Monday, October 31, 2016

Adrien: Not Very Scary.

Happy Halloween! This is not a Halloween outfit but I guess it's a costume in that it's my basic weekend uniform. So, sure. This is an Adrien Running Errands costume:

Im wearing my favorite super-slouchy Bowie tee by Daydreamer, maker of super-slouchy thin awesome band tees and also some weird stuff I'd never wear. This one is a pretty good Bowie tee and I also like this super-destroyed Ramones tee. (Am I too old to pull that off? Probably.) Also, since I'm talking about DB stuff, this Bowie print button down shirt is not something I would wear but I love that it exists in the world. And! Kate Moss is killing me. And, I want this bracelet even though it's mostly string. I'm a sucker. 

My jeans are my very awesome Fidelity Sola skinnies in Coronado wash. I haven't spent this much on jeans in a long time but I'm so happy I sucked it up and bought these. They're just really good quality and don't stretch out at all. This pair of Fidelity straight legs is on sale and I am REALLY tempted but I do not need jeans. I do not need jeans. I do NOT NEED JEANS.

I needed a layer so I added my much loved Downtown Field jacket. It's actually really good for grocery shopping because you can put your list in one pocket and your phone in the other and everything is right there for you! I've mentioned this before, but J.Crew Factory has a navy version that's slightly longer and has a hood. Super cute, too. And there's a quilted version! (Both an extra 31% off until 3pm!) On to details: 

I'm wearing my amazing little silver wings necklace from My Precious Studio and a leather cuff bracelet from Fisticuffs leather. Both handmade! My bag is a Cambridge Satchel Co. twist lock bag in oxblood.  It's a great little bag for running around when you want to be hands-free and not carry a lot of stuff. Plus, it looks cool. Marianne's Large Push Lock also comes in the oxblood color and it's about the same size. 

Finally, new Lucky Brand booties are getting a ton of love from me lately. So comfortable and walkable, I can't recommend them enough! Also, just FYI, 6pm has the bisque color marked down below $90, though the sizing is limited. I also kind of love the olive suede version. Hmm. Boots. 

That's all for October! Have a happy Halloween, kids. 

Friday, October 28, 2016

Weekend Window Shopping: Chelsea Boot Fever.

It's that time of year again where I pick one kind of boot and completely obsess over it. This year (again) it's the glorious Chelsea boot! Here are my current favorites:

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Adrien: It Ends in Red Leopard.

Every time I wear this Boden dress I am super into it until I see the pictures. There is a lot to love about it (so comfortable, so interesting) but I just kind of want it to do something more flattering up top. Do you see what I mean? 

I don't think it's unflattering overall but it makes me look superbusty which is not really my favorite. I will say, if you dig interesting colorblocked dresses, Boden has got you covered. I feel like the new batch are all about being figure flattering. I love the simplicity of this one with the contrast stripes and I am seriously tempted by this summery style which is marked down to $41! And if you like stripes but not colorblock, check out the Lucinda dress. I do like it from the side:

So pleasing! There are actually a lot of great non-Boden options right now as well. This Eliza J dress is cute and under $60 and this Calvin Klein has the same black/white/grey color palette as my dress. And really, they all just want to be McQueen. Right? Right. 

To stay warm I threw on a very, very old knit tuxedo jacket from the Gap. I really need to update this because it's on it's last legs (as I've been saying for the past two years.) I love that it's a knit material but the tuxedo lapels make it a bit fancier. I've looked at this TROUVΓ‰ jacket a few times but worry it's too long for me and the same goes for this Matty M version. This one by Veronica Beard is perfect but, oh. The price. Let's just move onto details: 

I'm wearing an old beaded spike pendant necklace from BR but this one by Gorjana is really similar and comes in different colors. This one at Off Fifth is also really interesting (and inexpensive.) My wrap watch is La Mer and I'm wearing this giant cocktail ring by Alexis Bittar

My bag is a vintage LV epi Speedy and I love despite it not being so convenient. I do think a great red satchel is a thing everyone should have. My boots are Loeffler Randall Matilde and I bought them on eBay a few years back. (If you go secondhand on this definitely look for a pair made in Italy, not Brazil.)

