Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Outfit of the Day: Old Summer Favorites.

Sometimes pulling out your summer clothes is depressing (Hi, stack of clothes that don't fit anymore) but sometimes you find a favorite thing you totally forgot about:

Oh my god, this t-shirt you guys. I bought this slub cotton Wilt tee off the sale rack at Saks back in the Before Times sort of by accident. I'd grabbed it to have something neutral to try on under the cardigan I really wanted and was like, "Damn, maybe there's something to this expensive t-shirt thing." I had no idea it would soon become my favorite summer tee of all time. 

I mean, mostly I think a tee is a tee but this one is special - something about the high-low cut just makes it super easy to wear and it's flattering and SO soft. It's long gone in the ombre version but you can still buy an updated version in a bunch of colors and I love this asymmetric style in grey. For a similar ombre flair, this pink ombre tank is awfully cute and this ombre tee is by one of my favorite brands for t-shirts. 

My shorts are by Joe's Jeans and they're still available at Zappos but those J.Crew shorts are FINALLY on sale. Should I do eeet? 

Still carrying my Lo & Sons Pearl bag more than any other. The webbing strap is from Madewell. But you guys, I'm thinking about maybe getting one of these belt bags? Or maybe something sporty like this that can also be worn crossbody? (I am not going to call it a fanny pack, please stop it.) And, obviously I'm wearing silver Birkenstocks because always. 

And, as always, wearing a necklace that you can't buy anywhere (similar-ish here) but the earrings that match are very nice. Sorry, I'm the worst. Byee! 


  1. YES, do eeeeettt!! (for shorts! Ya gotta have shorts for summer) As always, please report back :)

  2. I think the sale is a sign to go ahead and try them! I'm a big believer in signs like that :)

    Really like that t-shirt in the grey, asymmetrical, but ... I'm going to need to wait for a big sale because that is a lot for a t-shirt, not matter how nice it is.

    1. Oh, for sure wait for a sale! Or check Poshmark - there are some Wilt tees there too.


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