Monday, September 19, 2016

Adrien: Everlane Fancy-Casual.

I love the jeans-and-a-tee combination like any good 'murican and will wear some variation whenever possible. However, I don't think this combo needs to look sloppy or super-casual and it's pretty easy not to go there. The trick is fit and details and make sure everything you're wearing is the best version of itself. (Yes, I iron my t-shirts is what I'm saying.) Here's what I wore on Friday: 

I'm wearing the Everlane Cotton Drop-Shoulder Tee (originally reviewed here) and it's such a good one. It's got great details and looks more dressy than your average cotton tee. The Cotton V is always going to be my favorite but the Drop-Shoulder is a much nicer option for work. I'm also very curious about the Everlane Slim Silk Shirt because I'd like to have some non-tee options. And apparently the Everlane Silk Square Shirt is getting rave reviews. Anyone have it? I'm leery of the shape.

My skinny jeans are my recently purchased Fidelity Sola (mine are the Coronado wash) and I'm still super happy with them. Sometimes it's worth going for the quality. Fidelity also makes a cute pair of relaxed skinny jeans and a nearly perfect looking pair of straight legs that are on sale.  On to details:

I'm wearing my House of Harlow mini sunburst necklace and my scarab beetle pendant (check out this one by Marc Jacobs!) together because I loved the look of this Boden necklace. So fancy! I changed out the band on my CLUSE La Bohème watch because the grey was getting a little dingy. I just discovered they sell a rose gold mesh strap and dammit. I want that.

My MBMJ Too Hot To Handle Hobo in cement is what I carry when I need something neutral but not too boring. It's just perfect. The Globetrotter style is available on Gilt in the cement color and I think it's a really good deal. However, there's also this $33 stone grey bucket bag at Last Call that I can't stop checking out. Sorry/not sorry.

And alas. I keep wearing my sad half-bald Madewell leopard flats even though they're basically dead. (Look at me breaking my own rules!) I'm definitely hunting for a new pair but I'm stuck between the very sleek J.Crew Gemma leopard flats which appeal because they're not pony hair and this pair of UGG Blyss flats that have such a great, distinct print and look comfy like slippers. What to dooooo. 

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  1. Have you looked at French sole's leopard print. Blackbird recommended them in black and I wore them to pieces. It was like wearing slippers. Oh no I hear zappos calling me


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