Friday, January 29, 2021

Weekend Window Shopping: Madewell New Arrivals.

 Sometimes I get so tired of digging through sales and I just want to see something new and fresh. Madewell sent me an email about new arrivals and even though it's 30° and windy here, I am like, YES SHOW ME THE PRETTY LIGHT THINGS.  Like, come on with this:

I love it all, even that purple t-shirt. And her hair. And that BAG (which is included below.) Here's what I love from the new arrivals:

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Outfit of the Day: Rock 'n Roll, but Classy.

 Okay, so I mentioned on Monday that I bought these gray skinny jeans from Madewell and y'all, they are apparently exactly what I needed in my life. I've always wanted a pair of gray jeans and could never find the exact wash I had in mind. These pretty much nail it:

Gray is my favorite neutral (or, as my friend Nina claims, I like the colors of sadness) and I am so pleased at how easily gray jeans work with basically everything I own and they have a weathered rock 'n roll vibe that just feels like me (or inner me. You understand.) They have magically been restocked at Madewell but they're final sale, so I'd go with Nordstrom or Zappos! Of course, now I want more jeans with a similar gray wash. Like, why no gray Boyjeans? I do have my eye on this pair of the Perfect Vintage though.

My big leopard cardigan is by Design History and it's very on sale at Off 5th! It's really thick and cozy but totally made from synthetics so it's not itchy at all so I can wear it with short sleeves. I am a fan. My incredibly plain black tee is the J.Crew Vintage cotton crewneck and it's currently my favorite t-shirt. The next time they go on sale, I am stocking up. On to details:

Okay, this necklace. So, while watching Stylish With Jenna Lyons I became obsessed with her long gold paperclip chain that she wore in a variety of different ways (often as a lariat) with gemstones attached or not. OBSESSED. I finally found her necklace and y'all. I WEEP AND WEEP. I obviously cannot bankrupt myself so I decided to figure out a poor-girl version. First, I found this long wrap chain from Gorjana that has a cool little hinged closure pretty enough to wear in front, but more importantly meant I could attach charms or stones or whatever. Obviously I went with a really nice labradorite stone I found on Etsy because I'm predictable:

This is how I most often wear it, but I also love it as a lariat style and I'm going to wire up some other stones and charms I already have so I can mix and match according to my mood. 

Oh, and my boots! I have been really enjoying my Esska boots - they are the pop of joy that I need in an outfit even if I'm just going to the the grocery store. So rock 'n roll! Ha. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Winter Doldrums Care: Take a Bath.

I am mostly a shower person but I am also a person who's cold most of the time in the winter months. Sometimes the only way to get truly warm is to take a bath and if I'm going to go to all that trouble, I want to make it a good one, you know? Here are my ultimate bath suggestions:

FIRST. And this is crucial: You need an overflow drain cover. I had no idea this was even a thing until Marianne sent me one. You stick it over the overflow thingy so you can get maximum bath depth. I mean, sure, you might end up splooshing water over the side but you will be fully submerged in your bath and that's the important thing. Marianne says you need one and that is that. 

Second, you can't just have hot water, make it fancy. My favorite is the Herbivore Coconut Bath Soak because it just does this milky magical soft water thing that feels really dreamy. It also smells delicious but in a subtle way. The downside, you have to tip half the jar into your bath to really get the full effect so save it for a really good, long bath. For a cheap and cheerful option, Epsom salt is a great bath soak that soothes your aches and pains. It even comes in coconut

When you're done soaking, scrub yourself silly with the Korean scrubby mitt I recommended recently (just your body, not your face!) rinse off and go crazy with your favorite lotion or body oil. Honestly,  fancy lotion is nice but I really still love Aveeno and the Neutrogena sesame oil is also good stuff.

Afterwards, just to keep the moisture going, slap on a layer of Kiehl's Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating masque, pop a Martha Stewart CBD gummy and take yourself off to bed with a good book. (Marianne is reading this one and loves it, if you need something fun.) 

Now, get to it. 

