Monday, July 19, 2021

Outfit of the Day: A Little Leopard.

Today I'm wearing an outfit that I wasn't super excited about when I pulled up the photos because my shirt appears to be basically the same color as my jeans. But then I remembered that tonal dressing is totally a thing (Jenna Lyons says so) and I was like, fine, sure, that's exactly what I'm doing:


The top I'm wearing is a J.Crew popover that I bought several years ago and, surprisingly, have never worn on the blog before. It's really cute but I don't wear it enough for some reason. It's cute, though! I kind of re-discovered it recently and have been wearing it weekly. Obviously it's sold out but this one probably the closet thing they have at J.Crew right now and this one at M&S is a dead ringer. I also like this chambray popover at Old Navy. And, for something a bit more beachy, I really love this striped version

I'm, as usual, wearing my much-loved Madewell Cali Demi-boot jeans. Just FYI, NR has them in a light wash! I added some accessories because that's the fun of tonal dressing, right? I'm wearing a very old pair of Oakley aviators that I believe I bought off of Marianne and still wear all the time. This current style is probably the most similar, but there are also some cute aviators at Madewell.

And boom, yes, a red bag. It's something you need, I'm telling you! I loved my rental Rebecca Minkoff bag so much I tracked one down on eBay and now it's mine. This red Minkoff bag is similar but I also really like this little red Nordstrom Rack bag and check out this red quilted Persaman bag! So cute. 

Okay, everything was leading up to this. Please excuse my toes and look at these cute-ass Madewell Maggie sandals. I hope some of you took advantage of the sale because they're nearly sold out! However, the black and white pair are still available in a lot of sizes and are now $21(!) with the discount. If you missed out and really need a little leopard, these Madewell x TKEES sandals are cute and there's also the fun Ilana slide

Here's a closeup for no real reason since you can't buy this top anymore, except maybe on Poshmark? (I just checked and you can! Search "Point Sur clip dot popover.") My necklace is by Twist Style and my vacant stare is brought to you by not enough coffee. Happy Monday! 


  1. I have that same shirt in the same color from back in the day! This is a good reminder that I should put it back into the regular rotation.

  2. I love everything about this outfit.

  3. I have that shirt too!! I think I'll wear it today 😁 I love going thru my closet and rediscovering great pieces.