Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Outfit of the Day: Feeling Positive.

You guys! What a day, right? Did you wake up this morning feeling slightly less anxious than yesterday? With maybe a glimmer of hope? I sure did. Things are still a hot mess but I feel like they're going to get better... which brings me to my outfits. (How awkward was that segue?) 

Sometimes I do this regrettable thing where I wonder what I was wearing this time last year. So, same jeans, but WAY more polish and the jeans were certainly less tight, but whatever. Here's where we are today:

I mean, yeah, it's a hoodie but it's a fancy hoodie! This is the Athleta Triumph Printed hoodie, which sadly is not available in leopard anymore (though this style is and there are solid colors as well.) It was a birthday gift and I've basically worn it every day since I got it. The fit is a bit longer and slimmer than my older Athleta hoodie but instead of feeling clingy, it feels flattering, streamlined and is just really nicely designed. And warm! 

My jeans are Madewell Perfect Vintage in Sumner wash (still a few pairs left) but there's an updated version as well. I like that they Perfect Vintage is not skinny but still really wearable, to the point that I'm like, do I need them in blue denim? Also, they look really cute with my ankle boots, which are also from Madewell. Mine are an older style but the Regan boot is pretty similar. 

Alright, back to this hoodie. I guess this is a mini review. I love how the print is on the inside of the collar too! And the pockets are good and deep, but lie nicely flat. (Also, there's a secret inner zip pocket within the hand pocket that's big enough for my phone! Amazing.) It also has long cuffs with thumbholes, though I have them folded up. 

The collar zips right up to make a cozy little neck funnel. And clearly the hood is good and deep and I am still a complete dork. Finally, I am still trying to make necklace layering a thing without them becoming hopelessly tangled:

I'm wearing my old Argento Vivo labradorite pendant (but this one is similar and check out this bold update) and my new mini bolt necklace because they look cute together as long as I don't make any sudden moves. 

PS. I hope y'all just saw Lady Gaga NAILING the national anthem with that giant gold dove on her chest and now we have a woman as Vice President. What a DAY. 


  1. Lady Gaga was wonderful. So was Amanda Gorman. And everyone. We were all glued to our monitors at the library this morning. So many things seem possible today.

    Your hoodie looks EXTREMELY cozy.

  2. I have this hoodie x 2! I bought it last Feb as an irrational splurge - I mean who needs a luxury hoodie?? I can't wear it to work, might wear it on the weekends...and in a month it going to be too hot for hoodies (but I had some bucks to spend, and they had it in the perfect gray). FF to 2021, I have worn this hoodie 80% of my Covid work from home days. It's not lost it's shape, never shrinks, it's got super long sleeves and THUMB HOLES. And, it's comfy and doesn't get nappy after it washes. I just bought a second in black because it is more business friendly (sad but true). This is an absolutely A+++ worth it hoodie (and the deep hood is EVERYTHING). Put it with your Athleta joggers, you're gonna love how it looks.

    1. It's the best, right? I have worn is pretty much every day since I got it. Just perfect.