and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I'm wearing it with my Madewell Cali bootcut jeans and Birkenstock Gizeh sandals. Unfortunately I fell victim to what blog reader Wahlsl had warned me about - lingering B.O. Ugh. They immediately let me pick something else and sent it out the same day, which was nice, but I was disappointed. I love this top and hated to send it back. Look how cute:

So pretty, such a shame. Up next:

Ohhhh, damn. This is an Ulla Johnson Anika dress and it's gorgeous, simply gorgeous. I love the cut, the print, the color, everything. Well, almost everything:

It is really low cut and there's no good way to pin it without wrecking the fabric. I will probably have to wear a cami under it which I hate to do because it just visually ruins the pretty neckline but I can't have half my braw hanging out. I'll definitely rent another Ulla again, but maybe not one with a plunging neckline. Up next:

This is a Sea New York dress and, while I love a loose sack dress, it's way too short. Just, way, way too short. It's well-made and the print is really pretty but it's just not something I see myself wearing. The side view is hilarious:

Am I overreacting? It just feels like if I raised my arms you'd see my underwear. I might wear it anyway, who knows. Finally:

This is what I'm wearing right this second. The top is an Anna Sui Sheer Floral Reef blouse and it was my replacement for the Nanette Lepore top. It's gorgeous and perfect and I love it so much. It even looks good untucked:

Eee! I know. It's so pretty. I'm wearing it with my Everlane flats and my Perfect Vintage jeans from Madewell. Here's a closeup because why not:

I would love to own this top but it's maddeningly expensive so I will just have to settle for wearing it as much as I can while I have it. I don't have a referral code for Rent the Runway but I used the Bad on Paper Podcast code BOP for 40% off 2 months, which is a pretty good deal. It's a great way to try designer brands and a fun way to refresh your post-pandemic wardrobe!