Monday, July 26, 2021

Outfit of the Day: Brought to you by Madewell.

The title might leave you to believe Madewell is sponsoring this blog entry. They are not but I WISH THEY WOULD. (Madewell! Call me!) I just seem to spend most of my money there and it shows:


This was just something I threw on to go run errands but I thought it was cute so I took some pics. The jeans are the Perfect Vintage cut and they are your gateway jean if you're trying to get away from skinny styles. They're slim and just the right amount of cropped with a suck-it-in high rise. Mine are the Sumner wash but they also come in a grey wash (on sale!) and in black. There's also a black wash pair included in the Nordstrom sale. I love these jeans so much that when my pair were too tight in the waist (thanks, pandemic) I bought a secondhand pair in the next size up. (Thanks, Poshmark!) Yay for jeans that fit. 

Stripes on stripes! Look how happy I am with my Think Royln bag! More about that in a minute. My tee shirt is, duh, a Madewell tee from last year and it's basically this exact style (extended sizing here.) It also comes in a cute blue stripe. I had issues with the long sleeved ringer tees stretching out at the neck, but this t-shirt has been great and I wear it a lot. Now, back to the Royln bag. It's tiny but is the perfect light, hands-free option for running errands, especially if "running errands" means losing time in a thrift store. I can fit my phone, card case, sunglasses, keys, mask and Chapstick. That's about it, but it's all I need for short outings. 

I mean, this outfit just needed a jacket, right? I've been so happy with this Level 99 denim jacket, which is a pretty classic shape but has fun pockets that make it a bit different. I also like that it's not aggressively cropped like some denim jackets which makes it easy to throw on with basically anything. (I recently wore it here with a dress.) I'm also wearing my sweet new Madewell Maggie sandals that are nearly sold out but did you know that Teva makes leopard print sandals? They do! I kinda dig the gray leopard pair and don't even know who I am anymore. Moving on to details: 

Wow, that is an awkward close-up, sorry! I was trying to get everything in. My necklace is by Three Flames Silverworks and it's such a special piece. I just love her work so much and I hope y'all will check out the website because I basically want everything on it. The end. 


  1. I’m so tempted by these but I’ve never worn Madewell jeans and have zero idea how they fit me. How tall are you? I’m 5’4 and their site suggests petite, but I don’t typically shop in the petite section. Also, when I do, I usually need to size up. Any advice?

    1. I’m 5’5”and wear a regular. Madewell jeans can run a bit big but I wear my usual side in the Perfect Vintage.