Friday, September 30, 2016

Weekend Window Shopping: More Fall Wanty.

As I said recently, tis the season of wanty when All The Things hitting the stores seem like things I want and need. Here's a list of what I've got my beady eye on:

Cute Boy Friday: Oh, Lenny.

A: Lenny Kravitz just showed up on Better Things and I am feeling very swoony.

M: Nice

A: I would climb him like a tree.

A: A small tree.

A: Like a sexy bonsai.

M: Heeee

A: No curr

A: David Duchovny is also in this episode but he looks odd. Very…smooth?

M: Never been my thing.

A: I loved him in the X-Files, but the nineties were a different time.

M: X files were suuuuper not my thing so I think I just missed him as a thing.

A: He's mostly kind of gross now. Lenny is foine tho.

M: Yas

A: Look, he's making you breakfast because he's sorry your vacation is over:

M: Hahaha

A: You're welcome.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Adrien: Seasonal Dressing Disorder.

And then the rains came. I know everyone talks about how much they looooove fall but I don't really get it. It just rains and rains and everything is grey and terrible. It's humid and clammy (but not actually cold) and I have no idea how to dress. This morning I dug around in my closet for something I hadn't worn in a while and found this People Tree dress:

Just a simple striped cotton dress, but they're the most fun to accessorize. People Tree does really cute dresses and lots of stripes. This People Tree Lola dress is basically the long sleeve version of my dress. I also like this shift dress and this Breton striped shirt. This Free People dress is also really similar to mine and I love this mod French Connection dress. I also think this navy striped dress at Nordstrom looks like a solid choice. Sorry, I want all the stripes, you guys. 

I needed some color on a gloomy day, so I threw all my stuff in my old red epi Speedy. Yay accessories! Here are all the details: 

My big tassel necklace is Lulu Frost for J.Crew. I feel like I'm constantly recommending tassels, but they're fun! Don't you like fun? This one by Rebecca Minkoff is really pretty and this Nanette Lepore necklace would go with everything but you really can't beat Lulu Frost for pure tassel craziness.  My watch is my Cluse La Boheme in rose gold and I'm wearing a Giles & Brother Skinny Pied De Biche Cuff. Mine has Tiger's Eye hooves but I also love the brass version.

Ah, it's boot season. That's one of the few things I like about fall and winter. Mine are Loeffler Randall Matilde boots bought via eBay, which I recommend. Look for the older ones that are made in Italy - much better quality. This pair (size 8) with the snaps is pretty cute and this pair in black (size 9) also looks like a good deal*. I have two pairs of these boots and wearing them a lot, so I highly recommend.

I'm a big fan of my old LV epi Speedy. It's not the most practical bag I own, but it's always satisfying to carry. I definitely recommend a structured red satchel if you don't have one. This Calvin Klein saffiano bag would be a solid choice but the rich color on this LRL Newbury satchel is way better. My bargain pick would be this red nugget at Modcloth. Cute! 

Finally, I threw on my favorite J.Crew Downtown Field jacket and was like, huh. This needs something. So I pulled out a scarf (mine is from Ross but reminds me of Missoni) and clearly I am thrilled: 

At least, I was until I walked outside and realized it was 70 degrees and I'm an idiot. Yay. 

* As always, when I recommend items on eBay please do your homework first! I can't guarantee other people's auctions. However, but I'd never recommend an item I wouldn't feel comfortable bidding on.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Review: Everlane Slim Silk and Silk Round Collar Shirts.

OH MY GOD YOU GUYS HELP ME. I recently ordered two different Everlane silk blouses and I have no idea what to do. Keep both? Return both? Keep one? I was initially unimpressed when I tried them on right out of the packaging (so wrinkly!) but now that they're all pressed and pretty I'm having a hard time deciding.

First impression: Everlane silk is really nice quality, especially for the price. Weighty with a nice sheen. The fit and colors are where my hesitation lies. I ordered the Slim Silk Shirt in black and the Silk Round Collar in light grey. First the Slim Silk Shirt:

I got the Slim Silk in my usual size 6 and it fits nicely through the shoulders and the sleeves hit exactly where they should, but it does catch slightly on my hips. It's also a bit shorter, which I'm not sure is quite so flattering on me. The black silk is actually a washed greyish-black which I like a lot, but if you were expecting black-black this isn't it. Here's a closer look:

Here's a side view: 

It doesn't quite skim over my hips like I'd like, but I'm not sure going up a size would fix this. I do like that it fits nicely through my narrow shoulders which almost never happens. 

I bought the Round Collar in a medium because I liked the light grey color and they were sold out of the small. It's an older style (from before they moved to number sizing) so probably won't be restocked. It's definitely an oversized fit and the sleeves are a bit long, but they look pretty cute rolled up, so that doesn't bother me. And I adore the cute round collar. But, does it look too big? 