As a final note, I have pulled all my scarves out and this is an old favorite from Ann Taylor. If you want to go all crazy with something similar but much more fancy, this is for you. Otherwise, maybe this one? Red leopard just makes everything better, right? Right. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Long Winter of my Discontent.

Oh you guys, winter is a'coming. I recently dug out my bin of tights and have been thinking about what I need to keep warm this winter. I'm pretty sure I've covered most of this before but I thought it might be good to get my  favorite winter essentials all in one place and hopefully will get some suggestions as well.

What I Love:

I wear tights a lot in the winter and my favorite control-top option is definitely Spanx Tight-End tights. They hold you in nicely without being too restrictive, they're matte and opaque and they wear like iron. I also have a pair of the reversible tights, which, eh. They're nice and thick but the color definitely shows through.

My favorite non-control tights are, hands down, Commando Matte Opaque. They have no waistband at all, just a wide band of stretchy stuff. They don't fall or roll down (on me, anyway) and they are very opaque.

For really cold days I also have a great pair of fleece lined tights that I bought ages ago at Target! I can't remember if I have the Merona or Xhilaration version. Either way, I should warn you guys that they are not for tall ladies. Plush makes a higher-end version but I gotta say, I'm sure it would be easy enough to find an inexpensive pair. They're super nice to have, though.

Marianne hates socks and I'm not a huge fan but I do love the Commando knee socks because they're thin (but not too thin) and don't cut in on my calves. I could do without the toe seam but that's just me being picky. They're totally worth the money if you wear tall boots a lot! For really warm socks, I have to recommend SmartWool. They aren't fashiony but they're warm, not itchy, and will last forever. Actually, this line for J.Crew is pretty cute.

I'm always a little surprised that more women don't wear slips. They're so good at so many things! A decent microfiber slip will make your dress or skirt hang better, will keep you warm, and will make sure the world doesn't see your patterned underwear. I have two great slips from the Gap (now discontinued) but this one by Jones New York looks exactly like them and is really affordable. THAT SAID, y'all know I'm a fan of Commando and they make beautiful, simple microfiber slips that are designed to stay put. When my Gap slips die, I'm going with Commando.

I'm very into facial oils as a layer in my twice-daily face product slappage. Currently I'm using Sunday Riley Juno in the morning and Skin and Bones at night, either under moisturizer or mixed in with. I also recently got a sample of Drunk Elephant Marula oil, so I'm going to see how that goes.

What I Need: 

A really damn good hand cream. My hands are so dry and my nails are starting to split. I'm a mess. I have always been fond of L'Occitane Shea Butter hand cream but I feel like there must be a good drugstore option. Has anyone tried Skinfix?

Silk undershirts. I can't wear wool next to my skin so I'd love some warm-but-thin long sleeved layers for wearing under sweaters. Maybe this one at LL Bean? Lands End also has an option. (This is so un-glamorous, I know, but I'm tired of wearing bunchy cotton tees under everything.)

Your turn! What are your cold-weather favorites?

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Adrien: Kind of Lazy.

This is the kind of lazy stuff I wear to work on a Monday and don't usually bother to photograph. In fact, I wasn't sure this outfit was doing much for me but I like the end result. It started here:

Pretty neutral, yeah. I am wearing my slightly-too-big Everlane Round Collar Blouse which is super comfortable and pleasingly slouchy. I'm glad I kept it! The size selection isn't great but I think the Relaxed Silk Shirt would give you the same look. 

My jeans are Madewell High-Rise Skinny in black coated (more sizes at Nordstrom) which I bought last winter and didn't wear very much. This fall? I can't seem to stop wearing them. I love the leather-like sheen and the fit is perfect. For other options, 7 For All Mankind makes a similar coated jean in a skinny ankle cut and H&M has a really inexpensive pair and so does Joe Fresh.  Shiny jean for everyone! 

I added my old Martin + Osa teal cashmere cardigan for a bit of color and warmth and I'm sad because it's starting to fall apart. I do like this blue option at BR and LL Bean has a nice looking cashmere cardigan in teal. There's always Old Navy for a cheap-n-cheerful option and J.Crew for good colors. PS. I think it's funny that BR now categorizes cardigans under, "Cardigans & More." That would be the name of my shop, if I had one. 

