Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Outfit of The Day: Make It Fancy.

Hello! So earlier in the week I posted about my Sanctuary dress that I really like because it's casual but super easy to dress up. Now, I honestly think just a pair of metallic heeled sandals and a nice statement necklace can fancy things up a bit: 

So cute! For a similar dress without the bubble sleeve action, this one at the Gap looks promising. I also like this one at J.Crew. Anyway, as I was saying, you can wear some nice metallic sandals and jewelry to dress things up orrrrr, you really go all in and throw a crazy-fun colorful wrap over it and call it fancy:

I love this thing so much and honestly, I never would've considered it if not for the Evereve staff bringing me half the store to try on. It's the Lovestitch Izabel Tie Dye Wrap and it the kind of piece you can throw over a plain dress or jeans and a tee and it's suddenly an amazing outfit. It would also work as a really fabulous swimsuit coverup!  There are a few ways to wear it: 

The first is obvious - just let it hang open and swan about. I wore this out for dinner and drinks at a really cool tiki bar and it felt just right. You can also knot it up in front for a caftan look (this might have gotten a Mrs. Roper comment from my boyfriend but she was a freaking queen, right? Not really an insult, dude):

Or, and this is how I wore it later, you can knot up the two front pieces to bring the volume down a bit:

I don't know why I never tried a piece like this but it's been so fun to wear and the colors in it are so good. Evereve carries a whole array of wraps including this beautiful shibori print that's on sale and this one that has a more subtle colorway. Details: 

The colors, y'all! It's slightly sheer but still so vibrant. Definitely check out the wrap selection! So many pretty options. Throw one over your ratty t-shirt and yoga leggings and go about your merry way, that's what I say. Baby steps. 

I'm carrying my little Marc Jacobs quilted bag that can be found secondhand, but there are lots of good dupes. I like this little Minkoff version and the price on this one at Farfetch is pretty incredible. And ooh, this Kate Spade quilted bag is on sale too! My sandals are an older style of Kenneth Cole that can still be found on Amazon but I'm loving the little round heel on this similar snakeskin pair. 

That's it for today! Caftan life, y'all. Let's do this.

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  1. When I scrolled down and saw that wrap I said WOW!! I love how it completely changes the look of your outfit and now I want one!