Tuesday, September 27, 2016

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Banana Republic Jewelry

Am I the only one that trolls the Banana Republic sale jewelry section for crazy discounts? If you don't you should. The jewelry is consistently interesting and decent quality and the prices get crazy low. Right now they're giving an automatic extra 40% off of sale stuff and some of the jewelry is basically free. I mean:

These little Shooting Star earrings are $5.99 and they are SUPER CUTE. 

At $33 this Fireworks Chain Necklace isn’t exactly dirt cheap but it’s so pretty IRL. 

Lake House Tassel Earring I almost bought these last weekend! Significant and really elegant.

This Jeweled Leaf Ring is so cute and it’s under $5. I mean. Under five dollarrrrrsssss.


I also love this amazing Firework Ring. Fahncy! (but it’s only available in size 6.)

I’m not really a brooch person but this Owl Brooch looks way fancier than it’s $10 price tag.


  1. Shhhhhhh! This is my christmas shopping secret! I buy about a dozen cool, but affordable, pieces and act like I picked them out just for ________ .

  2. One note on the Fireworks Chain Necklace - it's a beautiful necklace on - I got it for cheap from my local BR store because part of the fringe had come unattached. It was a relatively easy fix, but the necklace itself if very delicate and possibly prone to breaking. For $11, however, I can certainly live with a little fragility.

    1. Thanks for the tip! Definitely one to buy when it's suuuper marked down.


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