Wait, no, it would be "Gin Carnigans & More." Because, duh. Details: 

Same old stuff. My House of Harlow mini sunburst pendant (the silver/blue version is on sale at Off 5th) and my CLUSE La Boheme watch. My ring is hard to see but it's an Alexis Bittar cocktail ring from last year's Box of Style. 

I know I carry this MBMJ bag a lot but it's just so easy. A black hobo bag just seems like a staple. I really love the shape of this sleek Vince Camuto hobo and this French Connection bag is a great inexpensive option. And oh, hey! I'm wearing my new grey booties! They're Lucky Brand Basel and they're super comfortable. They also come in a plain leather version if perforation isn't your thing. I should also mention that Marianne's pick, the Lucky Brand Bashina, is back in stock and on sale, of course. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

At Least There's Netting.

WARNING: Slightly NSFW! 

Carry on. 

M: Um.

A: I am just…😢

M: I am more confused than I am by Donald Trump.

A: Where is her. Why does. What. Ouch.

M: There's...netting?

A: Oh. Huh.

M: This is like a yeast infection "before."

A: And this. They Barbied her business.

M: I want someone to blame.

A: Trump. Clowns. Kardashians.

M: You leave poor Kim out of this.

A: Kanye?

M: Too soon.

A: Oh! Bieber!


A: He's such a little shit!

M: Paul Ryan.


M: Paul Ryan is definitely to blame.

A: For everything.

M: Vote, y'all.


Friday, October 21, 2016

Weekend Window Shopping: Madewell Sale!

Madewell is currently giving an extra 30% off all sale items with code EXTRASALE. Pair that with 1.5% cash back from eBates and you have a really good deal on some great stuff for fall. Here's what I like:

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Ancient Monk Creme Verdict Is In!

M: The monk cream. I love it.

A: Oh! AWESOME. What’s it doing?

M: You literally use a pea size so I get the expense. Super concentrated. Kind of waxy?

M: Melts into your skin.

A: Can you feel the tiny monk hands working?

M: It's just...good. Soothing. Moisturizing. Makes my skin happy.

A: It comes with tiny monk hands to apply it, yes?

M: It's like monks are patting it on my face yes.

A: Or, like, an actual monk?

M: With hands the size of quarters.

A: That seems right. Damn, I should’ve gotten a sample.



M: It seems to kind of fill in my pores?

A: Hmm. That could go either way.

M: You melt a TINY amount by tapping it between your fingers then tap it on.

M: I mean not literally.

M: But my makeup goes on smoother.

M: I use it under my eyes too.


M: Sorrrry

M: Paula prob disapproves.

A: Oh, I have opinions about that one.

M: I don't know if it's a MIRACLE but it's really nice. And so dense it feels like you're paying for stuff not water.

A: That’s always nice. I used to love that Bobbi Brown balm moisturizer for the same reason.

M: This is WAY denser.

M: It's weird. I didn't think I would like it.

M: It's almost a solid.

A: Well, you have the little hands to help.

M: pat pat pat

M: Like little butterfly wings.

A: Someone is going to email me and be all, “Mine didn’t come with little hands?”

A: pat pat pat

M: Hm yours is prob fake sorry.

M: My fine print says *comes with tiny monk.

A: Well, there you go.

M: Legit

A: πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

M: Monastery fresh.

A: Who doesn't trust a monk?

M: I picture Friar Tuck from Robin Hood. The animated one.

M: Just making monk cream.

M: Ew

A: Ha! Me too


M: High on his own supply

A: Ain't supposed to drink it, sir.

M: But just look at those paws.

A: pat pat pat

M: So smooth.

M: Is he a badger?

A: I thought he was a bear?

M: No the bear is Little John.

M: I vote badger.

A: Oh, you're right!

A: Google says so.

M: I know my animal church people.

A: I just snorted.

M:  pat pat pat

A: I apologize for doubting you.

A: pat pat pat

M: Anyway, monk cream verdict: πŸ‘πŸ‘

A: Yay, I’m glad to hear it.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Adrien: More Old Favorites.

