Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Adrien: Everything Is Terrible. (Except my Dress.)

Allow me to whine for a quick minute? My weekend was made rough by a migraine, my temporary dental crown is not only hurty but also shocking me, and I have no idea what to wear when it's still too hot for fall clothes but I want to burn all my summer clothes. I soldiered on and found something good to wear and then all my pictures came out weird and dark. BIG SIGH. Forget that crap, let's just do this: 

I bought this dress at LOFT last winter (review here) and didn't wear it much because short sleeves, but now it's a perfect fall transition dress, right? I love a leopard print dress and I'm happy to report that LOFT has basically the exact same dress in a weirdly similar ivy jacquard print! Yay. They also have this little leopard number which is also a fit & flare style

Y'all know I like a leopard dress, especially since I've been going crazy over this J.Crew shift. And, am I insane or is this Banana Republic leopard print dress actually really pretty? And I also think this Thalia Sodi flutter sleeve dress is really lovely. And damn, I so love this Rebecca Taylor leopard shirt dress even though I still can't afford it.  Moving on to details: 

I'm wearing my Giles and Brother hook necklace which is long sold out but this G&B X Knot pendant is pretty interesting and on sale! But... I think you should just go for the Madewell wishbone lariat instead. Similar look for much less! 

I'm still loving my black MBMJ hobo! It's just so easy. This MBNJ Ligero hobo is on sale in black and it's really similar, but so is this pebbly leather Vince Camuto hobo for even less. Eep. 

Finally! My shoes are Lotta from Stockholm clog t-bar in eggplant! I'm happy to have those back in the mix. Love them. That's all I got today kids. Hopefully your day is going better than mine. 


  1. Sorry your day is horrid - but you look fantastic in that dress!

  2. Crowns both temporary and permanent are horrid. Hopefully you can get it adjusted so you are not left to be miserable with it aggravating your nerve until the permanent crown is in place. Don't settle for a root canal either! A good periodontist or dentist will and CAN fix it.

    Migraines are a level of Hell.

    1. The wooorst. I got my permanent crown done yesterday and it was NOT fun but it's feeling a lot better today. Fingers crossed.

  3. The BR dress is quite pretty! But alas more suitable for my fantasy life than the one I actually live.