Monday, January 25, 2021

Sad Shopping Monday: Should I Buy These Y/N

So, it turns out that Marianne and I have both basically given up on our January no-buy because HOW LONG IS THIS MONTH. SO LONG. We should've picked February. Anyway. First we're going to weigh in on a potential purchase that Marianne is considering:

Oh yeah, they're Teva sandals but they are FASHION Teva sandals. We are both generally anti when it comes to sport sandals but these are... not offensive and they're $25 at TJ Maxx. Is the star print cute or is Marianne wearing sale goggles? What say you? I am of the opinion that if anyone can make these cool, it's Marianne. They also come in a marigold color and in brown if that helps (or hurts.) 

As for my transgression, I used my Madewell $25 off birthday coupon to buy some final sale jeans:

These are the 10" High-Rise Skinny Jeans in Oakwood Wash. There's only one size left (more on Zappos and Nordstrom) but my pair arrived on Saturday and they're good, especially for $25! Now, I know I've been kind of over skinny jeans lately but that's partially because most of my skinny jeans don't fit me right now so I am mad at them. These are a really fantastic grey wash and they aren't too-too high rise. I went a size up from what I had been wearing in Madewell (thanks, pandemic) and they are snug but in the correct way for new denim. I'll post an outfit with them this week because hey, me wearing grey? Groundbreaking stuff. 

Friday, January 22, 2021

Weekend Window Shopping: So Many Temptations at Nordstrom Rack

Every now and then Nordstrom Rack just seems to get me, you know? Like, my favorite black Madewell jeans and my Helly Hansen coat (review here) all hanging out together. I mean, obviously I already own those two things but what about the rest?

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Stuff I Like: A Few Tiny Things.

This is going to be a quick one because this week has been insane. Insane! Mostly really good stuff (like, how lovely was yesterday? Can we talk about the outfits? Specifically the coats. Love the coats. Love Amanda Gorman. Just love love love.) I had planned a whole "stuff I like" post but most of it will have to wait until next week. Real quick-like, though, I wanted to tell you about the literal tiny things making me happy right now. First:

Marianne gave me these beautiful tiny safety pin earrings (of which she also owns a pair) and they are delightful. I put them in immediately and haven't taken them out since. As Marianne would say, "punk rock, but make it classy." If you're tempted, you can use my link for $15 off your first purchase. (Full disclosure: I think I also get points or something.)

I also used my Quince credits (thanks, guys! I hope you liked your purchases) to buy these little 14k gold line stud earrings and they are SO EXCELLENT. Just beautifully made and minimal and sleek. And gold! And under $100! You can of course use my link for $10 off your first purchase, or if you're already in, torture all your friends with your referral link and get some credits! (Quince is great, they won't be mad.) Ha. I'm the worst. Anyway, here's what they all look like together:

Yay, a giant pic of my ear is totally just what you needed today, right? Right...?

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Outfit of the Day: Feeling Positive.

You guys! What a day, right? Did you wake up this morning feeling slightly less anxious than yesterday? With maybe a glimmer of hope? I sure did. Things are still a hot mess but I feel like they're going to get better... which brings me to my outfits. (How awkward was that segue?) 

Sometimes I do this regrettable thing where I wonder what I was wearing this time last year. So, same jeans, but WAY more polish and the jeans were certainly less tight, but whatever. Here's where we are today:

I mean, yeah, it's a hoodie but it's a fancy hoodie! This is the Athleta Triumph Printed hoodie, which sadly is not available in leopard anymore (though this style is and there are solid colors as well.) It was a birthday gift and I've basically worn it every day since I got it. The fit is a bit longer and slimmer than my older Athleta hoodie but instead of feeling clingy, it feels flattering, streamlined and is just really nicely designed. And warm! 

My jeans are Madewell Perfect Vintage in Sumner wash (still a few pairs left) but there's an updated version as well. I like that they Perfect Vintage is not skinny but still really wearable, to the point that I'm like, do I need them in blue denim? Also, they look really cute with my ankle boots, which are also from Madewell. Mine are an older style but the Regan boot is pretty similar. 

Alright, back to this hoodie. I guess this is a mini review. I love how the print is on the inside of the collar too! And the pockets are good and deep, but lie nicely flat. (Also, there's a secret inner zip pocket within the hand pocket that's big enough for my phone! Amazing.) It also has long cuffs with thumbholes, though I have them folded up. 

