Thursday, September 1, 2016

Beauty Stuff Updates - This and That.

I have beauty stuff to talk about but not enough of any one thing to make a whole blog entry. So, a little of this, a little of that.

First, I was all set to tell you guys about getting my eyelashes dyed. My lashes are blonde at the tips and I thought it would be a miraculous enhancement. The process is quick and not expensive, so I used a gift card balance to try it out. I took before pictures and everything! was completely underwhelming. My lashes just aren't long or full enough for it to make much difference. Boo. Will not repurchase. (On the other hand, I got my twice-yearly facial with dermaplaning and can't recommend it enough. So, so worth it.)


FairyDrops Platinum Volume & Curl Mascara

I just want to give another shoutout to the joy that is FairyDrops Platinum Mascara. I just got my second tube and, while I still think it needs to dry out a bit before it reaches its full awesomeness, it's just really good stuff for the weak-of-lash. It's also very waterproof and holds a curl all day. I have three or four good mascaras right now and this is the only one I want to use. High praise.

Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Liquid Soap

Everyone knows about Dr. Bronner's liquid soap, right? I bought a frighteningly large container of the Peppermint version at Costco last year and then was like, WTF am I going to do with this? Well, I'll tell you what I absolutely love it for: cleaning makeup brushes and makeup sponges. It smells great, gets all the gunk out and doesn't dry out my brushes.

I also use it for scrubbing down my legs after mountain biking to ward off poison ivy. It's super concentrated so you don't need more than a few drops when cleaning brushes but go full strength with cool water if using it for poison ivy purposes.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

I'm going to admit temporary defeat with my 24/7 pencil liners. In the heat of summer they're too soft and keep breaking. A total mess. Out of desperation I dug around to see what else I had and found a tub of the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner in violet purple. Hooray!

I gave it a shot and I'm pretty happy with the results, even though it requires some precision. It does transfer a little bit to my upper lids (everything does) but it's otherwise stayed put. My little tub is so old that I can feel Marianne's disapproval from 400+ miles away, so if you guys have any recommendations for a similar product I'm all ears! (Not to say I wouldn't repurchase, I'm just always looking for new stuff to try and I should probably throw this out soon before the wrath of Ms. Canada descends.)

That's it for now! Please let me know if you have any recommendations.


  1. Anxious to hear if anyone has any recommendations for a lower priced version of the BB liner...



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