Thursday, January 21, 2021

Stuff I Like: A Few Tiny Things.

This is going to be a quick one because this week has been insane. Insane! Mostly really good stuff (like, how lovely was yesterday? Can we talk about the outfits? Specifically the coats. Love the coats. Love Amanda Gorman. Just love love love.) I had planned a whole "stuff I like" post but most of it will have to wait until next week. Real quick-like, though, I wanted to tell you about the literal tiny things making me happy right now. First:

Marianne gave me these beautiful tiny safety pin earrings (of which she also owns a pair) and they are delightful. I put them in immediately and haven't taken them out since. As Marianne would say, "punk rock, but make it classy." If you're tempted, you can use my link for $15 off your first purchase. (Full disclosure: I think I also get points or something.)

I also used my Quince credits (thanks, guys! I hope you liked your purchases) to buy these little 14k gold line stud earrings and they are SO EXCELLENT. Just beautifully made and minimal and sleek. And gold! And under $100! You can of course use my link for $10 off your first purchase, or if you're already in, torture all your friends with your referral link and get some credits! (Quince is great, they won't be mad.) Ha. I'm the worst. Anyway, here's what they all look like together:

Yay, a giant pic of my ear is totally just what you needed today, right? Right...?

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