The color is a very light warm grey and I like it, but I'm not sure it's super flattering on me. (Definitely different than anything I own.) I do love the length and how it skims over my hips: 

Ugh, what do I do? I can keep both, return both, get the round collar in a small (but only in black) or get the slim in a size up? Or I can try a different style altogether and see if that works? I do like the blue colorway in the relaxed fit, but ugh. I hate having to return and return and return. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Banana Republic Jewelry

Am I the only one that trolls the Banana Republic sale jewelry section for crazy discounts? If you don't you should. The jewelry is consistently interesting and decent quality and the prices get crazy low. Right now they're giving an automatic extra 40% off of sale stuff and some of the jewelry is basically free. I mean:

These little Shooting Star earrings are $5.99 and they are SUPER CUTE. 

At $33 this Fireworks Chain Necklace isn’t exactly dirt cheap but it’s so pretty IRL. 

Lake House Tassel Earring I almost bought these last weekend! Significant and really elegant.

This Jeweled Leaf Ring is so cute and it’s under $5. I mean. Under five dollarrrrrsssss.

I also love this amazing Firework Ring. Fahncy! (but it’s only available in size 6.)

I’m not really a brooch person but this Owl Brooch looks way fancier than it’s $10 price tag.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Adrien: Weekend Outfit and Lucky Brand Basel Booties!

Oh, the weekend, so fleeting. I managed to take pictures of my Saturday outfit because it pleased me and it includes my new Lucky Brand Basel booties:

I'm wearing my boots with a cheap Marshalls blouse that I bought on a whim in a size too big and have worn the hell out of all summer. There's a cute similar version at Nordstrom and Rebecca Taylor makes a pretty silk version. Ann Taylor also has a nice understated version and this NYDJ blouse is an identical cut in a variety of patterns. (I like the hummingbirds!)

My jeans are a favorite pair from BR last year. They don't have a pair that's quite as distressed, but this pair of skinny ankle jeans look pretty similar in style and if you're a size 8 these jeans are an extra 40% off. I love my pair and it's the one thing BR seems to still get right. Mostly. On to the booties:

Lucky Brand Basel in dark stone. Aren't they cute? So far they're really comfortable though I'm not sure I can really go sockless like Marianne does. Thin ankle socks work great with these and will add a bit of warmth when the weather gets cold. I'm really happy with them so far but I'll report back after I've worn them a few more times. Details:

I'm wearing my Cluse La Boheme watch which is a solid favorite of mine. I'm also wearing a BR beaded necklace that looks a bit like this one at Ann Taylor (only with a tassel instead of a pointy bit.) I also love this Giles and Brother railroad spike pendant and this silver pavé version at BR is awfully tempting

I've already talked about my boots so I'll mention my bag - a black MBMJ Too Hot To Handle Hobo. Easy to find on eBay (which is where I got mine) but this Mat and Nat hobo is a great non-leather version and I actually really like this understated black Talbots hobo. That's all I got. Have a good Monday. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Weekend Window Shopping: Perforated Booties.

Yeah, I might be a little obsessed. Here are eight ridiculously cute perforated bootie options, all under $200 because that's how I roll. (I mean, these are real cute but damn.)

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Adrien: Fall Wanty.

I've been meaning to compile a Fall wish list post except that I am pretty sure you guys already know most of what's on it. Still, nice to have it all in one place, right? Right. Okay.

Grey Booties.

I did a post last week about this and was going to ponder it a bit. Then I wandered into Dillard's a few days ago and they had the Lucky Brand Basel and the Bashina styles. They didn't have the Bashina in my size and I loooooved the Basel so I bought them!  (Which means they shouldn't really be on the list anymore but too bad.)

Silk Blouse.

I've ordered a couple of Everlane silk blouses (The slim cut and the round collar) because people rave about them and I really would like some neutral but dressy tops in my closet. I'd also love another pretty print blouse, something like this one from Joie.

Interesting Scarf. 

I wear scarves a lot in the fall/winter but I rarely think to buy them. I lost my favorite plaid scarf last winter and I'm still sad about it. I do like the Madewell scarf above (I also like this one!) or maybe something a bit more saturated, like this reversible print scarf by Prana?

Leopard Flats.

I've been talking about replacing my pair and I really love some of the more traditional options like this French Sole version (thanks for the rec!)  but I'm thinking a loafer-style might be a nice change so I'm definitely considering this Ugg smoking shoe. Also, J.Crew Factory has a version that looks nice, but I wish it was leather-lined. Does anyone have them?

Slim Pants.

I've realized that I'm not wearing skirts as much and have been wearing my two sad pairs of cropped pants a lot more than I used to. I don't really do dress trousers, but I would like a few more pairs of slim-cut pants. I doubt the Everlane stretch skinny ponte pants are cut for my shape, but I want to believe! I also like the moto detailing on this Boden pair and a reader recently recommended this J.Crew Factory pair which comes in fun colors.

There's definitely more to add to this list but I can't get it together. Look out for part two!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Adrien: Blegh. Fall.

