Monday, September 26, 2016

Adrien: Weekend Outfit and Lucky Brand Basel Booties!

Oh, the weekend, so fleeting. I managed to take pictures of my Saturday outfit because it pleased me and it includes my new Lucky Brand Basel booties:

I'm wearing my boots with a cheap Marshalls blouse that I bought on a whim in a size too big and have worn the hell out of all summer. There's a cute similar version at Nordstrom and Rebecca Taylor makes a pretty silk version. Ann Taylor also has a nice understated version and this NYDJ blouse is an identical cut in a variety of patterns. (I like the hummingbirds!)

My jeans are a favorite pair from BR last year. They don't have a pair that's quite as distressed, but this pair of skinny ankle jeans look pretty similar in style and if you're a size 8 these jeans are an extra 40% off. I love my pair and it's the one thing BR seems to still get right. Mostly. On to the booties:

Lucky Brand Basel in dark stone. Aren't they cute? So far they're really comfortable though I'm not sure I can really go sockless like Marianne does. Thin ankle socks work great with these and will add a bit of warmth when the weather gets cold. I'm really happy with them so far but I'll report back after I've worn them a few more times. Details:

I'm wearing my Cluse La Boheme watch which is a solid favorite of mine. I'm also wearing a BR beaded necklace that looks a bit like this one at Ann Taylor (only with a tassel instead of a pointy bit.) I also love this Giles and Brother railroad spike pendant and this silver pavĂ© version at BR is awfully tempting

I've already talked about my boots so I'll mention my bag - a black MBMJ Too Hot To Handle Hobo. Easy to find on eBay (which is where I got mine) but this Mat and Nat hobo is a great non-leather version and I actually really like this understated black Talbots hobo. That's all I got. Have a good Monday. 

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