I've had this dress for years and it just keeps on being a favorite of mine. It's from Ann Taylor from that one season when everything was really good:

Leopard can be tricky but there are some good prints out there! Ann Taylor has a few good options with this spotted shirtdress and this jacquard sheath. Also, check out the shoes!  This J.Crew dress is the cutest ever and Factory has an ivory leopard dress. Finally, this fluttery Thalia Sodi dress is just so pretty.

Yes! I did indeed ruin it up with a cardigan but it's a pretty nice one. I ordered it from Banana during one of the 40% off sales (there's one now) and was pleasantly surprised. The quality is good and it fits well and of course it's already sold out. Never fear, this BR cardigan is pretty much the same but with pockets and it comes in better colors. I also love this one in the berry colorwayAlso. It's not this travesty. What is happening BR. Show me where it hurts. 

Details! I was trying to get a better shot of my crazy Vince Camuto spike necklace. I like it with this dress because it reminds me of the pen necklace that Joan wore on Mad Men. If it's a spike you want, this Sam Edelman necklace looks quite similar and Alexis Bittar has always got your back. I also love this more delicate Gorjana pendant

I'm carrying my Cambridge Satchel Company Twist Lock bag in oxblood because it matches up with the little bits of maroon-brown that are in my leopard print. It's a small bag for me but I love the structured look of it. Ooh, and Cambridge is having a big sale right now! My bag isn't included but they have lots of other styles in the same color that are. Highly recommend.  Finally, my shoes: 

They're Chie Mihara and I wear them a lot! There's nothing really similar but Farfetch usually has a good sale going. Ah, Chie. You kill me. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Adrien: Short Hairs Report!

I haven't whined about my hair in a while, have I? Surely not. I'm not really sure what I'm doing with it, to be honest. I recently got it cut back to my shorter bob but I'm kind of over the upkeep on the flapper bangs so I'm maybe growing out my bangs. Maybe. I don't know. I mean, it looks okay:

And this is what I'm working the bangs towards:

Also, maybe also working towards that face because damn. (Pro tip: Do not post your photo right above the photo of a professionally made up celebrity. You will cry.)

ANYWAY.  My tools are still good - I'm still very much in love with my SuperSolano hair dryer (review here) and my BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Flat Iron despite regularly burning the crap out of myself with it. Love hurts.

For products, I'm just using whatever old stuff I have around which is the following:

This Aveda Thickening Tonic does amazing things when my stylist uses is and not much of anything when I use it. I don't know, maybe I'm not using enough but it feels gross and stiff if I overdo it. I can't win.

I use Bumble & bumble Repair from mid-shaft down to the ends and it's pretty good stuff. I also like the Straight version. Sometimes I'll finish with B&B Let It Shine spray but it's been discontinued so I can't really recommend it. The Brilliantine is pretty nice for a finishing touch and I love the Tonic spray though I have no real idea what it does. Bumble & bumble is amazing at creating products that you love but don't actually need. Moving on:

Every so often I'll use Living Proof Perfect Hair Day which sometimes gives me perfect hair but if I use it more than two days in a row my hair gets really flat and lank. I don't even know how else to describe it? It's such odd stuff but I bought a travel size last year and I'm determined to use it up.

Finally, because the weather changed my hair has gotten really flyaway and staticky which is just one more reason to hate winter. So, I will ask my fellow fine/straight hair readers:

What products do you currently like and use? Is there anything life-changing I should try?

Monday, October 17, 2016

Adrien: Saturday Layering.

I think I've complained enough about the 40° temperature swing in your average fall day (Winter coat! Bikini! Tall boots! Tank Top!) so I'll just say I'm trying to cope with layers. This outfit was from Saturday which was spent in the usual way - groceries, lunch out, errands, etc. Definitely casual but I had some fun with it:

Pretty basic, yes? My striped shirt (always a staple) is from Ann Taylor from a few years back, but they have this one that looks pretty similar. Gap also has a good one right now and Everlane is always a solid choice for stripes.  I'm also wearing my new Fidelity Sola jeans which have proven to be a good purchase. They don't slide down or stretch out! The wash on my pair is Coronado which is available on the slim boot style

