Monday, June 28, 2021

My Recent Online Purchases (And One Thing I Want!)

I've been in a spendy mode lately and thought I'd share some of my recent online purchases with you guys (most of which haven't arrived yet, but I'll review things when I get them!) 

I've mentioned this little Think Royln convertible bag a few times and finally just went ahead and ordered it. It seems like it would be great for day trips and outings where I want to be hands-free. It comes in a bunch of colors and I almost got the silver one but instead went with basic black because I just really love that sporty red striped strap that comes with it! Actually, this little bag comes with a belt strap and a crossbody strap so you can wear it in a variety of weird-fashion ways. We shall see! 

I have finally come to terms with the fact that my current bras no longer fit me (UGH UGH UGH YOU GUYS) but I was happy to see that an old favorite from Natori is deeply discounted on Nordstrom Rack. Did I order three sizes? Yes, yes I did because I have no idea what size I am anymore and I can't bear the thought of getting fitted yet AGAIN. Anyway, the Natori Jacquard bra is a good non-ugly summer-weight bra for under $30. (Let's just pray that one of them fits me)

You thought my shorts search was over, huh? Ha. I am now looking for a good workout-type short with an adult lady inseam, a comfy waistband and POCKETS. Also, I want cute colors and prints. Not too much to ask, right? I've struggled to find it exactly what I wanted until the internet introduced me to the Oiselle Long Roga. It also has a big back pocket and a side zipper pocket and a 6" inseam. Be still my heart. I ordered a pair (and also a pair of the featherweight style) because I must see for myself. If this looks like your dream pair of workout shorts, please use my link for $20 off your first order (I also get $20!) I will definitely review these when they arrive. 

Marianne recommended this $35 Target swimsuit (which I've posted about before) and I finally ordered one and it arrived and y'all. IT IS SO GOOD. It's not too sexy and not too mumsy, it's somewhere in the middle. The bottom is modestly cut but you definitely get a little cleavage up top without feeling like you're going to fall out of it. And the color is so great - super flattering and cheerful. You probably need this swimsuit. 

Okay, this isn't an online purchase, just an FYI that my little black Sanctuary dress is now $49.50 at Macys and it's a good one! Super easy to wear and it can be dressed up or down with just a few accessories. Basically a holy grail. I wore it here and I'll post another outfit later this week to show y'all how I recently dressed it up! 

Finally, this LOFT dress has been following me around the internet and HOW CUTE IS IT. It's too similar to my Maeve dress for me to justify buying but it's currently 50% off and looks like a great breezy summer option! Ugh, someone get it and tell me how it is. 


  1. Ooh, I just ordered a pair of KNICKERS using your Orielle referral! (I had to double check to make sure they weren't British & I'd have to go up 2 sizes.) They're named Pockito which doesn't make me have a lot of faith in the company, but the reviews were good, and they were on sale. :D

    1. Oiselle is based out of Seattle! Woman owned and designed. 🙂

    2. I love the long rogas! Just snagged a second pair on Poshmark. They're so good for working out and paddleboarding.


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