Thursday, September 8, 2016

Adrien: Digging Deep.

Still so, so tired of summer clothes but I think it's been a really long time since I wore this dress, so yay for that:

My dress is Calvin Klein (by way of Ross) and it's exactly the kind of weirdo pattern I enjoy. CK is actually really great for printed dresses, like this ridiculous leopard print sheath and this super-flattering-but-odd floral print. This crazy print is not for the faint of heart but it's really good! Someone could rock that. And this zig zag print is straight up bonkers so of course I love it. This dress is the only CK snake print I found and it's good, but much more subtle than mine. 

Not much subtle about this right? I love the colors and miss having a purple or green bag to amp it up. Probably for the best. Details! I'm wearing my BR feather pendant necklace which I love but I wish I'd gone for something bolder- it just seems too delicate for all this action. Like, maybe a crazy feather bib necklace?  Too much? Okay, maybe something like this House of Harlow leather stations necklace? I'm over-thinking this. 

My bracelet is MBMJ and it's purple leather with a big gold hinge and buckle. Impossible to find this one, but not too hard to find a good chunky leather cuff. This white one at 6pm is really fun and this purple handmade wrap bracelet is so cool! And hey, Frye makes a great chunky leather bracelet with a buckle. Yep. And just for the sake of torture, check out this amazing Chanel vintage cuff

Bag 'n shoes. My sandals are ancient Chie Mihara and I wear them a lot. This CM sandal is probably the most similar but I also love this yellow sandal at Gilt! My bag is Andrea Bruckner and it's super old. It's my poor girl's Mulberry Bayswater. Fancy is as fancy does and I think the Fossil Emma satchel would be an excellent substitute. Just saying. Have a good Thursday!

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