I added a lightweight scarf that I think came from Ross? I can't remember! But I do love pairing leopard with stripes like a crazy person. I have something like five leopard print scarves and I'm always looking for more. The muted print on this H&M scarf definitely appeals but I also love this bright purple print.  And oooh, this green infinity scarf option looks promising. This pretty silk Vince Camuto scarf is under $30 and you can always count on Target for a leopard print bargain

I topped it all off with my MBMJ Too Hot To Handle Hobo and my old favorite Downtown Field jacket from J.Crew. If you're thinking about buying one, just do it. A couple of the colors are on sale right now (but not mine, which is the "mossy brown" color.) The upsides of the Downtown Field Jacket: it's a perfect in-between weather layer, it has good secure pockets for your phone and whatnot and it's sort of waterproof. The downsides: It starts out a little stiff and doesn't have pockets for your hands. Here's a closer look:

I love how it's weathering. In the four years I've had it it's definitely softened up, the snaps have tarnished a bit and the seams are starting to lighten the same way denim does. I love how it looks with a bit of age on it and will continue to wear it (hopefully) for years. Just a note: J.Crew Factory offers a longer version in navy with a hood for under $100.  I also think the Field Mechanic Jacket looks like a softer, more casual option. Oh, and my lapel pin is a vintage Aladdin Sane button my friend Annie gave me! 

I've been wearing my Nike Internationalists a lot lately! I am really starting to get on board with the idea of sneakers-as-fashion and wouldn't mind another pair to add to my collection of one. I've always liked a classic Adidas style and I'm not sorry for wanting these. Also, yay red sneakers! Huh, maybe I should split the difference and get this red Adidas pair instead? Can I pull those off? I also love the cobalt blue colorway of my pair. A lot. *sigh*

Friday, October 14, 2016

Weekend Window Shopping: J.Crew Final Sale Gold.

Okay, so I'm not usually one to recommend buying final sale but J.Crew is currently giving an extra 50% off final sale items with code GETSHOPPING (and 40% off regular sale stuff) and there's some good stuff in there! That red tote is quite the bargain. Here's what I would get:

Cute Boy Friday: Milo Ventimiglia

I recently powered through all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls because I'd never watched it before, much to Marianne's horror. This wrong needed to be righted.  There were many text convos that went like this:

A: Dean's hair is not getting better.

M: Oh certainly not.

A: Like, wow.

M: Matches his personality.


A: Season 7 WTF




M: I am a Paris Emily Mrs Kim hybrid

A: I love Paris so hard

M: Same

ANYWAY. Poor Marianne, she had to relive it all through me. I think Jess is probably my favorite of Rory's men because he seemed like exactly the guy I would've fallen for in high/school college. I mean, a moody little bitch, yeah, but a moody little bitch with dark eyes and amazing hair:

RIGHT. Not bad. Not bad at all. There's some Jake Ryan feels up in here. 

Ugh, seriously. No contest. You suck, Dean. This guy:

AND THEN. Then I started watching This Is Us and YOU GUYS. It opens with a shot of Milo's bare ass. They definitely know their audience. Also, he looks like this now:

This boy? Has been EATING HIS COD:

And, he does actually know how to smile: 

This is cute. The End. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Shopbop Sale!

Right now Shopbop is having a pretty dang nice sale! Use code MAINEVENT16 to get 25% off your entire order up to $500 and 30% off on orders over $500. Plus, use eBates for an additional 2% cash back! This is a great time to get those booties you had your eye on, or stock up on the best tights ever.  And don't forget they have a ton of Madewell stuff!

And don't forget they have a nice selection of Home/Gift items including some very cool Jonathan Adler pieces which would make great gifts if you're the kind of freak who starts shopping for the holidays in October. (I am not, but knock yourself out.)

ANYWAY. Here's what I would snatch up if I had the means. First, this pair of Joie utility jeans which I've posted about a few times. Ugh, I love them:

I'm still thinking about the Sam Edelman Petty bootie and I am really drawn to this unusual dark navy colorway:

Marianne has these Vince slip-on sneakers in black and they look so cool on her. I like this cool grey pair a lot: 

I loooove my Shashi Noah ear climbers and this pair, also by Shashi is making me a little crazy:

I do not need another bag. I do not need another bag. I do not need another bag. I do not need this Botkier bag:

I also don't need these Madwell boots in this gorgeous wine color. Nope: