Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Outfit of the Day: I Guess I Really Liked It.

I'm ridiculous sometimes. So, a few weeks ago I posted this list of things from Evereve that I liked and then last week I happened to be at that mall and had a few minutes to kill (how much trouble can I get into in 15 minutes?) so I wandered into the store and wandered back out again with this cool-ass denim jacket:

Did I remember that I'd posted about it? No, I did not. But somewhere in the back of my lizard brain, I must have known. I've been talking about upgrading my denim jacket for a while (mostly thinking this from Madewell and I also tried on this one) but this Level 99 Maxine jacket really got me. I love the lighter wash, the copper buttons and the unusual pockets. It's classic, but has some interesting details. Perfect! 

I'm wearing it with one of my Maeve dresses from a few years back that's generously cut and still fits, thankfully. It's long gone but this Anthro dress has a similar easy shape and I love this one too (though sizing is limited.) For something similar, this Loft dress is awfully cute and this one will bring the prairie drama! Now, details:

You guys. I've talked about Three Flames Silverworks before and I don't know if y'all checked out her amazing jewelry, but you should. I had my eye on this jasper and labradorite necklace for a month and finally decided I couldn't live without it. I've worn it every day since it arrived! I just love her work. 

Here's some pocket and button detail on the Maxine jacket. It's a good one. And of course:

I had to pull that red bag out for some color. This is my Longchamp le pliage cuir in red and it's available on NR in the next size up! I also like this little red nylon version. Finally, my clog sandals are Lotta from Stockholm peeptoe and they come in a bunch of colors. 


  1. Ugh HOW did I miss this Maeve/Anthro dress? I love it on you. Such a great print.

    1. Thanks! It's the Maeve Tania Tiered Tunic Dress if you want to track it down.

  2. That's like my ideal summer outfit - looks classy and put together, but everything seems like it would be totally comfortable! Well done :)

  3. And your phone cover exactly matches your dress - way to go!