The collar zips right up to make a cozy little neck funnel. And clearly the hood is good and deep and I am still a complete dork. Finally, I am still trying to make necklace layering a thing without them becoming hopelessly tangled:

I'm wearing my old Argento Vivo labradorite pendant (but this one is similar and check out this bold update) and my new mini bolt necklace because they look cute together as long as I don't make any sudden moves. 

PS. I hope y'all just saw Lady Gaga NAILING the national anthem with that giant gold dove on her chest and now we have a woman as Vice President. What a DAY. 

Friday, January 15, 2021

Weekend Window Shopping: Athleta Winter Essentials.

I wear a LOT of Athleta in my work-from-home life. It's not inexpensive but the Athleta clothing I own gets worn a lot, so the cost per wear is actually pretty good (which is not always something I can say.) Here's a bit of everything including new stuff I have my eye on, old favorites, an a few sale picks:

Thursday, January 14, 2021

No-Buy Strategies (That Mostly Work.)

 When Marianne suggested a January no-buy I was on board immediately and then was like, WAIT. January is my birthday month and Madewell just sent me $25 off any order over that amount (which sadly does not include the Kule strap I like because of course it doesn't.) I can't promise I won't use the discount before the end of the month but so far I've resisted. 

One strategy I do successfully use during a no-buy: I make a list of everything I want to buy (whether fleeting or obsessive) and when the month is over, I take a hard look at the list. Mostly I find that a lot of the items are things I no longer want. Mostly. Here's my list as it's stands right now:

I am very N+1 about boots so there's always going to be a pair I want. Currently I'm obsessed with the above Blundstone Chelsea boots or maybe the "dress" version, which are a bit less chunky? Anyway, I want Blundstones. (Thanks, Ashley.) They seem like a more rugged version of my current everyday Chelsea boots and I don't see the problem. Stop looking at me like that. 

I'm dying to try this serum foundation from The Ordinary which I only know about because Marianne texted me about it. (She wants it too, obviously.) Has anyone tried it? I don't need foundation but it's under $7 so I really want to give it a try because it sounds pretty dreamy. 

I have never been that interested in Betabrand pants until I saw these Journey pants. They are designed for travel, which I sincerely hope we're all able to do again soon, and have a bunch clever pockets which is my Kryptonite. Ugh. They seem cute and comfortable. One day maybe.

I am generally happy with the dumb plastic band that came with my Apple Watch and rarely switch it out but Nordstrom Rack was like, don't you want this one that reminds you of an Herm├Ęs Cape Cod watch? SHUT UP NORDSTROM RACK. Also, yes. Yes I do want that. 

And finally, I've become re-obsessed with Heretic Parfum, which is dumb because I still have and love Dirty Lemon (which is inexplicably marked down on the site. I swear to god if they discontinue it...) Mostly I'm interested in getting a discovery set so I can explore more of their scents, which doesn't seem like an unreasonable thing to want. Next Month. PS. Credo carries Heretic and they generally have some kind of coupon code going.

That's it for now! I'm pretty sure the list of things I want and can't buy will grow and change. What's on your list? 

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Outfit of the Day: This is What Happens.

 I swear to you my at-home style is slowly evolving (devolving?) into "jaunty moto lumberjack" which I am pretty sure is not a thing, but maybe it is now. Today I decided I couldn't wait one more day to wear my new Sorel boots so I just threw them on with what I was already wearing:

I mean, not awful, right? It kinda works. I have so far only worn my cute Sorel boots around the house but they are SO COMFY. Like, immediately cozy and comfortable. My feet are warm and happy and it's  nice to take a break from my usual around-the-house Ugg boots or Birkenstock clogs. I'm also wearing my Athleta moto Headlands Hybrid tights (sold out, but the Delancy Tight is similar moto style) and my striped Old Navy sweater which I posted a quick review of back in December.) It's a really great cheap-and-cheerful purchase that I do not regret at all. I really love that it's basically tunic-length so I don't even have to wear it with real pants. 

I love red with a black and white combo, so I dusted off my red leather Longchamp Le Pliage bag which feel so BIG after mostly just carrying my tiny crossbody. It's lightweight and smooshy, though, so still easy to carry and wear. The updated version and the nylon version are both on sale at Off Fifth right now and it's available in pink at NR. 

