Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Long Winter of my Discontent.

Oh you guys, winter is a'coming. I recently dug out my bin of tights and have been thinking about what I need to keep warm this winter. I'm pretty sure I've covered most of this before but I thought it might be good to get my  favorite winter essentials all in one place and hopefully will get some suggestions as well.

What I Love:

I wear tights a lot in the winter and my favorite control-top option is definitely Spanx Tight-End tights. They hold you in nicely without being too restrictive, they're matte and opaque and they wear like iron. I also have a pair of the reversible tights, which, eh. They're nice and thick but the color definitely shows through.

My favorite non-control tights are, hands down, Commando Matte Opaque. They have no waistband at all, just a wide band of stretchy stuff. They don't fall or roll down (on me, anyway) and they are very opaque.

For really cold days I also have a great pair of fleece lined tights that I bought ages ago at Target! I can't remember if I have the Merona or Xhilaration version. Either way, I should warn you guys that they are not for tall ladies. Plush makes a higher-end version but I gotta say, I'm sure it would be easy enough to find an inexpensive pair. They're super nice to have, though.

Marianne hates socks and I'm not a huge fan but I do love the Commando knee socks because they're thin (but not too thin) and don't cut in on my calves. I could do without the toe seam but that's just me being picky. They're totally worth the money if you wear tall boots a lot! For really warm socks, I have to recommend SmartWool. They aren't fashiony but they're warm, not itchy, and will last forever. Actually, this line for J.Crew is pretty cute.

I'm always a little surprised that more women don't wear slips. They're so good at so many things! A decent microfiber slip will make your dress or skirt hang better, will keep you warm, and will make sure the world doesn't see your patterned underwear. I have two great slips from the Gap (now discontinued) but this one by Jones New York looks exactly like them and is really affordable. THAT SAID, y'all know I'm a fan of Commando and they make beautiful, simple microfiber slips that are designed to stay put. When my Gap slips die, I'm going with Commando.

I'm very into facial oils as a layer in my twice-daily face product slappage. Currently I'm using Sunday Riley Juno in the morning and Skin and Bones at night, either under moisturizer or mixed in with. I also recently got a sample of Drunk Elephant Marula oil, so I'm going to see how that goes.

What I Need: 

A really damn good hand cream. My hands are so dry and my nails are starting to split. I'm a mess. I have always been fond of L'Occitane Shea Butter hand cream but I feel like there must be a good drugstore option. Has anyone tried Skinfix?

Silk undershirts. I can't wear wool next to my skin so I'd love some warm-but-thin long sleeved layers for wearing under sweaters. Maybe this one at LL Bean? Lands End also has an option. (This is so un-glamorous, I know, but I'm tired of wearing bunchy cotton tees under everything.)

Your turn! What are your cold-weather favorites?


  1. I'm going to check some of these out. For hand cream I highly recommend Trader Joe's Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream. I've tried a lot of difference versions and prefer it above some much more expensive ones, plus it has the handy Trader Joe's price.

  2. I wear the LLBean and Land's End silk underwear and it is fabulous. It doesn't show under clothing and you can almost forget you are wearing it. The silk interlock holds up better to dry skin (the pointelle tends to snag, but it has a more friendly neckline, so there's that).

    As for tights, I heartily recommend Foot Traffic's signature cotton tights. They are comfortable, wear like iron, can be mended/darned, and don't cost the earth. The end. I get mine from Sock Dreams (online). They have fun colors too. I like to layer cashmere knee socks over them (with silk long underwear under them) for the bitter cold days. I get the socks from sock dreams as well. They have solid ones and some fair isle.

    I find that a winning combination of layers is: silk-cotton-wool (from skin out). So, silk long underwear, cotton dress, wool sweater or wrap, plus wool accessories like a cowl or gauntlets.

    1. Sock favorite! My recs for tights are the DKNY super opaque control top ones. I get them every year in black from Nordstrom. They aren't shiny at all and hold up really well.

  3. Weleda Skinfood is an excellent heavy duty hand cream.

  4. Very un-glamorous, but Working Hands (in the green tub and tube at drug stores, Target, etc) is magic. Heals cracks within days; keeps even terrible hands and feet supple. Feels a little chalky after application, but a quick rinse doesn't diminish its effectiveness. I buy this for people. It's very good and dirt cheap.

  5. Bunchy cotton indeed. Which is why I freeze or layer a larger sized fleece over my shell and cardigan. Why has no one ever told me about a silk layer!?!

    As for the hand cream, I have great success with Burt's Bees and a pair of cotton gloves worn to sleep. It allows the cream to penetrate and I am forced into bed sans electronics and distractions. I do the same with warm fuzzy socks as well (even weekly in the summer to keep my heels looking good for all the flip flop and sandal wearing). I have used the Ultimate Care Cream, the Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream, and the Almond and Milk Hand Cream. Try one of the hand repair sets and see what you like best.

    1. Oh, good idea about the gloves. I'll have to try that.

  6. Totally agree with you regarding Commando and Spanx in the tights category. Best hand cream (even better than L'Occitane which I love!) is Weleda Skin Food in the grass green metal tube. I've found it at Wegman's grocery stores in the DC area, but I've actually taken to ordering via Amazon.


    1. Ah, this is the second rec for that. I'm pretty sure my Target carries it. Thanks!

    2. Skin Food isn't intended to be used as hand cream and I think it's a bit greasy for that purpose. On the other hand, it certainly will work. Plus it smells fantastic!

  7. There's a peppermint-scented hand cream that comes in a silver tube at Trader Joe's---it looks very much like the L'Occitane but I like it even more! And of course: CHEAP.

  8. I have the small size of SkinFix from Target. I think it works better as a night hand cream. It comes in a pump and there is so much product left at the bottom that you can't get unless you open the top and pour it out.

    I like CuddleDuds as a base layer in the winter. Target and Kohls carry it. You can always find it on sale at one of them. They have the basic colors and some fancy ones. Best part is they have different styles - leggings, camis, short sleeve and I just found a turtleneck one.


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