Thursday, January 28, 2021

Outfit of the Day: Rock 'n Roll, but Classy.

 Okay, so I mentioned on Monday that I bought these gray skinny jeans from Madewell and y'all, they are apparently exactly what I needed in my life. I've always wanted a pair of gray jeans and could never find the exact wash I had in mind. These pretty much nail it:

Gray is my favorite neutral (or, as my friend Nina claims, I like the colors of sadness) and I am so pleased at how easily gray jeans work with basically everything I own and they have a weathered rock 'n roll vibe that just feels like me (or inner me. You understand.) They have magically been restocked at Madewell but they're final sale, so I'd go with Nordstrom or Zappos! Of course, now I want more jeans with a similar gray wash. Like, why no gray Boyjeans? I do have my eye on this pair of the Perfect Vintage though.

My big leopard cardigan is by Design History and it's very on sale at Off 5th! It's really thick and cozy but totally made from synthetics so it's not itchy at all so I can wear it with short sleeves. I am a fan. My incredibly plain black tee is the J.Crew Vintage cotton crewneck and it's currently my favorite t-shirt. The next time they go on sale, I am stocking up. On to details:

Okay, this necklace. So, while watching Stylish With Jenna Lyons I became obsessed with her long gold paperclip chain that she wore in a variety of different ways (often as a lariat) with gemstones attached or not. OBSESSED. I finally found her necklace and y'all. I WEEP AND WEEP. I obviously cannot bankrupt myself so I decided to figure out a poor-girl version. First, I found this long wrap chain from Gorjana that has a cool little hinged closure pretty enough to wear in front, but more importantly meant I could attach charms or stones or whatever. Obviously I went with a really nice labradorite stone I found on Etsy because I'm predictable:

This is how I most often wear it, but I also love it as a lariat style and I'm going to wire up some other stones and charms I already have so I can mix and match according to my mood. 

Oh, and my boots! I have been really enjoying my Esska boots - they are the pop of joy that I need in an outfit even if I'm just going to the the grocery store. So rock 'n roll! Ha. 


  1. I love everything about this outfit! And yes, I cannot live without grey jeans, I wear mine more often than my blue pairs :)

  2. I literally was just looking at that necklace this morning - I think I might have to get it now!


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