Thursday, July 22, 2021

Stuff I Like: Hair Edition (Plus: sunscreen bonus!)

My makeup game has been pretty lame lately but I have been using some new hair products because I a) got a new stylist and b) ran out of everything all at the same time. Love it when that happens. Boo. Now, my hair is at an in-between point (am I growing it out? Who knows? Not me.) but my new stylist introduced me to the following:

I historically love Davines products (that link will get you $20 off your first order! Full disclosure: I also get $20 credit) but she told me the Oi shampoo/conditioner are too heavy for fine hair and gave me samples of the Replumping shampoo and conditioner. I loved it so much I bought a set - FULL SIZED EVEN. I never do that but this set doesn't come in travel size so I just went for it. I love that it gives my hair a some lift and oomph and, like all Davines products, it smells fantastic in a non-floral way. My friend Kate said it smells a little like cola bottle gummi candy and I think she's right, which makes sense because I love cola bottle gummies. (Trolli if you can find them but Haribo is also nice.) 

Just a note: I still use Hairstory New Wash Deep when my color is fresh because reds fade so fast. Once it's past the point of mattering, I use my Davines shampoo/conditioner once or twice a week. I also use my beloved scalp massager thing with all of it because there's no going back! 

When I got my first haircut from my new stylist she used Cult + King Jelly for styling and though I was a bit dubious about a salt product, y'all. I was IMPRESSED. I've got a small bottle of the Cult + King Set Spray and like it but I LOVE the Jelly. It's kind of a gel, not a spray, and it does magical things to my fine hair. I try not to use it every single day because I know salt can be drying but so far I've only had good experiences with this product. It just somehow gives me just the right amount of volume and hold without being sticky. Plus, their packaging is beautiful, it smells good, you can get refills, and they have mini sizes! I love everything about this company.

Finally, I got a travel size of this Oribe Flash Form Finishing Wax Spray and I love it for a bit of piecey separation. I do not love how fragrant it is but it dissipates pretty quickly. You just spray it on and then get in there with your fingers to create a bit of separation. It's way less heavy than a traditional wax pomade and I am enjoying it. 

Non-hair bonus: I've been searching for an easy way to touch up my sunscreen and I bought this little brush-on mineral sunscreen (with HSA money!) and also the Marianne-recommended Super Goop Defense Refresh mist (check out this kit which includes a mini!) Between the two, I always have a quick way to make sure my face, shoulders and scalp are protected. I don't know how cost effective the power brush will be but I love how compact it is and it's refillable! 


  1. Thank you thank you! I have fine hair also and am figuring out what to do about it as I continue orbiting around the sun! I'm on my second new wash (thanks to your recommendation) so maybe I'll try your styling stuff too. I use Rogaine Mousse so that provides some hold, but not much.

    1. I've mentioned it before but I also really like R&Co Rodeo Star thickening mousse for fine hair.


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