Monday, October 31, 2016

Adrien: Not Very Scary.

Happy Halloween! This is not a Halloween outfit but I guess it's a costume in that it's my basic weekend uniform. So, sure. This is an Adrien Running Errands costume:

Im wearing my favorite super-slouchy Bowie tee by Daydreamer, maker of super-slouchy thin awesome band tees and also some weird stuff I'd never wear. This one is a pretty good Bowie tee and I also like this super-destroyed Ramones tee. (Am I too old to pull that off? Probably.) Also, since I'm talking about DB stuff, this Bowie print button down shirt is not something I would wear but I love that it exists in the world. And! Kate Moss is killing me. And, I want this bracelet even though it's mostly string. I'm a sucker. 

My jeans are my very awesome Fidelity Sola skinnies in Coronado wash. I haven't spent this much on jeans in a long time but I'm so happy I sucked it up and bought these. They're just really good quality and don't stretch out at all. This pair of Fidelity straight legs is on sale and I am REALLY tempted but I do not need jeans. I do not need jeans. I do NOT NEED JEANS.

I needed a layer so I added my much loved Downtown Field jacket. It's actually really good for grocery shopping because you can put your list in one pocket and your phone in the other and everything is right there for you! I've mentioned this before, but J.Crew Factory has a navy version that's slightly longer and has a hood. Super cute, too. And there's a quilted version! (Both an extra 31% off until 3pm!) On to details: 

I'm wearing my amazing little silver wings necklace from My Precious Studio and a leather cuff bracelet from Fisticuffs leather. Both handmade! My bag is a Cambridge Satchel Co. twist lock bag in oxblood.  It's a great little bag for running around when you want to be hands-free and not carry a lot of stuff. Plus, it looks cool. Marianne's Large Push Lock also comes in the oxblood color and it's about the same size. 

Finally, new Lucky Brand booties are getting a ton of love from me lately. So comfortable and walkable, I can't recommend them enough! Also, just FYI, 6pm has the bisque color marked down below $90, though the sizing is limited. I also kind of love the olive suede version. Hmm. Boots. 

That's all for October! Have a happy Halloween, kids. 

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