Thursday, September 22, 2016

Adrien: Fall Wanty.

I've been meaning to compile a Fall wish list post except that I am pretty sure you guys already know most of what's on it. Still, nice to have it all in one place, right? Right. Okay.

Grey Booties.

I did a post last week about this and was going to ponder it a bit. Then I wandered into Dillard's a few days ago and they had the Lucky Brand Basel and the Bashina styles. They didn't have the Bashina in my size and I loooooved the Basel so I bought them!  (Which means they shouldn't really be on the list anymore but too bad.)

Silk Blouse.

I've ordered a couple of Everlane silk blouses (The slim cut and the round collar) because people rave about them and I really would like some neutral but dressy tops in my closet. I'd also love another pretty print blouse, something like this one from Joie.

Interesting Scarf. 

I wear scarves a lot in the fall/winter but I rarely think to buy them. I lost my favorite plaid scarf last winter and I'm still sad about it. I do like the Madewell scarf above (I also like this one!) or maybe something a bit more saturated, like this reversible print scarf by Prana?

Leopard Flats.

I've been talking about replacing my pair and I really love some of the more traditional options like this French Sole version (thanks for the rec!)  but I'm thinking a loafer-style might be a nice change so I'm definitely considering this Ugg smoking shoe. Also, J.Crew Factory has a version that looks nice, but I wish it was leather-lined. Does anyone have them?

Slim Pants.

I've realized that I'm not wearing skirts as much and have been wearing my two sad pairs of cropped pants a lot more than I used to. I don't really do dress trousers, but I would like a few more pairs of slim-cut pants. I doubt the Everlane stretch skinny ponte pants are cut for my shape, but I want to believe! I also like the moto detailing on this Boden pair and a reader recently recommended this J.Crew Factory pair which comes in fun colors.

There's definitely more to add to this list but I can't get it together. Look out for part two!


  1. I have the J Crew Factory Coras in the leopard and I really like them. They are surprisingly comfortable. They can get a little sweaty, so I would suggest no-show socks with them. I also live in the South, so everything down here is sweaty.

  2. I love a plaid scarf with leather, in a Vivienne Westwood sort of way.