Friday, January 8, 2021

Weekend Window Shopping: Ugh, J.Crew Sale.

I love a good J.Crew sale (extra 40% off with code BIGSALE) but I waited too long and so many things I loved are sold out or only available in tiny sizes. I did manage to rustle up a few things to show you, but please understand that stuff was selling out as I was formatting this! (My apologies if it's gone by the time I hit publish.) If you love it, do not hesitate, is all I'm saying: 

There are a lot of good coats in this sale but most are final sale. This one is not. So cozy! 

These are exactly the cut of jean I want right now - not too high, not too skinny, just right.

Spring You will 100% thank Winter You for buying that swishy giraffe skirt. 

This is only available in XS and it's sad. If you're XS, buy it and give it the home it deserves. 

If you're having a bad day put these on and swan about the house because you have LADY JEWELS.

Eep! This is so cute and I am here to tell you that leopard is a neutral and goes with everything.

Only available in a few sizes but I own this and it's great and that sale price is GREAT.

Y'all know I can't not want ever single pair of black booties. That cap toe and rear zipper? So good. 

These pants are not really "me" but they have goats on them. GOAT PRINT PANTS. 
I just thought you should know.
The End. 

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