About Us


Oh hello there. I'm Marianne and I like clothes. And makeup. Oooh and shoes and bags. I'm a full time working mom who refuses to fall into the mom clothes black hole. 

I have two warring factions in my wardrobe: the kooky pottery teacher, and the French fashion editor. I have to give them equal time, so on any given day you might find me in ankle boots and distressed black skinny jeans, or in clogs and flares. Just to keep you on your toes. 


Hi! I'm Adrien and I am am similarly into clothes, shoes and bags. And makeup. And boots. (I really like boots.) I am a single lady of a certain age and constantly asking myself, "Am I too old for this?" (which I suppose is better than asking, "am I old enough for this?")

My style has changed quite a bit over the life of the blog but I generally aim for an aesthetic of simple lines with interesting details - classic with an edge. I don't mind a pattern and I love stripes but I try to keep things pared down. If I lived a different life I'd probably channel Kate Lanphear's style but I work in an office, so. Yeah.