Details! Man, I do love this bag. I'm also wearing some jewelry which you can sorta see here:

My pendant necklace is by Pyrrha Jewelry and my moonstone earrings are Three Flames Silverworks (who is so talented! Please check her out.) 

One more look at my Sorel Explorer Joan boots! I obviously haven't had a chance to try them in snowy conditions but so far I am delighted by their fit and comfort. And they cute, duh. There are a few sizes on sale here and they're also available in more sizes and colors on Zappos. (Ever the enabler!) 

Monday, January 11, 2021

Monday Mood: Love It, Can't Have It.

WHY IS MARIANNE SO MEAN. I've agreed to a no-buy this month which made looking through all the extra-40%-off sale offerings at Anthro super fun. I am FINE. I have EVERYTHING I NEED I AM FINE. Ugh, look:

Friday, January 8, 2021

Weekend Window Shopping: Ugh, J.Crew Sale.

I love a good J.Crew sale (extra 40% off with code BIGSALE) but I waited too long and so many things I loved are sold out or only available in tiny sizes. I did manage to rustle up a few things to show you, but please understand that stuff was selling out as I was formatting this! (My apologies if it's gone by the time I hit publish.) If you love it, do not hesitate, is all I'm saying: 

There are a lot of good coats in this sale but most are final sale. This one is not. So cozy! 

These are exactly the cut of jean I want right now - not too high, not too skinny, just right.

Spring You will 100% thank Winter You for buying that swishy giraffe skirt. 

This is only available in XS and it's sad. If you're XS, buy it and give it the home it deserves. 

If you're having a bad day put these on and swan about the house because you have LADY JEWELS.

Eep! This is so cute and I am here to tell you that leopard is a neutral and goes with everything.

Only available in a few sizes but I own this and it's great and that sale price is GREAT.

Y'all know I can't not want ever single pair of black booties. That cap toe and rear zipper? So good. 

These pants are not really "me" but they have goats on them. GOAT PRINT PANTS. 
I just thought you should know.
The End. 

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Stuff I Like: Comfort Edition.

 Well, 2021 is starting off pretty rough, you guys. Things are not great and I don't know about you all, but it makes me want to go back to bed and stay there for... a while. For the past few months I've tried to take it easy on myself and just watch the shows that don't challenge and read the books that are comforting. I've also shied away from a lot of the political podcasts I'd been listening to and trying to find easier things to listen to so my anxiety isn't always ratcheted up to 11, you know? Here is what I've been into lately, all of it fairly gentle:

This Show Which Was a Happy Surprise.
Recently we were cruising endlessly around Hulu like you do, looking for something funny to watch. My boyfriend found GameFace, and, recognizing Roisin Conaty from After Life, we decided to give it a go. You guys. This is the funniest damn show. Just hilarious and silly and also quietly kind. Roisin Conaty wrote, directed and starred in it! I can't wait to see more from her. Sadly, there are only two seasons but it wraps in a satisfyingly manner.

These Gummies Which Actually Kinda Work? 
Someone posted about these Olly stress gummies on IG months ago and I generally regard such things to be expensive candy but I bought a container and ya'll, it's nearly empty. They definitely take the edge off and help me fall asleep when I'm feeling keyed up. I have to admit, I am thinking about taking things up to the next level with this box set of Martha Stewart CBD gummies! So pretty! Such fun flavors! I'm not supposed to be shopping this month but we'll see. (PS. it doesn't help that I found a 20% off code: CBDFORME20. This is not a referral, just a code I found!) 

This Blog Reader-Recommended Comfort Read.
I've basically run out of Jenny Colgan books and recently blog reader Roberta recommended Katie Fforde. I just finished Artistic License and it's exactly the kind of gentle, formulaic love story/comedy I was looking for. The female characters are charming and a bit silly (though I found the men a bit dimensional) and all the characters should really learn to use their words but it was a fun read and I've already downloaded another one for when I need it. (Currently I'm reading The Other Bennet Sister because I love Jane Austen world novels.)

