Thursday, September 29, 2016

Adrien: Seasonal Dressing Disorder.

And then the rains came. I know everyone talks about how much they looooove fall but I don't really get it. It just rains and rains and everything is grey and terrible. It's humid and clammy (but not actually cold) and I have no idea how to dress. This morning I dug around in my closet for something I hadn't worn in a while and found this People Tree dress:

Just a simple striped cotton dress, but they're the most fun to accessorize. People Tree does really cute dresses and lots of stripes. This People Tree Lola dress is basically the long sleeve version of my dress. I also like this shift dress and this Breton striped shirt. This Free People dress is also really similar to mine and I love this mod French Connection dress. I also think this navy striped dress at Nordstrom looks like a solid choice. Sorry, I want all the stripes, you guys. 

I needed some color on a gloomy day, so I threw all my stuff in my old red epi Speedy. Yay accessories! Here are all the details: 

My big tassel necklace is Lulu Frost for J.Crew. I feel like I'm constantly recommending tassels, but they're fun! Don't you like fun? This one by Rebecca Minkoff is really pretty and this Nanette Lepore necklace would go with everything but you really can't beat Lulu Frost for pure tassel craziness.  My watch is my Cluse La Boheme in rose gold and I'm wearing a Giles & Brother Skinny Pied De Biche Cuff. Mine has Tiger's Eye hooves but I also love the brass version.

Ah, it's boot season. That's one of the few things I like about fall and winter. Mine are Loeffler Randall Matilde boots bought via eBay, which I recommend. Look for the older ones that are made in Italy - much better quality. This pair (size 8) with the snaps is pretty cute and this pair in black (size 9) also looks like a good deal*. I have two pairs of these boots and wearing them a lot, so I highly recommend.

I'm a big fan of my old LV epi Speedy. It's not the most practical bag I own, but it's always satisfying to carry. I definitely recommend a structured red satchel if you don't have one. This Calvin Klein saffiano bag would be a solid choice but the rich color on this LRL Newbury satchel is way better. My bargain pick would be this red nugget at Modcloth. Cute! 

Finally, I threw on my favorite J.Crew Downtown Field jacket and was like, huh. This needs something. So I pulled out a scarf (mine is from Ross but reminds me of Missoni) and clearly I am thrilled: 

At least, I was until I walked outside and realized it was 70 degrees and I'm an idiot. Yay. 

* As always, when I recommend items on eBay please do your homework first! I can't guarantee other people's auctions. However, but I'd never recommend an item I wouldn't feel comfortable bidding on.

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