Friday, January 29, 2021

Weekend Window Shopping: Madewell New Arrivals.

 Sometimes I get so tired of digging through sales and I just want to see something new and fresh. Madewell sent me an email about new arrivals and even though it's 30° and windy here, I am like, YES SHOW ME THE PRETTY LIGHT THINGS.  Like, come on with this:

I love it all, even that purple t-shirt. And her hair. And that BAG (which is included below.) Here's what I love from the new arrivals:


  1. thanks and no thanks for putting that gorgeous indigo bag into my brain, it's now on the way to me in the mail! I look forward to wearing it to... the grocery store :D

    1. I hope it's as beautiful in person! You'll be the envy of the grocery store.


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