Thursday, July 29, 2021

Stuff I Like: Catching Up Edition.

Hello! I've gotten behind so I have lots of Stuff I Like to catch up on. Here we go:

This Air Fryer Sandwich We Both Love
If you love C-F-A but not the associated guilt, and you have an air fryer, this sandwich is what you want. Marianne introduced me and I've made it twice and it is DELICIOUS. Now, it's a delicate beast to make and air fryer parchment paper is definitely helpful, but Marianne said she just flipped them super carefully with a thin spatula and it was fine. My first time (sans parchment) I had a full-out tantrum but they still turned out pretty freaking delicious. Just make them. They're so good. 

This Weird Travel Thing I Had To Try
There are these little travel containers that keep following me around the internet. They're magnetic and made from recycled ocean bound plastic and they honeycomb together and I WANT THEM SO BAD but they're expensive and probably I don't need them. I definitely don't need them. Anyway, because I'm about to go on a trip and have an obsession with travel containers, I bought this travel case thing on Amazon and it's so fun! It holds your toothbrush and toothpaste and has three different containers for shampoo and whatnot. Also, the lid is a cup and the bottom is magnetic. Sold. (I'll let you know how it performs.) And yeah, I'll probably buy the other ones eventually. You know me. 

This Book of Poetry That I Highly Recommend
Maybe you already follow poet Maggie Smith on Instagram but if not, you should. Last year was such a hard year for me (and for everyone, really) and her daily "Keep Moving" posts were, well, moving. She published a book of those posts but also has a new book of poetry that I preordered, so when it showed up it was a happy surprise. It's called Goldenrod and it's so good. I've been reading a poem every night before bed and it's been a nice meditation. Also, pretty much everyone is gonna get this for the holidays, so there's that. 

This Cleansing Oil From The Past.
Remember DHC and all their free samples? I used the cleansing oil back in the day and then promptly moved on to fancier things and forgot all about it. Well, my face freaked out recently which means I have to get REAL basic with my skincare. I'd run out of my balm cleanser and found the smaller size of DHC cleansing oil at Target. Y'all, it's so good. How did I forget about it? It's unscented, it gets all my makeup and sunscreen off and it doesn't upset my face. Plus, it's pretty affordable and a little goes a long way.

PS. These Unders I Really Love.
Real quick, I bought two pairs of the Evelyn & Bobbie mid-rise Girlshort and they are SO GOOD for wearing under dresses. I was worried the shorter inseam would ride up but they don't! And right now they're 65% off with code: LASTCALL. If you've never tried Evelyn & Bobbie you can get $10 off your first order through my link. (I also get $10 credit.)

That's it for now! I'll be back next week with a book/podcast/TV-specific entry because I have a lot to tell y'all and it's too much for one post. 


  1. Whoa, DHC is at Target?! Yet again, you have made my day. Their makeup remover sheets are the only ones I will use. May I in return recommend the hazelnut flavored Oreos?

    1. I think they only have the cleansing oil in-store, but a bunch of stuff on the website! And thanks for the rec!

  2. I love Maggie Smith! I am doing the poem a night thing with Good Bones - so beautiful.

  3. I love Maggie Smith! I am doing the poem a night thing with Good Bones - so beautiful.