Hey, those of you who are all, "fall is my favorite season!" I hope you're happy because it's raining and humid out. YAY FALL. *eye roll* 

Day three with no sun and I'm already copping an attitude, I know, but you guys. This is the worst. I'm coping by wearing some of my favorite comfortable clothes that, while not traditionally flattering, totally have their place in my closet:

This split neck blouse by Olive and Oak is something I picked up for $20 at TJ Maxx a few years back and I wear it embarrassing amount. It's flowy and comfortable and I love the print. Lucky Brand always does this style right and of course I love Joie for a gorgeous silk split neck blouse. Also, LOFT currently had a good fall option and the print on this tunic length split neck reminds me a lot of my blouse! 

I'm also wearing my old BR Sloan cropped pants which might have to be retired soon. I'm still curious about this new ponte pair at Everlane. Anyone tried them? 

I will admit that, despite my disdain for the weather, I was happy to dust off the Banana Republic coated denim jacket I bought last year. While BR does have a rather interesting denim jacket this fall, I love my coated version because it's just a bit more polished and fun. Don't I look like I'm having fun? 

I swear I am. If you like the idea of a traditional denim jacket but want something more polished, go with a coated version. This one at Anthropologie could not be cooler and if you wear a size medium, this Articles of Society jacket is a steal. On to details:

I'm wearing a chain fringe necklace from BR but I think the Madewell pendant I linked to yesterday would be a good substitute. LOFT also has quite a few tasseled necklaces! Also, uh, this is amazing. I'm also wearing my La Mer wrap watch which I can't recommend enough. 

I love my blue MBMJ bag when I need a bit of color. This same bag is on Gilt right now in cement (and some weird pink color) for a very good price. Definitely a nice bag! Marc does such good blue bags. My under-$75 would be this cool Sole Society bucket bag

My shoes are getting a bit lost in the gloom, but they're my much-loved Lotta From Stockholm highwood t-bar in aubergine. They also have a new version with a black heel that I love. That's all I got! Have a good Wednesday, y'all. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Madewell Sale!

Ah, the season is upon us and the fall stuff we were ignoring back in August is starting to go on sale. Right now Madewell has an extra 30% off sale items with code AUTUMNUP. Pair that with 3% cash back from eBates! YES. Here's what I think looks like a freaking deal:

The feather print on this top is so so so pretty, you guys. I can't stop looking at it: 

And you know how I feel about an army jacket. This one looks like a good transitional piece:

My Chelsea boots are on sale! If you're looking for a pair, these are solid and comfortable:

THIS BAG. It also comes in classic black and a gorgeous dark chestnut, but the taupe grey is NOW: 

Jeans! They have tons on sale but this pair looks just right for wearing with booties: 

I'm really into tiny simple earrings right now and these fit the bill perfectly: 

I'm sorry, weren't you saying you needed bright blue retro sneakers in your life? Because hi:

This is the cozy sweater you'll end up wearing every single weekend:

This necklace has a pretty stone and fringe and it's a long pendant. I LIKE IT: 

This pretty pale plaid scarf is refusing to be a winter scarf. Winter sucks. Wear this instead:

Happy Fall Shopping! 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Adrien: Everlane Fancy-Casual.

I love the jeans-and-a-tee combination like any good 'murican and will wear some variation whenever possible. However, I don't think this combo needs to look sloppy or super-casual and it's pretty easy not to go there. The trick is fit and details and make sure everything you're wearing is the best version of itself. (Yes, I iron my t-shirts is what I'm saying.) Here's what I wore on Friday: 

I'm wearing the Everlane Cotton Drop-Shoulder Tee (originally reviewed here) and it's such a good one. It's got great details and looks more dressy than your average cotton tee. The Cotton V is always going to be my favorite but the Drop-Shoulder is a much nicer option for work. I'm also very curious about the Everlane Slim Silk Shirt because I'd like to have some non-tee options. And apparently the Everlane Silk Square Shirt is getting rave reviews. Anyone have it? I'm leery of the shape.

My skinny jeans are my recently purchased Fidelity Sola (mine are the Coronado wash) and I'm still super happy with them. Sometimes it's worth going for the quality. Fidelity also makes a cute pair of relaxed skinny jeans and a nearly perfect looking pair of straight legs that are on sale.  On to details:

I'm wearing my House of Harlow mini sunburst necklace and my scarab beetle pendant (check out this one by Marc Jacobs!) together because I loved the look of this Boden necklace. So fancy! I changed out the band on my CLUSE La Bohème watch because the grey was getting a little dingy. I just discovered they sell a rose gold mesh strap and dammit. I want that.

My MBMJ Too Hot To Handle Hobo in cement is what I carry when I need something neutral but not too boring. It's just perfect. The Globetrotter style is available on Gilt in the cement color and I think it's a really good deal. However, there's also this $33 stone grey bucket bag at Last Call that I can't stop checking out. Sorry/not sorry.

And alas. I keep wearing my sad half-bald Madewell leopard flats even though they're basically dead. (Look at me breaking my own rules!) I'm definitely hunting for a new pair but I'm stuck between the very sleek J.Crew Gemma leopard flats which appeal because they're not pony hair and this pair of UGG Blyss flats that have such a great, distinct print and look comfy like slippers. What to dooooo.