This Podcast Which Is Uniquely British.
I'm not sure how I found Table Manners with Jessie Ware but it's such an easy listen! Just soothing chats with Jessie (and her mum who calls everyone "dahling") and famous people about food, mostly. Now, I'll admit straight up that I had no idea who Jessie Ware is but after I looked her up, the rest of the guests made sense. Various Spice Girls! Nigella Lawson! A lot of funny British celebrities I've never heard of! It's a good one to listen to when you're cooking or doing mundane house tasks. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Outfit of the Day: Shopping My Closet...For a While.

YOU GUYS. Marianne and I have decided to do a no-buy on clothes, shoes and other unnecessary purchases, like beauty and candles. So, basically we decided to start the year off as a Big No Fun Bummer. Yay. It's totally fine, though because I like to buy things and stash them away as Christmas gifts for myself and then eventually pull them out all, surprise! 

Ooh, these Esska boots, remember? Okay, so the maiden voyage was to Trader Joe's but that's as exciting as it gets around here. I still felt really cool wearing them because how could I not? I'm also wearing a new Quince sweater! I'd originally ordered the cashmere sweatshirt in the same color but exchanged it because it just wasn't a good shape for me. The regular $50 cashmere crew neck is fantastic, though. ($10 off your first purchase if you use my link! I also get $10 credit, just fyi.) I've worn both of my Quince sweaters quite a bit and they do pill a bit under the arms, but otherwise they're great - soft, warm, cute as hell. 

Here's a quick closeup to show you my sweater and my jewelry - a Madewell horn pendant (similar to this one but I really want this one!) and my Whimsey jewelry Bowie necklace that I mentioned in yesterday's post. 

Here's the whole look! I'm wearing my Athleta Headlands Hybrid leggings because I never take them off and I've added a Barbor scarf (mine is sold out, this is similar-ish) and my Veda Jayne leather jacket (which is good but seriously, if you're a size 2 or 8 in jackets, this AllSaints jacket! What a price.) 

Oh! And my bag is an old Marc Jacobs Single which is such a nice bag. You can find it secondhand in various versions but there are a ton of similar bags out there. I love this Minkoff flap for it's tonal hardware and this gorgeous H&M version is under $40! The quilted flap is such a classic style but it feels super fancy too. It really balances out the sweatpants or whatever. Heh. 

Monday, January 4, 2021

Monday Mood: A Few Gifty Things I Love.

I feel a little weird about discussing gifts because it feels like I'm taking away from the joy of the gift by looking it up and posting about it, but I really can't help it! THIS IS GOOD STUFF and I want you to know about it. Also, it's Monday and I'm short on ideas. Here we go:

This stuff, y'all. This Lord Jones CBD lotion was such a nice gift because I'm just sore all the time and even if it's the placebo effect I swear this lotion works. It's also cooling which feels so nice. I was given the unscented version so I could still use it when I have migraines but it also comes in a couple of lovely scents. 

I know I posted this snakeskin pouch recently but I am really into it! This will be a perfect travel pouch (let's be optimistic! We shall travel!) to throw in my backpack or tote. It's organized enough to be a wallet but will also hold my passport (remember those?) and essentials like earbuds, Chapstick, etc. Plus, it looks expensive and fancy but it's not! Yay Madewell

So listen. I know I'm all into cute matches for my candles but I have changed my mind. Fuck matches, Marianne just totally upped my game by giving me this best thing ever. THIS IS AN ARC LIGHTER AND IT IS AMAZING. It's like a teeny tiny cattle prod (the cats are straight terrified of it) and it lights your candles with a satisfying sizzle. Also, it's USB charged, so no batteries or anything! Seriously, you need one of these. it's SO FUN. PS. This candle is my new favorite and you might need it as well.

If you love delicate jewelry, you might like Whimsy Jewelry! (And, if you're a Bowie fan, you definitely will like Whimsy jewelry.) My sweet boyfriend gave me the necklace to match the earrings he gave me last year and they're so delightful! She's got a bunch of different collections, so definitely check out her site. 

Finally, I bought myself something and YES IT'S BOOTS BECAUSE WHAT ELSE WOULD IT BE. Hush. I realized recently that I don't actually own any snow boots and what am I going to do if it actually snows? I found these Sorel Explorer Joan boots on sale and they arrived and they're REAL CUTE. Of course, by buying them I've guaranteed that we won't get any snow this winter, but what can you do. (PS. I did go up a half size.)